While it's true that watching FOX Opinion-labeled-'News' WILL make you dumber, they were (mostly) respectful to Bernie -- and Bernie proved to be way more Presidential than the current illegitimate 'president,' showing grace under fire and a rock-solid command of Issues, Problems, and how to Pay for them -- by more fairly taxing Billionaires and Wall Street and multinational Corporations. (If you don't make more than $5,000,000.00, don't expect a tax hike -- it's not coming.)

What we now have is Socialism -- exclusively for the Wealthy.
Bernie wants the Americanm people, not just a very tiny handful, to be prosperous, too.

I'd Love to see either Bernie or Elizabeth Warren at the top of the Ticket.
If she can garner more votes by boycotting FOX's 'Town Halls,' more power to her, too.


I used to like Elizabeth Warren. Until she actually took a blood DNA test and actually decided to publicly claim she was in fact part Native American. How could someone so smart be so stupid? She also used to be a registered Republican... shocking I know.
I mean, I know the Native American thing can be dismissed by Democrats. But I seriously don't think any Republican and many independents will ever accept, "She had previously claimed in interviews, publications and her 1986 Texas state bar application that she had Cherokee Indian heritage - and was once listed by Harvard University as a minority hire."


FOX streamed Bernie’s rallies free of charge the last election cycle.

Somehow you aren’t progressive if you don’t support him, and somehow FOX lined up behind the codger calling for the closure of all foreign American military installations.

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you.

Vote 4 Vlad.


Could this just be tactic for the primary? How many Democrats watch Fox News?


Like we should not give any fucks at all. We're all going to vote for the DNC candidate; the primary will largely be determined before the voices of Washington Dem's is even heard.


"I used to like Elizabeth Warren. Until..."

Oh? Right... Okay: I used to like Trump. Until it became clear he was a draft dodging traitor.

Is that how we play this game?


'I asked a Lyft driver who was listening to Q13 radio last weekend what he thought of Sen. Warren, and he said, "Pocahontas? Total globalist."'

I think I would have told him to pull the car the fuck over right there and gotten out. Props to you for staying reasonable and maybe making a difference.


Again we're back to Herzog's Enlightened Centrist Hot Take of the Week pattern of completely contradicting herself.

The formula goes something like:
"(Long introduction that seems to agree with reasoned position)... I'm a liberal and I agree that X is a problem but... (Four paragraphs later)... except I don't really think it's problem and what ever it is it's all liberal fault."


Katie, Ross Douthat, David Brooks and Thomas Friedman get all their straw man anecdotes from the same imaginary Lift driver.


Warren keeps sounding like she'd be a better high school principal than a president


The stolen election didn’t do it for you, Sausage?

I’m on the fence about the after effects of the Iraq war. There will always be that ever so beautiful image of the scorched desert bro on the road of death, and what became IS was led by the remnants of the Baathist regime in Iraq. That’s what they have been living.

So, are the million deaths worth it? Would the Arab Spring have occurred had the invasion not? Syria?

K going to go live in the mountains by myself see you next week if not dead.


Bernie did and got people behind his positions.

Reactionaries know there is a problem and theyre correct, it's their conclusions that are wrong. A lot of reactionaries are left partisans in the making.

Keep playing it off with shite like "america is already great" and youre gonna get your ass handed to you like Hillary did at the polls.


Picking on fox news while, not technically the wrong thing to do, is a very thin charade. C'mon Liz just admit you are afraid. Your language skills are eroding, all the thyroid meds in the world won't get you over the Low T blues, and we all just want you to finally show up for your after school fight. Are you man enough?


@14 Yeah come on, we're a nation of stupids, it would be totally incongruous to be led by someone who is actually smart.


"EZ Boy"?


Taking the battle to the Propagandists on their home turf is a legitimate approach.

Telling the Propagandists to fuck off is also a legitimate approach.

Maybe Warren should have countered "I'll do it on 2 conditions: 1. after President Asshole does one on MSNBC, with Maddow as host, and 2. pays up on the $1,000,000 he owes me, fucking Welcher."


