Looks like mission accomplished for the UW College Republicans.


@1 exactly. The goal was to get to this point:

"One person was led away in handcuffs after reportedly swiping a tray of the alleged-Costco cookies off the table."


I don't know why it is so hard for some white men to understand that, until systemic racism that benefits whites is truly dismantled, affirmative action just MIGHT be a thing that helps create more diverse workplaces and institutions. When white people claim racism doesn't exist, and then all statistics show that it absolutely does, it just illustrates their stupidity.


@3 Agreed.

""This kind of display is harassment," Michele Andrasik, an assistant professor in the UW School of Global Health, said. "How can you put that Native Americans are free? And that African American lives are worth 50 cents? That is so demeaning and degrading and it makes people feel like they don’t belong here."

And that is why we need to create some sort of a vetting system for the academia to make sure that the clinically insane are not permitted to indoctrinate impressionable minds with such lunacy. Nice strawman though. I wonder if she applies the same standard to the affirmative action cost, or see it as patronizing or demeaning to minorities. My bet would be on "no".


The real scandal is that these College Republicans didn’t do any actual baking. For all that is holy, at least put them on doilies and pretend you made them yourselves! I guess college is a place for learning practical life lessons, too.


@3: the right to free speech includes these bake sales, but diversity doesn't.

ask all those diverse protestors if they think this is funny or just part of diversity. it's white nationalist trolling. trolls aren't there for dialogue, they're there for the Stigginit.

last time these trolls came out in force on red square, someone got shot and lost half their colon, and the attempted murderer has still not gone to trial 2+ years later.



Seriously. Or go to the grueling trouble of buying a couple of those fucking refrigerated logs from Pillsbury and tossing some cookie sheets in the oven for a half hour. Probably too stupid and inept to pull that off though.


@8. Diversity of thought does. But oh no. We wouldn't want to listen anyone with different viewpoints, do we? Because anyone right of Stalin is a "white nationalist". Lol.


Free speech in action! White supremacists get to troll with cookies, and UW community gets to tell white supremacists to eat shit.


Totally agree with @3. I see nothing wrong with schools or employers taking race into consideration in making admission/hiring decisions, and I would have voted for I-1000 if the legislature hadn't enacted it already.

However, these college Republicans have every right to make their point too. No more "social justice" censorship! I live in District 4, and Emily Myers is definitely not getting my vote.


It’s so sad that the rich cultural, technological and scientific achievements of the european tradition are being denigrated pathetic little whiners holding bake sales to protest policies that will not impinge in any noticeable way on the socioneconomic advantages bequeathed to them.

Seriously. I’m not outraged. I’m embarrassed for them. Too bad anyone protested. Should’ve just ignored them.



Baking is ladies work, and even suggesting they do so is obviously an affront to the dignity of these oh-so-manly superior white he-men...


The serious question is how long race-based AA is needed to balance the scales. What’s the measure? I don’t believe the founders of the initiative believed it would take this long. At what point is it permanent? I believe income level is a far better AA metric. The rest is assumption.


@10: yes, we must all listen to white trolls whinging that doing the imperfect, bare minimum to address historic and systemic racism in America is unfair to white trolls. over and over and over, in every generation of college students, in every Slog thread.

but hey, their ignorant, selfish viewpoints become less ignorant and selfish when they're "funny". why so serious, historically oppressed minority?


This is a dumb reaction. You get a Native American woman to get all the cookies for free. Then she sets up a table immediately next to them, sells them for a dollar with all proceeds benefiting Planned Parenthood. When the whining starts from the College Republicans, she just looks at them and says, "It's arbitrage, bitch. Thought you assholes believed in capitalism."


“I think it demonstrates a lack of leadership from our administration,” Myers said. “I don’t believe that this is a free speech issue, I believe this is a public health issue."

Here is a candidate for public office demonstrating that they have zero understanding of either free speech issues or public health issues.


