Does the vape tax apply to weed-based products as well?


I feel sorry for vapors as they have an addiction problem and they're obnoxious and their fetishized "vape culture" paraphernalia makes them look dumb.


Yeah, but those Clouds....

Couldn't you just see a young Clint Eastwood,
enveloped in a giant Vape Cloud,
not quite able to squint thru it?

Fawking. Manly.
(and then hacking up a large Lung chunk) ...
Where's that spaghetti Western tune
when ya most Need it?


Leave it to a Democrat. So greedy. The rate is much higher than it is on traditional tobacco at the rate I go through e liquid. Not my state, but y'all have my sympathy.


Not just greedy, @4 -- they wanna shove shit like Healthcare for EVERY one (no "pre-existing Conditions"! No Corporate Death Panels -- The Horror!) and free Education and fuckingDAYcare, for christsakes! down our collectivist throats.

What's next -- fucking REPARATIONS?!


No sympathy.


The massive plumes you see bellowing out from bus stops ands car windows are nothing more than " look at how much crap I can spew" trophies.... If the vapor was somehow made invisible. I would bet this craze would fall away fast..


Did I just read the suggestion that a Vape tax will hurt the poor and vulnerable??? Lmao. Bunch of long haired hipsters and suburban teenagers... I’ve never seen a poor person vaping and a quick google suggests the vape shops aren’t in any hood


Vaping helped me quit cigarettes so easy! And teens were smoking cigarettes way before vaping was a thing.Just like teens drink alcohol but you dont hear people trying to do anything about that.The point is there has always been an age restriction on all of these.But if kids want it bad enough they will find a way to get their hands on it.Dont punish adults for wanting to help their health.


This won't stop a thing. Opiate addicts will pay massive amounts for a single pill (on the street according to studies on the opiate crisis an 80MG OXY can fetch 60.00 easily and even a hundred in some cities. If people want to vape, smoke, drink alcohol, smoke pot, this new tax on vaping won't change a thing. It's another Big Tobacco push and they've been trying to get in on the action for years and finally have. And all you ignorant commenters who THINK you know a thing about vaping are clueless and it shows in your comments. Very few people vape just to blow huge clouds, that's the 18+ crowd, 90% of the adults who vape aren't "cloud chasers" and have replaced cigarettes with a vape mod of some kind. Don't he so ignorant, if you're just jumping on the band wagon of someone commenting who knows nothing about people who vape. You sound like whiny little dinks.


I was a cigarette smoker for 25 years and I had tried many different methods to help quit including Chantix, patch and gum with no success. I started hearing more and more about vaping and after researching decided to give it a try and started out with nicotine level of 8 and then drop to 6 then 3 within 6 month's I was nicotine free. You people who criticize vaping absolutely kill me why don't you focus on the true problems in this country??? As a father of a 23yr old daughter who was killed by a drunk driver look at some of the laws in your state's and how they've become profit driven or how offenders that kill innocent people can serve 4 month's in jail then get 10yrs probation because it costs states money to jail or prison them but collect money for any fines and putting interlocks on their vehicles and attending classes and victims panels how many repeat offenders are still given chances to kill someone some states no longer fund stations to set up DUI checkpoints because its unconstitutional?? its a joke!!! Just like marijuana which was once viewed as a gateway drug now it's becoming legalized but regulated by state because its a money maker for them federally still illegal but states make money and you people are complaining about the cloud's from someone vaping wake up people it's apparent what the root of all evil is 💰💰💰


10..i agree wont stop it.i will not go back to cigarettes..I will keep vaping..and it sure isnt for the clouds..


@10 -- I gotta apologize, Growup! I thought ALL vapers made ginormous clouds. I just figured, that's what it takes. Like little foreign cars belching out tonnes of whatever. I guess I never paid much attention to the cloudsless, so that just proves you correct.

Although I wish the fuck they'd all honor that 20' downwind rule -- and some do.
They could use a little overhead cover, too.


@11 -- hey that ability to dose down -- that's Awesome.
And congrats! That Nicotine's one monkey-fucker of a Drug.

Dosing down works (for some people)
with opioid (narcotic) analgesic dependence too.


If this is accurate, the "open" product is being taxed over 20× higher per mg of nicotine, because Juul is so much more concentrated per the ml that's the tax base. That's... not good.

Are we sure somebody didn't read the bill wrong and the text is actually per mg nicotine as would make a shit-ton more sense?

(That Juul 0.7 ml pod, taxed 19 cents, is 25 mg of nicotine. If a 60 ml bottle has 18 mg, that's $4.20 (lol) tax.)


If this is really per ml, and encourages variable higher nicotine concentration, that's a public health own goal.

If it encourages pouring concentrated nicotine solution bought online, yikes, has that killed people yet? It doesn't take much pesticide-grade nicotine through the skin to kill you.


