Cool. Think I'll give them to Heidi Wills.


Well last time they had a less than 5% return rate and the majority of users came from predominantly white neighborhoods.

It seems bleeding heart liberals don't understand the po' very well. Yet again.

“…some residents were more likely to use their vouchers than others. These include people who are regular voters in local elections, older residents, those who live in majority-white neighborhoods, and those who live in upper-income neighborhoods. As a result, residents of neighborhoods that are lower income or have a majority non-white population continue to be under-represented among contributors to candidates for local office.”

-Seattle’s Ethics and Elections Commission

"Only 3.3 percent of Seattle residents who received democracy vouchers actually used them, city statistics show. "

I burned mine this year and sent a check to Ari instead.


I used mine to support candidates that need them the lest: Alex Pederson and James Pugel. Because I want experienced grown ups running the city!


OMG Katie is so EDGY! Who calls out their EDITOR like that??? She is the QUEEN - YASSS! of our high school paper!


Are liberals in this damned city really this retarded or do they just pretend to be? Katie Herzog says she's just joking about "buying elections" and yet she and HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of other dumb Seattle liberals just watched THEIR PARTY in the mayor's office and on the City Council bend over and spread their butt cheeks wide when Jezz Bezos told them to. Someone explain to me why liberals can't see their own party is killing us? And don't f-cking start whining about Republicans. They're shit, too.


Take 'em to Muckleshoot Casino and try to win some Democracy.

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