It's just not natural for young people to be republican. I've heard they're all crawling with diseases.

Personally, I blame their mothers.


"White People:
Affirmative Action
[is what]
Got You Here"

You just didn't know it.

@23 -- "Likely they were affirmative action admits, with a lower grasp of such matters than those who competed honestly to get into the UW." Or who just bought their way in.

Golden fucking Bootstraps -- for EVERYONE!

Is that too much to ask?


... that doesn’t make these guys Chinese, though.

Nearly everyone involved in this conflagration is going to eat shit once they hit the real world anyway.


@25 - I was talking about the college republicans, dumbass. God, for someone who claims to like facts, you sure are fucking horrible at noticing the ones staring you in the fucking face.


I passed by the Hub at around 1 and all I saw was a large, very diverse crowd listening to music and having fun and two or three sad white guys at their stand surrounded by police and being pretty much completely ignored by the crowd. If the campus republicans are trying to spread the message that they're isolated because they're a bunch of pinched, mean-spirited loners, they're doing an excellent job.


@20 Catalina Vel-DuRay: I agree with GermanSausage @21, here. Don't blame just the mother--she had help in gross misconception. It takes two idiots--one with XX chromosomes and one with XY chromosomes to make an equally ignorant MAGA fool. But your often repeated line is indeed, a winner: Republicans are indeed, horrible people.
@21 GermanSausage: Agreed and seconded.


It is so clear that their frontal lobes are not fully developed. You can’t take them seriously but people like to be upset.


No, I blame the mothers. Men are often bores and nitwits, so Republicanism comes natural to some, but I expect more from women. If a woman is a Republican, she shouldn't reproduce. Most of the Republican's endless sex problems can be traced to Republican Mother's draconian potty training practices.


And for all the teeth gnashing, when the repeal proposition makes the ballot, I’d be surprised if AA is even approved in King County. You can count East King Co out on this one.


"... no one's skin color makes them more special than anyone else.'

Really? Mine does.
And it's Nice to be atop the Food Chain.

So all those not similarily positioned can just Whine all's they wanna.
Up here, I can NOT hear them. And even if I could....


"Abigael Mbaluka, a third-year UW student, said. “I’m a first generation college student. I am an immigrant. What it means to me to have affirmative action is to be able to go to school. When you threaten my ability to go to school I have to come here to fight it.”"- but she's on her third year in a school that ostensibly hasn't used affirmative action for 20 years....


Stillwiththis dear, you really think there aren’t people in Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, and Issaquah that support Affirmative Action? If there’s enough of them - and some normal people in the hayseed parts - the east side may just surprise you.


What we have here is failure to communicate.


Ms. Kyjx dear, I am old school. When I was growing up, my doting Catholic mother (and every doting Catholic mother that I knew) was a Democrat. We left the Republicanism to the Episcopalians. The church's idiotic fascination with "the babies" changed all that, of course. But you know what I say - abort early, and abort often. Why bother with all that nonsense when you can just adopt?

(Of course, Mother Vel-DuRay didn't have to worry about potty training me, for I was an exceptionally bright child who emerged from the womb potty-trained. )

Spinecrusher dear, I'll just murmur quietly that trump lost the popular vote, and only won the electoral college by a handful of votes in states where electoral tabulation problems are well known. Don't get me wrong - there's a huge amount of racists in this country - but isn't the real problem people who know better, but don't vote?


I can barely believe the level of stupid on display at this event and in these comments. The Point of the republican display is not that people are worth that much, Its not assigning a Price to the people its showing how affirmative action is actually RACIST. Its reverse RACISM. Notice the Chinese Price is the highest? Something none of these liberal tool bags address. They are discriminated against in our system. It makes Chinese and White people do and pay more for the same thing given to others for far less. But our "education system" has gotten so bankrupt that none of these future communist freedom fighters can even understand the point.



