"Soooooo... climate change-induced freak snowstorms could be making transit more accessible."

When the ESN is activated, there's no transit service within 2 miles of my house. I hadn't really considered that "more accessible" than the ordinary service.


That must be the Shanghai to 3rd and Union.


That would be a perk had Seattle never gotten rid of the original streetcar lines that used to crisscross the city back in the later 1800's and early 1900's. Today's light rail system is rather pathetic in terms of how little real estate it covers. It has the potential to someday become useful, but as it stands, nobody in Queen Anne benefits from this thing, and it doesn't even leave King County. if youre going to make the rents so high that anyone in the service industry has to live in Tacoma or Everett and commute into the City for work, why have this pathetic little toy train that doesn't go to those areas? Everything is spent appeasing the tech boys, with this line going east. But its not the residents of Bel-Red who make too little money to afford a car.

As for busses, you spend half your day on the damn thing commuting into the city. How much of people's lives do you want to consume, between work and transit?

Then there's Tim Eyman's office chair flattened ass barking about car tabs, because even the pathetically limited service Sound Transit provides is too much for him. Let his sentence be that he has to ride the goddamn busses to the Office Depot in Lacey where he stole the chair from his home in Edmonds every day. No wonder nobody wants to fuck him.

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