What time will Seattle activists have the protest be about the shooting at Pritchard beach?


RE: Trump going after National Climate Assessment:

From the article:
“The demonization of carbon dioxide is just like the demonization of the poor Jews under Hitler,” said the physicist, William Happer, who serves on the National Security Council as the president’s deputy assistant for emerging technologies.




Activists will have Seattle be the protest 7:30 shooting about beach the.


Not at all impressed by an over-pampered white lady parting with only half of her ridiculous fortunes. The headlines should be OUTRAGE that she is not giving ALL of it away like a decent human being:
'Sell your possessions, give to the poor, then you will have treasure in heaven.'
The rich youngster heard this and saddened, because he owned vast possessions.
Jesus© saw him and said, 'It is very demanding for the rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven! Yes, it is easier for rope to thread the eye of a needle than for a man of means to enter the kingdom of heaven.'


Agree about the Everest thing. I also love mountaineering and the outdoors, but pictures of that summit ascent lineup make such a bid look incredibly not-fun. Even in the Himalayas, I'd much rather tackle a more manageable, moderately safer and far more pristine and quieter peak.



That's easy to say, but I'd just like to see you try to subsist on a measly 18 billion dollars.


Oklahoma flood victims, tiernan: we are rushing you airplanes loaded with Thoughts and Prayers!


@5- STFU you miserable bucket of grumbles and grunts.


@5 FTW
easy come, easy go...

Wasn't 'I Wanna be Like You' the theme song for the gay marriage movement?


Has Franklin Graham weighed in yet on why God is angry at Oklahoma? Maybe He doesn't like that they're advancing pay equity for teachers? Or perhaps He's upset that the AG is suing pharma for their part in the opioid problem? Maybe the Almighty is pissed that Oklahoma is next-to-last in the rate of insured in the state ("Shoot for the bottom!" sayeth the Lord).

It's so hard to tell what liberal agenda issue the Divine Being is taking issue with today. Thank goodness Franklin can be comforted knowing that God is okay with His ministers paying above market wages to their poolboys.


A lot of fudging and nudging and massaging the data goes into the National Climate Assessment; the result will vary widely depending on the political bias of the fudger.

The Hysterical Chicken Little Left is hooked on ever more dire forecasts,
it takes more hotter planetary doom to give them the high they crave;
the 'scientists' oblige by coming out every few months with worse projections;
the Hair on Fire Liars in the Leftist Media hype the impending doom for ratings;
rinse and repeat.

Just like the money grubbing whores at the SPLC will never find a decrease in Hate Groups! the current Climate Doom Industrial Complex will only ever project more sooner disaster.

Sorry kids,
this is an intervention,
time to break the sick cycle with a little actual objective science.
stay tuned...


@10 I would be happy to send some thoughts to OK, but they keep returning them "address unknown"


If Ms. Bezos does indeed give away half of her fortune it should be dedicated to a solution to homelessness. I believe that that amount of money could provide a home for every homeless person in the entire Puget Sound region. Existing vacant homes could be purchased for families and existing apartments for singles; a mass and accelerated building project could also be started.


What do you mean, we'll see if Jeff is going to follow her lead? I thought he just did give up half of his fortune.


Also, if only they had asked Trump, they could have prevented the flooding by sweeping debris from river banks.


How many in Oklahoma believe that climate change isn't real, and vote for people who perpetuate that lie?


Dear Oklahoma, have you seen your goddamn voting record? You want help? You gotta want it a little more than that.



I'll bite. How long we gotta "stay tuned" for you dumbasses to drop some real science on us? The tension is just palpable!


Three black children and one of their mothers get gunned down in Seattle and nary a word.

I guess it only matters when it's police defending themselves from attack.


@17: "existing vacant homes", LOL.


@23: it's the 1st item in the headline.

so, nary a word from whom? the Slog commenters? what are we supposed to say? "guns are bad"? "don't fire off guns at a fucking picnic"?

even the young adult male that fired the gun knows it was the wrong thing to do.


@17 or she could give it to solving climate change so that we don't have to find new homes for another third of the Sound area in 50 years.

Not to minimize homelessness, but for the coming generations all of our petty early 21st century squabbling is going to be completely overshadowed compared to the problems of rapid climate change and its fallout. As Oklahoma just saw.

