Single-occupancy vehicle hell PLUS beautiful Link light rail hell? Say it isnt so.
Single-occupancy vehicle hell PLUS beautiful Link light rail hell? Say it isn't so. KELLY O

I was the first person on my bus this morning. As it pulled away from the stop, the driver called over his shoulder: "Route might be slow going today, all of the Northbound I-5 is shut down."

There was a multi-vehicle crash under the Washington State Convention Center. One vehicle was rolled over. Crews were working hastily to clear it, but, in the meantime, traffic on I-5 was at a standstill. But, that was the least of Seattle's transit woes this morning.

Light rail service was also interrupted this morning due to a power outage between Tukwila International Boulevard and Angle Lake stations. Sound Transit posted an announcement at 9:10 a.m. A text alert was sent out to riders subscribed to Sound Transit notifications at around 8:44 a.m. As my bus crawled past lines of cars opting to take side streets instead of I-5, my Twitter feed was filled with disgruntled transit-goers.

The University of Washington station, the northernmost end of the light rail line, was stuck trainless. With no trains going out of UW station, Capitol Hill southbound passengers were also stuck:

Passengers at the UW station were able to board a train eventually, according to Stranger staffer Nikoli Shaver who was among the waiting passengers, he waited for 30 minutes. But, he said "there were enough disgruntled people that some people were probably waiting for longer." The power outage is still ongoing according to Sound Transit and Mike Limblom at the Seattle Times:

The crash at I-5 was cleared at 9:49 a.m.

Meanwhile, because you were all invested in my commute, I took the Capitol Hill streetcar for the first time and I had a great time!