@1 It's romaine, and its amazing


I guess its a fussy point, but the USA doesn't have an embassy in Tehran - we haven't had diplomatic relations with Iran since they chased our pal the Shah out of the country in 1979. Americans know how to hold a grudge.

The non-essential personnel are being recalled from our embassy in Iraq.


That no-talent ass clown has plenty to answer for, but I'm pretty sure Michael Bolton has never encouraged America into a stupid, unnecessary war. John Bolton is probably who you're thinking of.


@4 Thank you. I came to the comment section to say the same.


@7 Spot the troll, doesn't even take the time to realize i was talking about lettuce.


"I'm told Mt. Rushmore is very small."

You have been told wrong. It is quite large and extremely impressive. You need to go see it for yourself.


Spot the moron;
if you have to explain the joke....never mind

Since Social Security is a giant Ponzi scheme Timothy better hope the birthrate gets back up, unless his retirement plan is dying alone in a garbage can...


Tim: Just change Tehran to Baghdad in that link.


@10 If you have to explain the joke its not funny.


Every Vote For Alabama’s Abortion Ban Was From A White Man.


8 Lettuce is very interesting for you?


In light of the looming attack on Roe, one wonders where the anti-feminist gentlemen of Slog are. Why aren't they here to tell us that we don't need feminism? Why aren't they here to poo poo the war on women? Oh! And all those third party voters who assured us that Clinton was JUST as bad as the current resident of the White House, and put their fingers in their ears and went lalala when it was pointed out that he would pack SCOTUS with conservative anti-abortion judges, not to mention appoint the same on the lower courts. As I recall I personally warned, in 2015, on this very forum, that this would happen. Oh, and I’m not here for the “well I live in a blue state so my vote didn’t maaaaatter”. If we lose Roe? That’s not necessarily going to protect you, particularly since in Washington State alone 40% of hospital beds are in the hands of Catholic healthcare organizations. So good luck trying to get birth control let alone an abortion if your only option is Providence or CHI Franciscan Health. I’m sure that their Women’s Health Associates in Burien will be happy to help you right? “Just pay out of pocket” you say? And get your meds prescribed by whom? Planned Parenthood? In counties where you have to drive miles and miles and then get past protestors every month? At this point, all I can say, barring an apology, (which of course I don’t expect from any of the gentlemen who waved away my lady concerns 4 years ago) is that all you “progressive” mother fuckers better be donating to the ACLU, NARAL and Planned Parenthood. And I mean a lot.


@10- there is a huge difference between a 'pay as you go' social safety net and a ponzi scheme. SS is solvent at 100% until 2034, and worst case scenario will pay out 74% until 2090. None of this would be even be a concern if the republicans hadn't raided the SS trust to pay for tax cuts and corporate welfare.

But yes, the rate of payers has gone up. the baby boomers and millennials are both larger 'dominant' generations, and gen x is a much smaller group.


@16: Sounds like they are living in your head.



Raindrop appeared on another thread and @17 & @19 are posting right after you.


@19: LOL this is my real life Theodore. This is an existential threat to every woman in this country and you brush that away with condescension. Are you donating to the ACLU, NARAL and Planned Parenthood Theodore? Are you paying attention to the rightwing machinations in your area? Have you gone on record, here or on other forums, or in real life against these blatant attacks on the physical autonomy of half of the population of the United States? I am legit asking, because I don’t want to assume. I want to believe that you, despite our many contentious exchanges, are at heart a good human being. That you do care about the women in your life that you will and are fighting for us. I am serious Theodore.


18 - Total manure.


Is this really a surprise? The GOP doesn't know how to govern a majority, but they sure know how to get their base what they want. And a lot of women continue to vote GOP, and will do so for the foreseeable future.
This is such a complicated, polarizing issue. You've got sentient adults who deserve complete autonomy over their own bodies and the government (doesn't the GOP hate government overreach into people's private lives?) trying to circumvent that. On the other hand you've got this innocent little creature growing inside you and whether you think it's a person yet or not I think it's human nature to have empathy for the vulnerable, especially when it's life is being snubbed out...
And then there is the data that shows how far crime rates dropped once abortion was made legal.... all these unwanted humans didn't grow up with hate in their hearts and become criminals. Is Alabama prepared for the crime wave in 16-18 years?
This is why it's important to vote (looking at you young people) even if who your're voting for doesn't tick off most of your check boxes.
We need a gofundme page to get women relocated out of the south if they want.


@21: Well, you are the one who asked.

I have nothing to prove to you at all, and as such I am not going to answer your questions. Who are you to make demands of anyone?

If you must know, I support individual bodily autonomy 100% in all cases where an adult is capable of making an informed decision, and believe that the constitution includes an innate right to privacy. I also do not believe these laws will pass constitutional challenge, even if they make it to the Supreme Court.


@25: Thank you. As I said I asked because I didn't want to make any unfair assumptions about you, and I sincerely hope that you are putting your money where your mouth is. As to whether these laws will pass constitutional muster I wish I could be as sanguine, but I’m afraid that I am taking Justice Breyer’s warning seriously regarding this Courts approach to settled law that its current ultra conservative members disagree with.


Look Theodore! In your back yard......



Er, how does a text document contain an "innate" anything?

Either the words are there, or they aren't and you're pretending otherwise.


Lissa, paragraph breaks are a good thing. Otherwise, a lot of folks won't take the time to parse your passionate prose.


@27: I mean, as far as legal districts go, that may as well be on Mars, really. Looks like it is just one wacko though, and I have a really hard time seeing anything like that pass with how blue northern VA votes. Lots of left leaning government employees live in that area.

Though, it is currently a razor thin GOP majority at the moment.

