Cops Have Killed at Least 16 People in King County in the Last Two Years

The deaths haven't been investigated yet.



No bias against law enforcement by this writer.


@1 He's a blogger, not a writer.


This is funny. The first person on your list Damarius Butts shot 3 police officers after a robbery. Clearly this was a classic case of police misconduct.

I didn’t bother looking into any of these other upstanding citizens. As with most “journalism” in this genre, the narrative is predetermined and the facts are filled in or omitted accordingly.

Recalibrate your bias and try again, Lester.


A good starting point would be awarding medals to the brave officers who are keeping us safe and removing deadly threats from our streets and communities.
And cash prizes.


LOL 1-4 So many sad little sock puppets. This thread is like a laundromat at closing time....


@5 Such a cogent and well-reasoned statement. Your intelligence & wisdom are much appreciated ...


Lester, I noted your penchant for using the term "cop". Normally, good style suggests varying one's terminology throughout a composition:; cop, law enforcement, police officer, etc. come to mind. However, I perhaps you're pursuing brevity. In that vein, would you mind if I substitute "hack" for writer, blogger, author, etc.?


@6: Why thank you kindly! A compliment from such a devotee of the written word is always appreciated. BTW did you remember to bring enough quarters for the dryers?



“Hey, everyone! Random comment-bro on the internet is telling us who’s opinion matters!”

Good thing, too. I was starting to think that my comments were going be lasered onto a stone tablet and pronounced as the unquestioned law of the prophet juicycristo.


@9: It is axiomatic that no one changes anyone's mind in comments on the internet now isn't it? :)


These days, trust "law enforcement" at your own risk.


How to not get killed by a police officer:

1) Obey the law

2) Follow the police officer's commands (it's your duty as a citizen, BTW).

3) When dealing with a police officer, don't start shit, and don't escalate shit.

4) Running from a police officer is a dumb idea. Blue lights in your rear-view mirror is not an invitation to a game of 'tag'.

5) Fighting with a police officer is an even dumber idea. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Finally, check out this classic video by Chris Rock, "How to Not Get Your Ass Kicked by the Police":


MB, many people have done just that but were still assaulted and/or murdered by criminal cops.


@13: You forgot number 6: Be White.


Thanks for this article. NOTE: And yet the inquest juries STILL will not be asked if the killer cop should be charged with a crime. See


Has Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan's order for SPD de-escalation training helped decrease the number of senseless police shootings?
@15 Lissa: You had me at @5. Bravo on the sock puppet analogy. Your last comment makes me cringe, however, and that shameful statistic must end. Please--I don't need any more reasons to feel ashamed of my pale skin color, what with Trumpty Dumpty and its parade of gun totin' yes men gloating about their corruption and ignorance on a daily basis.


Seriously--why do police forces "need" use of military assault weapons for enforcing the law among ordinary law-abiding U.S. citizens?


Pregnant Charleena Lyles was shot seven times by police officers---SEVEN TIMES!---in her living room in front of her children, after calling the SPD about a break-in. This is total insanity.


@19: To prevent her stabbing the officers, yes. She was the one that was unbalanced.


@13 Sound advice I'm sure.

But why is it that people should have to interact with this particular category of civil servant as though they are a wild animal that might attack at the slightest provocation?


@20: The LEOs went in to confined quarters knowing she was mentally ill, knowing that that there were children, while leaving nightsticks and tasers behind in their vehicle. Rather than retreating, or risk being cut or stabbed while disarming her using techniques that they're trained in, they put 7 bullets in her.

Was she still a threat after bullet 3? 4? 5? 6? 7 bullets makes them look jumpy as hell.

Lyles' death appears avoidable to us bleeding heart BLM libtards, and that's always been the point of contention on Slog. No one can prove it was excessive force, or that Lyle wasn't capable of killing both officers with her kitchen knife.

But it's likely those officers have already heard criticisms of their procedure, internally. Not in public, of course. Can't admit fault in litigious America.


For perspective, the number killed in just King County (regardless of actions by those killed) is higher than the entire country of Canada, the entire U.K., and around even for the entire country of Germany. There are ways to detain people (even criminals) without killing them, other countries do it all the time. There is clearly a training issue, this is seen most clearly with Charleena Lyles. In no other country are cops trained that some standing still at a distance holding a kitchen knife is some how a deadly threat to the officer. That training is based on faulty science, and it needs to stop. Until it does, people who have done nothing wrong will be killed pointlessly.

Think about this for one second: by current training someone holding a gun is treated exactly the same as someone simply holding a carving knife. What is the issue here? One clearly knows they are threatening an officer and likely knows they are at risk of deadly force, the other would have no idea why an officer would be acting so unhinged.


@23: The premise to your third paragraph is sketchy to disingenuous. Perhaps you can provide a link that clarifies it or fills in the gaps.


@25:LOL, your racism is duly noted punkin. Feel better?


@24: @23 only wrote 2 paragraphs.


@27 - Oops, meant the second.


"Normally, good style suggests varying one's terminology throughout a composition:; cop, law enforcement, police officer, etc."

Oh we've got to talk son. You've been learning prose style on the street. Listen to me, this will ruin you. You'll be naked in the street writing "elongated yellow fruit" for your second banana, and the third banana is heart-rending.



They are trained to treat a 3 inch blade at 20ft as a potential deadly weapon equivalent to a gun. Ask any police officer. I asked former Sheriff Urquhart, and he confirmed this is the training for King County. This is standard training in the US and nowhere else. It doesn't matter how many cameras we put on officers, this training ensures people will be killed pointlessly.