I think we can call this "Orwallian".


I applaud Governor Inslee for signing this bill into law. I think this is in keeping with his positioning himself as the climate change candidate for 2020. Goodness knows, with global warming, there's going to be a lot more stripping.

In fact, if Americans had any sense, this nation would have been stirred to action on climate change all the way back in 2002 just by that annoying Nelly song, "It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes."

Disclaimer: In no way should this comment be construed as dismissing the gravity of climate change.


Can I still yell "shake your tittles sugartits"?

Or will I need a permit?


@3. I wouldn't be too sure about that. Or they will slap a false rape accusation on you. Remember you only have to be accused to be guilty, because that is our "male privilege" somehow. Meanwhile, false accusers get away without any punishment. Because they are....'oppressed'? Patriarchy? Riiiiiiiight.


They're already scairt of the Blacklist.

This could save a lotta Heartache.


@5. Hey retardofarian. I am talking about FALSE rape accusations, not REAL ones. I know you don't know what the difference is by let me explain it to you. FALSE ones are the ones that are made up. Get it?


And then they double down on their fear.
Grabs popcorn
This is gonna be goooood.


@5: "They're already scairt of the Blacklist."

I haven't seen how they plan to implement this. Check ID at the door against a list? Yeah, that's going to go over well with customers. Rogues gallery of photos? It's too easy to change one's appearance, particularly in these dimly lit clubs. Back in my day haunting clubs, this was put to use for exactly the opposite of a blacklist. Guys who became recognized as 'deep pockets' by the dancers would easily fool them with a little makeover. And offer the 'new guy' the cheap introductory rates. Over and over again.



Oh come on, share.

Tell us which strip clubs in town don't check id at the door? Inquiring perverts want to know.


Why do strip clubs even have private rooms?

Like my sainted grandmother used to say, the only difference between whores and strippers is that whores don’t dance.


“Why do strip clubs even have private rooms?”

Because then we couldn’t have movies like “Closer”.


@6 -- That's just what Trumpfy said.

Otoh, surely facial recognition software is right around the corner...


Where are the go go boys in this town?


customer blacklist? uhhh outmoded terminology? Why not call it a whitelist? oh wait...


How do we call this a free country? A "liberal" State... when I can't buy a beer at a strip club.
It hurts their business, it hurts the strippers, it is beyond stupid.

Furthermore, why is prostitution illegal? What's the difference between an 18 year old dating an 80 year old with an allowance and the girl working Aurora? Their income bracket. Bring the industry out of the shadows. Protect sex workers.



"What's the difference between an 18 year old dating an 80 year old with an allowance and the girl working Aurora?"

Usually the worker with a single customer has to be treated as an employee for tax purposes, while the worker with multiple customers might be regarded as a contractor instead, or even treated as a firm providing services, if structured as an LLC or S-corp.

Alternately, I suppose you might be able to convince the IRS to treat the worker with a single customer as a dependent of that employer, but trying that might entail further legal risks.

You can learn more about the difference by talking to a qualified tax preparation professional, if you're still wondering how to handle your own particular situation.


@9: "Tell us which strip clubs in town don't check id at the door?"

Every club I've ever been to in Washington State. I imagine a few 19 year old PFYs got carded. But looking too young has never been my problem.

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