Oh, we get the "point" of their stunt. It's just extremely stupid, and doesn't actually communicate the things they think it does.

And boo fucking hoo for white people. It's so unfair to them. They've had it so rough.


To do it right (like they do in America Proper), they shouldda handed out free cookies to all us White folk and denied access to cookies to the rest. Well, they could have the broken ones (like their schools!) and the ones swept off tables and such (who would eat those?), but the Best cookies should go to those most Entitled to them -- (heavily subsidized, of course) those who can most Afford them.

We do Love our Handouts and will protect them jealously...


It's hard to rally support for affirmative action, both because whites (even "liberal" ones) tend to misunderstand it -- believing it disvantages them unfairly -- and also because it doesn't really do much for under-representative groups, who rightly see it as a feel-good substitute for more substantive remedies such as set-asides and material reparations (AA is so anodyne not even the racist Nixon had a problem with it). AA's main value is as a symbolic nod to the fact that we still have a long way to go in the struggle for true equality. Of course that makes it worth defending, and I will defend it, but I harbor no illusions about a public vote successfully preserving it.

Instead, I hope the backers of the announced referendum to repeal the Legislature's action will realize that what their campaign will mainly do, regardless of how the vote goes, is energize and embolden white supremacists like those who put on this hateful event. If you oppose affirmative action for whatever reason, ask yourself if those are really the allies you want, and if working with them is really what you want to do with your time and energy.


"under-represented" not "under-representative" ... aarrgh


@37: Catalina: oh I’m certain there are those on the Eastside who will support it. But two factors make me think it will fail there despite the Eastside’s real tilt to the Democratic Party the past few years: 1. Asian Americans and Indian Americans feel that it handicaps them (see the debate over this issue in CA where Asian groups tanked the attempt there to resurrect AA in the UC system) and 2. Upper class white voters over there don’t pay two million for a house (and the public schools that go with them) in order that little Madison or Tyler can have his or her slot at UW endangered.

That said, I-200 did fail in King by a narrow margin (52-48) in ‘98 while passing statewide 58-41. It won in all other counties (even in San Juan County by a 200 vote margin). The state has changed a lot in 20 years but I still think margins are going to be pretty dismal in areas that currently can be counted on to elect Dems statewide. Pierce, Snohomish, Whatcom, Thurston (Thurston is another interesting area—are there tons of state employees chomping at the bit to see AA enacted)? King can carry a lot, but if opponents can keep it at 40% opposition here while hanging on everywhere else in the state I’d be they can repeal this. My guess is that results will look like the sugar tax ban initiative in ‘18: it failed in King 55-45, passed nearly everywhere else and won 55-44 statewide.


Ahh, but for the sake of accuracy were the baked goods representing their subpar and sad lil selves tasteless, brittle, flat, made of sweat and urine, not able to rise on their own, not yet done on the inside and conceived in a Walmart after hours? #mediocremadeleinesforsale 🤔😷


@32 Catalina Vel-DuRay: Okay. You got me there. Wow---rock solid point. Friends don't let friends breed RepubliKKKan, regardless of their religious faith, Catholic or otherwise, or lack of it.
@33: You should be distressed, muffy, after all your hopeless pearl clutching. Get sterilized, choke on your tasteless cookies, shave that hideous rug, go back to your gilded cage and stay there. No dog biscuit for you.


@46 kristofarian: Your sarcasm aimed squarely at Trumpty Dumpty and its army of MAGA fools makes me smile.
@51: Good point! Tasteless, dropped and broken store-bought (NOT home baked from scratch!) cookies, comprised of corporate industrial waste do represent MAGAs quite well.


stillwiththis dear, I hope you realize that the parents of Tyler and Madison regard UW as a security school. (and, as a partial alum, I concur. It's even more of an undergraduate diploma mill than the University of Iowa)


This really feels like a Daily article. Why is the Stranger all over this? Natalie and Tim, you graduated a while a go. Time to leave college behind.

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