Trump should just let them have the records. There’s nothing his base won’t look past. They’ve shrugged off sexual assault, rampant blatant lying, electoral fraud (Stormy payoffs), accepting electoral help from the Russians, getting pantsed by North Korea...what difference does it make if it turns out he’s only worth $100MM and his entire operation is built on helping Deutsche Bank clients launder offshore cash? It’s like ths Mueller Report - we already know all this stuff, and his supporters will explain it away, because his popularity is built entirely on blaming others and that won’t change. Sad, but true.


That human shit spill is a telling indictment on the eating habits of those eat county people. Look how dark their fecal matter is! They are not of this planet. Clark's Bars are not food my suburban friends.


@#3: Tamils mostly aren't Muslims, dipshit. Religion doesn't play a huge role in that fight anyway.

I haven't been watching the latest Game of Thrones stuff, so here's my best guesses, clockwise from the top: Jan and Danaerys get it on, a nice campfire near Winterfell with Arya et al (someone dies), Cersei gets officially crowned by...?, and the Hound gets really wasted.


Mommy rock in the AM. Careful or you might veer into some dangerous dave matthews.


@7: We really need to wait until all the facts are in before we rule out a white guy with an AR-15. Stop being a literal racist.

Don't forget that this suspicious man was spotted by eyewitnesses outside of the churches/hotels right before the attacks:


@8 - The only thing that stops a bad guy with a suicide vest is a good guy with a suicide vest! Would you be willing to lead by example, Mr. GunsRGood?


Whoops - @7. Guess the trolls are getting themselves 86’d today.

Scientists have also shown that more guns = more deaths.



An armed congregation would have been able to stop that explosion how?


Looks like some of the usuals are so relieved the massacre in Sri Lanka wasn’t performed by the usual nutcase with an easy access to guns like we have here. The small joys of life, guys.

And not a word about a free college tuition proposal? Isn’t this “socialism?” US government subsidizing the arms industry is certainly not, even if for the past 40 years we give away $5B of military goods annually to Israel and Egypt alone.
That’s a great use of our tax money. College tuition, health care coverage, and a meaningful social security check are for socialist losers.


Removing Trumpty Dumpty from the White Trash House--preferably in an industrial sized garbage bag---would eliminate the current shit show epidemic.


Apples and oranges, little foolish one.


@15 - No, see, if someone can still find a way to kill without a gun, then: MORE GUNS EVERYWHERE, because assholes with death fetishes (or cowards with control fantasies) don’t understand how logic actually works. Either way, mr. commenter doesn’t actually care about those congregations. They enjoy a universal right to die a violent death.


If a full church gets mown down with a WalMart* scatter-gun, they were not using their Thoughts and Prayers properly.
* Christian and proud!


@17 - See link in @14. More guns = more deaths. but godammit, you’re using a Sri Lankan massacre that had nothing to do with guns to argue for: guns. What an asshole thing to do. What is it you gun types like to say right after a mass shootng? “Now’s not the time to debate gun control.” If that isn’t the right time, the occasion of a bombing in a completely different culture is definitely absolutely the wrong fucking time.


@18: Oh, wait---Trumpty Dumpty's grotesquely fat ass can't fit into an industrial sized garbage bag. He'd have to be hauled out by a double wide sanitation truck, and look what just happened on I-90---shit! This is what happens when so many RepubliKKKans are asleep at the wheel. Officials at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue should instead call Roto-Rooter and bill the RepubliKKKans for the EPA cleanup funding. The White Trash House is going to take a shitload of fumigation, scrubbing, and sterilization to get anywhere close to when the Obamas left office.


Free college and student loan forgiveness is simply pandering to the young ones (who signed their name on the loan contract if I'm not mistaken) to try and get them out to vote.
I could get on board with making liberal arts degrees free or heavily discounted not because I don't think they are valuable things to learn, but because it's that the market doesn't value them as such and therefore one can't expect a premium salary to pay back the costs of the education. However, there is no way I could be on board with making computer science, mechanical engineering or accounting degrees free of charge. Those degrees should cost more if anything.

No private lending institution is going to forgive student loans. That means the government would need to step in. That means taxpayers. There is zero chance taxpayers are going to be on board with footing the bill for people who knowingly spent too much on their education and living costs while obtaining it.


On a brighter note: Go, Senator Elizabeth Warren, GO!! Free college for all.
Make America Think Again.


It's not about Trump's base.
It's not about stalling for time.
It's about Trump's ego.
It's all about Trump.


@27: pat L for the WIN. Spot on and bravo!


@28 - Why are you talking about guns at all? I am sure you have all kinds of ideas about stopping islamist terrorists. I am sure they are equally awful ideas, but the 300 people who died in sri lanka would no doubt appreciate the vague stab at staying relevant to what actually killed them. Keep your powder dry for the next aggrieved white guy who shoots up a music festival. Recent history says that’s at most a few months away. Save your strength.


Warren basically proposing Yang's UBI... But only for college grads. Let's see if her intersectional supporters walk it like they talk it.


The very last thing Republicans need is an
Educated Citizenry who can see thru their lies.

They've done an excellent job at decimating the Middle Class, unions, affordable college/trade schools and health care. Like Wannabee says, above, whotf needs THAT shit? Certainly not the Point Oh Oh One Percenters KKKlub.

The first and foremost thing the United States needs is an
Educated Citizenry to lead America to a decent Future for US.


@33 @ 34 - Republicans after every shooting: “Oh well, nothing we can do.” Or: “nothing to do until we cure all mental illness and address the very nature of violence itself” (while we slash all public funding for everything so david koch has enough money to wipe his ass with gold leaf).

You have as much credibility as sarah sanders. “Countless.” “I made that up.” “It was true - all the emails, texts” (that i just admitted i didn’t get).


While I totally agree that Elizabeth Warren is a "Human Shit Spill," I think it's unfair to accuse her of causing traffic jams.


@32 I’d be hard-pressed to consider you educated considering way you write.

@34 Censored Biggles says “Roger that”.


“I’d be hard-pressed to consider you educated considering THE way you write.”

Well bugger me, a typo.


Oddly, no one's taking Credit, Shoreline Dave.

Whom must we condemn?


38, 39

"I’d be hard-pressed to consider you educated considering way you write."
Thank you. Astute you are.

See? This is the kinda shit can happen, Biggie.

So, whatchya think then, Educate the Masses?
Make our Future BRIGHTER?
Why the fuck not?

They can return the favor with a little pro bono work / experience gathering, whatever. It doesn't hafta be totally Free. We could even toss in a little Civics, somewhere whilst we're at it.


@42 - An editorial by some guy who says: “Oh, hey, if only we had this imaginary intervention force with info the Bill of Rights prohibits, then: Parkland solved, without any of you rabid gun owners having to give up your guns” is not a “public policy intervention.” It’s more misdirection, by which I mean: MORE PURE AND UTTER BULLSHIT FROM PEOPLE

Yeah, fuck that. Fuck you. You love guns and the white males who own them so much? Suck on their muzzles until they explode in your mouth. Multiple problems solved.


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