@28: That's adorable.


SS is a Ponzi scheme.
The payments of current "investors" go to pay previous "investors";
if current "investors" are going to collect it will be necessary for a new generation of "investors" to pay into the scheme.
The money current "investors"pay is not sitting in Al Gore's lockbox; it is used to pay current obligations.
The difference between the government's Ponzi scheme and a privately run one is that the government hacks will not go to prison, and in fact they can compel new generations of suckers to invest or throw them in jail.

With smaller succeeding generations,
and SS disability rolls swelling (as it is the new welfare)
and succeeding generations making and paying in much less (due to working as a barista until you are 36 doesn't pay nearly as much as the real jobs earlier generations did paid)
the scam is heading for a train wreck.

But we are way to busy impeaching Trump to give a shit.


What non-breeding woman is going to dare having sex in Alabama now? And thus, what non-breeding men will find willing partners? Maybe that’s why they didn’t include the rape’ll be the only way to get laid. What a bunch of sick fucks these people are. If there’s any justice, global warming will cook that state to a crisp.


RE: Abortion

In the Alabama debate before the vote, the republican (Chambliss) was asked if fertilized eggs from IVF clinics would be considered full people and therefore also subject to this law. He responded:

"Chambliss, responding to the IVF argument from Smitherman, cites a part of the bill that says it applies to a pregnant woman. "The egg in the lab doesn't apply. It's not in a woman. She's not pregnant." #alpolitics"​n​/status/1128413792801521664

In other words, he's saying it's only a life if it's inside a woman. If it's just in a lab, it's not alive. Completely illogical of course, but that defines the entire anti-abortion crowd.
As everyone knows, this has nothing to do with "life" or babies or embryos. It is entirely about controlling and punishing women. They weren't supposed to come out and admit it though. Guess they're feeling confident.


Is it really a mystery why hepatitis C rates have increased since 2009? The ACA mandates free preventive services, and that includes screening for hepatitis B and C. And insurance companies usually recommend hepatitis screening for people born 1945-1965. So now people actually know they have it.


Regardless of what one feels about abortion, Roe was a terribly reasoned fatally flawed decision.
And a terrible way to make public policy.

Reap what you sow;
what you gain from a shitty illegitimate court ruling can be flushed away just as easily.
The state legislatures are where policy and law should be made.
Democracy and all.

We haven't seen much comment here about Alyssa Milano's sex strike.
Which is a shame because it is a brilliant idea.
She finally connects the dots that the Left wants to ignore connecting sexual activity and making babies.
The strike reminds folks that sex is a serious grown-up (albeit really fun) activity,
and women would be wise to be selective in whom they choose to crawl under and get knocked up by.

Unfortunately, the folks who would most benefit from the lesson may be immune.
Leftist "Feminists" womyn soon grow sexually repulsed by their sissy house-husbands and quit fucking them anyway; it would take a vibrator strike to get their attention.

Of course the corollary is that if you support Life it is incumbent on you to have lots of sex so as to not inadvertently take part in the strike.


BTW, the US has the highest infant mortality of any developed. Not only is not ‘low’, its higher than it was in your parents or grandparents day.


@35: The "strike" is a terrible idea because it frames women's bodies, once again, as a commodity to be consumed by men, presuming that our only value is our sexuality.


yum yum


@38: There you go, showing us all who you are...


@41: I know right? New name, same shit.


37 "...presuming that our only value is our sexuality." That is your personal fear being articulated, that sexuality might be your only value. We noticed you appropriate the "our" pronoun as if to speak for all. Trump does it, too.
Sex is a commodity, has been since commerce arose, and no post-modern hang-wringing will change that. Men will always sexualize women, and men can STILL concurrently have other thoughts about women that are not sexual. Obviously you have fears, but sexuality his is not bad just because you do not like it.
Also, what would be the horror, the devastation, if your hypothetical "sexuality is our only value to men" WERE true?
Well, cooking is the only value I have for all the chefs I've ever met. The chefs never complain that I do not really "get" them, I cannot appreciate them and have devalued them permanently as humans for such.


name calling is a poor substitute for civil reasoned discourse.
especially about important public issues.
The Left is very bad at democracy.
it bodes ill for the Republic.


@43: I am not the only one holding this opinion. There have been several articles on why the strike is a bad idea, for the reason I have articulated. So nice try there, but no. And lumping me in with 45! Cute rhetorical trick to undermine my position by association, you scamp :)
As to your assumption that I somehow fear or don’t like sex simply because I see viewing women’s bodies as a commodity as reductive, well that’s you projecting all over your keyboard my dear. It genuinely gave me a chuckle, so thanks for that. Your comparison with chefs would be more apt if we were talking about sex workers who are compensated for a service.
Would you like to roll again?


We are a very bad man.
But not this time.
Sometimes the truth hurts.
And factually objectively accurate labels are not name calling.


@44: I hope you have a Costco membership, since one assumes you buy your windex in bulk for that glass house of yours.


Hey Theodus, or whatever the fuck your name is today, eat a bag of shit.
It was you who led the conversation into the gutter and not the other way around. If you want to be treated with respect you have to extend it to others.



It's adorable, and apparently you are indeed pretending there's something about privacy in the US Constitution that simply isn't there.


Here's a better idea nationwide: ban all RepubliKKKan neofascist white men.
@31, @35, @44, & @47 Theodum: ......said another clueless male who hates women because he can't get laid. Choke on it, MAGA moron.
@50 kallipugos for the WIN. Thank you and bless you, sir.


I nominate Lissa and schmacky (how did I miss your spot on posts?) to join kallipugos for the three-way tied WIN!

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