@1 pot vapes are exempt
@15 the eliquid is tax regardless of nicotine level. Forgot to link bill language, sorry:


Vaping is the best most safest thing that's happened since its ever been discovered both for youth's and adults. Compare vaping to what it once was like when cigarettes were the only option to human beings! What about snuff..? Where's the "sin" tax in that..? These dumbass people all the world who think that they know what they are doing DONT. Their heads are so far up their own ass, and are tunnel visioned in the wrong categories. They beat on their chest and puff themselves up at what it is that they can stamp their dumbass name on before they die and are forgotten.


all this made in china plastic vape crap heading to landfills. Makes me miss the days of charred filters littering the ground. Wait, we still have that.


I like this article. First article that speaks the true about what will happen with this tax.


@18 Thank you!


@21 -- "On the one hand, higher taxes

[for the RICH, fool!] [oh, and Multinational Corps --
which aren't really Human Beings atall
but DO amass Massive Wealth]

are awesome!"

Thank you.


@17 Salts are available for standalone juice. Not only is it absorbed faster by the body, it requires less voltage. This is why there aren't huge clouds. Also nowhere near the range that creates carbon monoxide. It also means you need to inhale less vg and pg to get what you need, so it's pretty mainstream for standalone liquid now.

I don't know many vapers that use Juul. Maybe the younger crowd. Prepackaged disposable solutions tend to be terrible, and weren't around in the beginning.


@21 -- Speaking of Handouts (for the Rich!):

"Corporate Welfare Wins Again in Trump’s Washington --
We don’t need the Export-Import Bank, which pads
the profits of politically connected corporations
on the taxpayer’s dime, but it’s back anyway."
By Veronique de Rugy


@26 -- "Excellent... we should extend this
tax to cannabis stores. Tax the hell out of them."

Well, we alrady DO, Mistrial. Nearly FIFTY fucking Percent.
Are you Happy, now?


I'd support this if it would also bar that goddamned cotton-candy and bubblegum flavored crap those idiots are vaping. Having said that, it seems like taxation should be equal on the basis of doses or uses.


@26 Yes, tax the small businesses to death, make life more expensive for Americans, but social welfare for corporations. That's the American way.


Some of the math here does not add up. The first graph states that the tax is 9 cents per milliliter. Later on, discussing Big Tobacco, you say that Juul pods contain 0.7 milliliter of nicotine-laced e-liquid. I might be missing something, but it seems to me that that would mean a tax of 6.3 cents per Juul pod. A pack of four of these pods would see tax of 25.2 cents. You claim that a pack of four Juul pods would face a tax increase of "about a buck". How is 25.2 cents "about a buck"?


I remember when they shut down all the roll your own cigarette shops a few years back... yeah, I didn't give a shit about that either.


@31 JUUL and other “closed” systems are taxed at 27 cents per mL. So a 4 pack of JUUL would be taxed 76 cents.


Can't take a fart in the breeze in the State of Washington without the legislature up your ass.


If governor inslee signs this bill in to law, I'm pretty much toast, I'm closing down shop on December 31st and I don't know what I'll do to survive after that, I didn't expect to have my livelihood to be ripped out from under me like this. Mr Inslee, if you come across this somehow, I invite you to fog box vapor in Lynnwood on October 17th. It will be my 31st birthday and 4 going on 5 years running this business. Unfortunately the celebration will be a somber one, I will be counting my inventory to figure out what the tax bill will be to keep my shop running. I already have a rough idea, and what it will mean to my business, but I think it's important that you get to see the full consequences of this bill, I don't believe you have the right to just look at the positive elements that make you feel good about yourself, you have to take off the rose tinted glasses and see the full ugly picture of the reality you will be creating with a stroke of your pen. You don't need to bring a gift, and my gift to you will be the much needed perspective of the situation right here on the ground that the regular folk like me walk on, you might have spent a little too long floating a bit above the ground as a powerful politician running a whole state, a reality check might do you good.


@21 How about the non-hipsters? Like the hundreds of 50+ year olds I personally know that quit smoking using vapor products?


Erm, isn't part of the point of the legislation to reduce both sales and usage?

Cigarette smoking was in massive decline, especially among teens, a good decade before any of these electric vaporizers were widely available, and that decline was due to massive government intervention, both in regulation and in the courts.

Forcing vape manufacturers, distributors, and sellers into decline is a primary goal of this kind of law, isn't it?


Is cannabis vapor bad also? What about exhaust from filthy-fuel exhaust pipes? --- #FreeEnergy & MagnetoHydroDynamics . . . .


Oh boo hoo. Your new crutch is going to be more expensive. Learn to deal instead of hiding.


@36 NO ONE QUIT SMOKING. They just traded in one crutch for another.


@36 Yes, it is still a crutch but one that has the potential to save 7 million lives worldwide in just 10 years. Taxing these small shops and independent eliquid manufacturers out of existence based on government and corporate greed is sick. Whether people think vaping is dumb, government collusion with Big Tobacco isn't okay.

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