Sanders did a town hall because he's a craven opportunist in progressive clothing and thinks he can pull in a few fence-sitters who watch FAUX-News. Buttigieg probably did it because, after a solid month of campaigning he's still only polling in single-digits - and still behind Warren, who at least is showing some goddamned principle and is unwilling to compromise same for a handful of ballot-scraps.


@28 So you're confident Trump won't drag us into war with Iran (or Venezuela) and/or manufacture a recession out of thin air? Good to hear someone is!


Feel like the takeaway here is... So comically ignorant and repugnantly vile are the policy positions and actions of the current office occupant that it's just incredibly easy to justify any position that opposes him in any manner. Warren's absolutely correct in all of her statements and she can't possibly be faulted for declining the invite. That said, I guess I'm in the camp of those suggesting she should've accepted, even if it's an infinitesimally small faction of the shit-for-brained viewership she's actually capable of reaching.


So she’s clearly playing to the hard-left primary crowd in a desperate attempt to get the nomination. But then she’ll need to sell her ideas to the middle, and although most of you coastal bubble people don’t like it, the middle watches Fox News (ie, all of the people who voted Obama in 2012 and Trump 2016). So by boycotting Fox in the primary, she’ll have sent a message to those viewers that she’s not interested in their votes. Just one of many stupid campaign decisions on Warren’s part.

I’m glad Slog has one writer who actually is willing to think outside the bubble. Carry on, Katie.


Great article and good point as well. The right is usually more exclusionary and divided than the left so mimicking that tactic seems unwise at best.


Eh, I'd argue that Warren is being too kind when she says "Fox News balances a mix of bigotry, racism, and outright lies with enough legit journalism to make the claim to advertisers that it’s a reputable news outlet."

Fox gives one hour each weekday to actual news, hosted by Shep Smith. They give another hour to Chris Wallace, who is a real journalist some of the time. I would not consider 6 hours out of a week's total 168 to be "enough" legit journalism.

Damn it, I still need to buy some merch for her. I just don't seem to ever find the time in the evenings. I waste it here instead...


I meant to say they give another hour to Chris Wallace for Fox News Sunday. I dunno, maybe it's 2 hours. I gave up trying to find the episode length, and I don't want to give the click to their website. Still, even 7/168 is a pretty measly slice.


Go, Senator Elizabeth Warren, GO!!! FOX and Trumpty Dumpty can indeed, fuck off.
No sign of muffy. Is she pearl clutching in her Panic Room, screaming into the night?
I'd like to think muffy finally got her shots.

@2 GermanSausage: I'm all too happy to avoid FOX and Twitter. and
@15 GermanSausage: I'm glad you came to your senses regarding your political party affiliation.
@26 Max Solomon and @27 COMTE: Bravo and well said. Can I buy you both a drink?
@28 & @32 Doofus in Shoreline: With all the daily scandals, criminal charges and investigations crashing down on Trumpty Dumpty, you really should change your screen name to Sleepless in Shoreline. And take off that silly MAGA hat.
@35 & @36 Knat: I need to buy some Warren merchandise, too. Thanks for the reminder.


And yet without a single male chromosome in her body if Warren said she were a man you’d all say she was stunning and brave.

Strange word we live in.


Those of you defending Warren for her completely and utterly dubious claim of being of Native American ancestry. Fuck off. Having 1 POSSIBLE Native American relative 6-10 generations ago, is NOT being of Native American ancestry. It is complete and utter bullshit.
Then to go on and claim Native American at academic institutions, is borderline fraud.
But hey, it's how kids get into college these days right?


@37 previously, your Russian homie left the republican party during the Reagan years, or alternatively was never a republican. Maybe that accounts has a new operator?


@39 seconded. By that standard, a lot of white Americans are black.


What a crybaby chicken.
If Liz can't handle herself with Fox News how would she possibly stand up to the Chinese and Terrorists and rude French waiters?
Obviously totally unqualified to be President.


and even more black Americans are white.

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