I don't see China ever agreeing to our demands about intellectual property rights. China doesn't have patent laws and they are able to innovate much faster because of it. Prepare to pay 25% more for shit thanks to trump.


@2 I imagine China will start taking IP law more seriously once they start producing a lot of IP.

That's how it went with the USA and Europe. One of the major American publishing houses (I forget which) got its start pirating Charles Dickens novels.


Negotiating with China must be extremely frustrating.

"We are going to have to require you to stop stealing IP and copying it constantly, and we need you to stop lying completely about your currency to prop up your fake economy and harm worldwide trade."

"We do not do any of those things, but we also refuse to agree to a deal that forces us to stop doing those things."


I don't know if the guy in Queen Anne needed to be shot, and hopefully a good investigation will follow. But thank goodness he wasn't using a firearm. If he had, the brave officers may have come across a murder scene in may have been killed themselves.


Does anyone actually believe that the 80s didn't have great music?


BTW, who fucked up Stranger's CMS? Rendering is foobar.
You guys are losing hits.


No "plot for Avatar"?

When the Illegal Aliens* come (cum?)
better Pray they ain't Capitalists.
Plus, it can be Handy to have a tail.

*from Uranus or wherever



'Backing a woman into an enclosure, & menacing her outside said enclosure with a knife' = needs shooting.


For a fella who's so anal about having all his employees sign NDAs, Trump is remarkably loud-mouthed about confidential trade negotiations.

Loose lips sink ships.


How did you guys miss this one?


Yeah, you'd think SLOG would be all over Mecha Inslee videos.


@2 Not sure if what China does could be called innovating. They're very good at stealing, I mean copying, then making small incremental changes. That isn't innovation in the least. I don't think their kind of society really is the kind of environment that fosters the kind of individual thinking that leads to innovation.



Seconded. I do remember taking them and studying and practicing for hours on end in the months prior to taking them. And then after I finished and sent them off to my prospective grad programs I basically never thought about them again. Nor did anyone mention them ever again.

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