We never expected this from our neighborhood bookseller!!
We never expected this from our neighborhood bookseller!! DAVID RYDER/GETTY

Washington state judge blocks Trump abortion rule: The rule would syphon funding from health providers who refer patients for abortions. A federal judge in Yakima granted Attorney General Bob Ferguson's request to block the rules because they were "a transparent attack on Planned Parenthood." And because curbing access to vital health care services is dangerous and impacts low-income communities disproportionately!!

Portland comedian says he was unlawfully detained by Border Patrol: Mohanad Elshieky says he was racially profiled on a Greyhound bus in Spokane. Elshieky is seeking $250,000 in damages for being detained and interrogated for 20 minutes despite producing identification and paperwork that showed he was lawfully in the U.S.

Surveillance footage of fatal carjacking: Last week, a man was found murdered in the bed of his truck. He had left his truck running outside of his storage facility in Kent when another man hopped in the cab and started to drive away with it. The victim chased after the truck and managed to swing himself into the bed to try to stop the thief. Allegedly, the thief fired shots at the victim while driving, quickly abandoned the truck, and left the victim in the bed bleeding out from a gunshot wound. There's newly released surveillance footage of the chase.

You already knew this but: The video store is dying. The last family-owned video store in Seattle, Reckless Video, is on the verge of death. It's on the cusp of irrelevance, the precipice of failure, and is hanging on for dear life. That's more or less what this Seattle Times article is. An ode to what was and what-will-probably-never-be-again. Reckless Video in Maple Leaf is the last of its kind in this city. They need more people to rent videos. If not, Scarecrow Video, the non-profit video store, will be the only video store left standing in Seattle. Godspeed, Reckless Video.

Breaking: Amazon's business is doing well: The tech giant's profits for the first quarter of 2019 shattered estimates. Amazon reported $3.6 billion in net income. That's a record for them. Sales are up 17 percent. All of their products—including Amazon Web Services and Fire TV or whatever and all those Prime series and movies—seem to be doing pretty well. Who would've thought!

There are definitely aliens and no one is talking about it!!!! You guys! There are aliens, I fucking know it. If you don't believe me, maybe you'll believe the Airforce and Navy personnel who keep seeing UFOs (unidentified flying objects, to the uninitiated) while flying. There are weird small Tic-Tac aircrafts and spherical ones and all of them are unnervingly fast—faster than military planes—and have no exhaust. There were so many reports from so many pilots that the U.S. Navy was forced to make a reporting system for UFO sightings. It's all happening!! Do you think we can public records request that data?

Tragedy in Kirkland: A 3-year-old was struck and killed by a car in a Safeway parking lot in Kirkland. The driver was allegedly not speeding, nor was she impaired.

The high school newspaper defending freedom of speech: The Bruin Voice at Bear Creek High School in Stockton, California is in a fight for their right to publish a story about one of their students. The paper, led by an all-female editorial board, is profiling an 18-year-old student who has recently become an adult film actress. The administration wants to sign off on the article before it goes to print, but the paper doesn't want that. They're planning to publish anyway. The school is threatening to fire the newspaper's faculty advisor.

You remember that guy who wrote up a whole hit list of Democratic politicians and journalists? The one the Coast Guard officer prosecutors are calling a domestic terrorist? Yeah, that guy? The one who had a shitload of guns illegally stockpiled? Oh, and also a fuck ton of illegal opioids? A judge says he could be released from pretrial detention if he receives supervision. Uhh...... O K A Y.

Joe Biden apologized to Anita Hill, it wasn't enough: Biden tried to make amends with Anita Hill, the woman he grilled about the sexual harassment she allegedly experienced by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Biden led the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1991. Hill said that she can't accept his attempted apology (she doesn't consider his regret an apology) to her because she wants real accountability and real change. Biden announced his candidacy for president Thursday.

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