Brits, and specifically royal Brits, generally don't do last names as first names, that's a peculiarly American thing. Baby Sussex is therefore not going to be called Spencer either.


Why do you entitled millennialae complain that you are not allowed to bring your cheating materials with you?
"Can I bring my answer key with me if I hide it in my iphone case? Sorry, my folks could not bribe me into stampford...."


Lizzo is complete shit. Let's just stop with all the kidding.


Plenty of Ubers and Lyfts on the road today! Plus Uber is offering a nice 10% discount. I think I will use it this afternoon for that Capitol Hill working lunch.

Sorry folks, hard working people are gonna be hard working.


"If you call an Uber or Lyft today you're a scab."

No. If you start driving an Uber or Lyft today, you're a scab.


Gawd, the British press asks the most insipid questions, or at least they do about new babies and parenting.

But I guess it's just a stupid baby, so what else can anyone do?

Can The Stranger please revive the "Stupid Stupid Baby" column?


Uber and Lyft provide a service to give to rides to people. They are a taxi service. They should be regulated like a taxi service. They also make traffic worse in the city, they don't obey traffic laws and are generally bad drivers. How often have you seen an uber/lyft car just stop on the road and put their hazzards on as if that makes it okay. Only taxis can pick people up on the street.
God forbid you lazy fucks just take the bus or train or bike or simply walk. Fuck ride sharing.





A colonoscopy isn't that bad (you're usually out cold). It's the prep that sucks.


I hope your Uber driver crashes into a wall and you fly through the windshield.


@7 To hell with that, let's bring back horse and buggies and telephone operators. Just because.

I plan on using Uber/Lyft today and giving a big old fat tip.


@10 You seem nice.


I'd like to see the royals go all retro and revive some of those great classic English names like Egbert or Ethelred or the illustrious Eadwig-
"Legend has it that his coronation had to be delayed to allow Bishop Dunstan to praise Eadwig from his bed, and from between the arms of his “strumpet” and the strumpets’ mother."
Yay Eadwig!


I'd prefer they go for a good American name, like Gomer or Travis or Django.



Dude, you own the libs so hard! You know what you should do is call an uber and just have them drive you around in circles for three hours. Just to... Own. The. Libs. Own them so hard!


"There you go again with your anti worker sentiment. "

How is giving my money to an Uber driver who is voluntarily providing a service to me, for a price we have both agreed upon, "anti-worker"?

I just opened my APP.

Dozens on drivers on the road.

I guess the independent contractors are not so united.


"God forbid you lazy fucks just take the bus or train or bike or simply walk"

What business is that of yours? My BMI is 23 and I get plenty of exercise cycling for leisure on the weekends. How I transport myself is, quite frankly, none of your business.


18 comments and the Anti-Inslee trolls haven't checked in? did Dori Monson fail to issue marching orders today?



At the risk of venturing into TMI territory, when I had my colonoscopy done several years ago they gave me a sedative, which was supposed to knock me out (not like anesthesia out, but I guess what old-time delivery room docs used to refer to as "twilight sleep"), and which had literally zero effect, with the result being that I was fully conscious and watched the the entire procedure. Frankly, it was rather fascinating, like watching the old sci-fi movie "Fantastic Voyage", only I was traveling inside of my own GI tract (regrettably, NOT accompanied by Raquel Welch in a skin-tight wet suit).

@18: The point being of course that the "price" was NOT mutually agreed on by you and the driver, since the driver has absolutely no say in what Uber/Lyft charges you for the ride. In point of fact, this transactional relationship isn't even conducted on a human-to-human basis, because pricing is dictated by a series of computer algorithms, based on demand and availability of vehicles.


@19: Yeah, but what is your body fat percentage?

Only plebs focus on weight and BMI. That's easy mode.


@19 Actually, how you transport yourself impacts us all, it's called traffic. Other than that, I don't really give a flying fuck what you think.


"Anti-Inslee trolls haven't checked in"

Governor Meh? Let us know when the governor & carbon panic breaks 0.1% in the polls.

"since the driver has absolutely no say in what Uber/Lyft charges you for the ride"

Then they don't have to sign the contract. Just like I have the right to not take a crappy, smelly taxi that never shows up on time and instead chose to use one of the car sharing APP services available.

"Only plebs focus on weight and BMI. That's easy mode."

Ah yes, because Lindy West looks so healthy.


@25 Hey, don't just cuss, yell and spray spittle everywhere, my Uber and Lyft apps show, combined, at least 20 drivers within a mile of my house. No surcharges either.

Apparently other people also believe in the value of hard work to raise oneself up in life.


Newsflash: Libertarians still retarded.


24: You don't know enough about carbon or climate change to have an opinion one way or another.


"You don't know enough about carbon or climate change to have an opinion one way or another."

You need to be a climate scientist to know Governor Milquetoast is polling less than 1%?



But of course, these people ARE working hard - typically at two or three jobs, just to make ends meet from one month to the next; hardly what one would consider "raising oneself up", unless having to engage in constant drudgery just to keep ones head barely above water and stave off drowning is how you define that term.


I am having a laugh at the idea that the population looks to the Feds for advice on what to eat (dietary policy) as opposed to Oprah or some Keto advocate with a YouTube channel.


Complaining drivers are babies. They knew what they would earn when they signed up. Don’t like it? Get another job. Can’t do anything but drive? Then suck it up cupcake and drive. Can’t find another job that pays as much as uber/Lyft? Stop complaining then.


" typically at two or three jobs, just to make ends meet from one month to the next"

@32 Well thank goodness there's ample work opportunities available for them.


@24, @29: there you guys (or guy) are! you sound like you're going to get on the jay train any second. just one more climate bill ought to do it, because that's what's holding you back.

can you hear it coming? way off in the distance?

JAY jay jay jay JAY jay jay jay JAY jay jay jayJAY jay jay jayJAY jay jay jay In SLEEEEEEE!


It will be the fastest but it will be the as fast as the top 160 super computers in the world combined.


@24: That person does appear to have quite an unhealthy BMI, but don't bring up other people, we are talking about you.

What's your body fat percentage?



As I noted above, many ALREADY have other jobs - SEVERAL other jobs, in some instances. This is what living in a world that demands perpetual bargain-basement prices looks like: those at the top make major bank, and those at the bottom earn squat - and yet people like you STILL complain when those on the bottom ask for a little more, and applaud those at the top who refuse to give it to them.

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