That's might white of Canada ahead of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion which will render all of that goodwill useless and then some.


Doris Day died.

One of the best singers and comedic actresses of the 20th century.


Gosh, that Mr. Buckethead (hope he ate the chicken first) can really put it OUT there! If Steve Martin is correct, that you get thee most notes/Dollar from a banjo, than that little white Gibson's gotta be damn close Second.

Well Played.

Oh, and beware of False Flag ops -- specially when we got us a far far FAR "right" knuckledragger just itchin' to commence War, somewhere/ANY wheres just to get Congrees and their highly inconvenient Questions off his back.


Another terrible idea from Bezos & co.
I've cut the guy slack simply because he has not ruined the Washington Post or publicly sucked up to the crime bosses of the Trump administration.
But I am really starting to see the guy as evil.


The Canadian government collects a lot of energy tax revenues. At the local level, it's not so hot:


Amazon wants its existing money-suckers, er, employees to jump off the payrolls and start assuming all of the business risks for the corporate overlord.
Any takers?



Ah, but the faster we burn it up, the sooner we'll transition away from fossil fuels, no?

And with hundreds of cities and millions of acres of farmland underwater, the non-fossil energy industry will have much lower demand to serve, too. Everyone wins!


@12: If the business model is viable, there will be.


What Amazon revealed isn't a new incentive, it's effectively a new imposition placed on employees who get fired.

$10k and three months pay was already a typical severence package for a low-level employee at Amazon. This new "entrepreneurial incentive" just adds the additional, humiliating requirement that the fired employee work as a gig-economy "independent contractor" delivering packages using their own vehicle, if they want to collect the severence package that they previously would have received without the additional labor obligation.


9 Well those guys died in the accident so add "blaming the victims of fatal tragedy" to your resumé.
Proud momma you must have.


@8: Without oil money, how else how would they fund their Socialism?


@9- The Congressional Medal of Honor isn't a progressive or conservative medal- it is an American medal. It is time for this idea of 'real America' being conservative, and progressives not being 'American' to end.

@17- This is a longstanding political system, know as petro-socialism. It is the de-facto system in Norway, Saudi Arabia, Alaska and other low-population, energy-rich places.


@19, are mocking them.


"Those crane disassemblers should get the Progressive's equivalent of the Congressional Medal of Honor." --@9

"I am not mocking them, but mocking Progressive thought by arguing it to its extreme logical conclusion." --@19

You're gonna need to show your work, facts2.

"They made the ultimate selfless sacrifice for the greater good of the many. They went above and beyond to do so."

They (or their co-workers) apparently fucked up -- is that how you see Progressive politics? By making disastrous, life-taking Mistakes and then letting other capitalize on them?

Fucking Bizarre.

"Progressives should be proud and honor them with a medal." --@19

You should See your Doctor.

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