Wearing stupid wigs.


So, we’ve got four bills protecting the trans population and nothing for anybody else.... since when did LGBT become just the T?


"since when did LGBT become just the T"

@2 Since the women grew some balls.





Wow, thanks for covering this. It’s so gratifying to know that progress is continuing forward at the state level. Big surprise about the “gay panic” defense; I thought that’d been banned ages ago. Definitely something to redress next time.


@2 The trans community has been on the back burner legally for a while now and the "T" in LGBT has often been forgotten about. It's about time they got some attention and protections! Why are we complaining about other people getting legal protection, some the same we already have?

And it's not even like there was no attention to LGBT issues in general - the hate crime re-up and LGBTQ commission affect everyone, and all the tried/failed ones at least touch on the LGB side of the equation.

This is not a zero-sum game, and we need to be standing alongisde our trans compatriots (not to mention those who are trans and LGB!), not complaining when they get some much-needed attention.


To answer your question directly, what I’m complaining about is the gay panic defense. The only thing that could make me accept a delay on getting rid of that, is to introduce a heterosexual panic defense, whereby any woman is legally allowed to kill any man who hits on her. After all, if it’s perfectly legal to kill gay men just because straight men are terrified of being hit on, give em a dose of their own medicine.

I have no objection whatsoever to trans people having rights. I just don’t want you to forget your three neighboring communities, either. I’ll fight for your equality so long as you fight for mine.

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