Of course social change (including empowering the poor) can help with both solving climate change and with helping to not stick those who have sacrificed with the bill from those for whom personal money and power were singular goals, but then it's safe to assume that Ms (and Mr) Bezos are not primarily concerned with THAT.


@25 So what time is the protest?


@24 Yes, existing vacant homes; houses that are vacant and up for sale, there lots of them. This coulds include condo units as well. The city or county could put up public land and Ms. Bezos' fortune could finance the building of new homes. Housing first could be provided for a lot of people. Apartment buildings could be purchased around colleges to provide free housing for homeless students. That kind of money could provide tens of thousands of apartments and homes; even more if public lands were provided.


You make a gigantic needle and sell it to a tailor, chumps. Then, wools.

“Modern bastard in the Middle East”.


@27: what the fuck are you talking about? who, precisely, is supposed to be protesting what?

@28: all those homes and apartments you're saying are vacant are filled with people until the day the new owners and tenants move in. we're in a boom market, no? buy an apartment near the U and do what, kick all the current residents out to make room for the unhoused? if Ms. Ex-Bezos wants to combat homelessness (an assumption), she'd be better advised to fund non-profits like SCIPDA, InterIm, CHH, MBH, Plymouth, etc. they've got projects on the boards and would do as many more as they have capacity and funding for.


It doesn't say MacKenzie is planning a one time donation and to hoard the rest. Perhaps it will be the start of a series of trusts and foundations to help others. I hope it inspires her ex to do the same.


Purposely driving the wrong way on roads to get away from law enforcement should be charged the same as attempted murder or murder. Maybe that will get people to think before doing it.


"who, precisely, is supposed to be protesting what?"

Let me guess, you're one of the "All Lives Matter" types?

@28. Let's just put all those fine folks living under I5 in apartment buildings. Problem solved.


@31- there are thousands of unoccupied homes in the region, boom market or no. There are 5 single family homes sitting vacant within a 2 block radius of my house- and that is a normal middle class neighborhood.


@30- makes more sense than deciding how human someone is based on race, religion or sexual orientation.


Good for you, MacKenzie. And give it as you will. Many who criticize and carp would be the first to keep every cent were they rich.


@30 Nope. I'm all for helping them with all the effort and resources we can muster. Just because they're too stupid or mean to recognize the folly of voting for DIY disaster relief, doesn't mean they deserve to be deserted. But there's a lot fewer and lower quality resources available to them and they're paying the price for their own stupidity/meanness. I hope they learn something. But I'm pretty damn sure they won't. And I'm also sure they wouldn't offer the same to the rest of the world when the situation is reversed.Thoughts and prayers, though. They've got as much of that as we can hold in both hands.


@30: Uh, no, I simply asked a question.


@24 & 31 So get off this complaint about vacant dwellings; you're just using it as a red herring anyway. To get started clusters of conex style housing can be set up in 30 days easy. I'm not speaking of shipping containers but containers built to be personal housing in the first place; nicely equipped with comfortable furnishings. Who wouldn't want that as opposed to some ratty camper or tent under a freeway. Small developments could be placed all around the county close to transit centers and such. In the mean tiime more conventional style apartments and even single family structures could be built. Remember, we are talking about a tremendous amount of money; please, no more silly and disingenuous red herrings. They always say, "housing first", this could be a perfect opportunity. The homeless get off the street and into warm, dry, comfortable surroundings, a perfect way to morph into a happier and productive life.


Ilhan Omar, an open anti-semite, is in Bellevue? Well, I am not surprised there are protests. The left, of course, loves her because they hate Jews as much as she does. Kind of like Nazis, eh? And the right is protesting her and her anti-Semitism. Kind of NOT like Nazis, eh? Lol.


@43: Have a teacher or some other literate adult explain what "anti-semite" means, because clearly you have no idea.


LOVED the clip from "Jungle Book"! The voices were provided by Louis Prima (the ape) and Phil Harris (the bear) -- two marvelous old entertainment pros, with a delightfully refined craziness that doesn't seem to be made anymore.

If you enjoyed that clip, definitely check out some of their recordings and/or YouTube shorts, especially those of Louie "The Wildest" Prima.

Louis's recording of the medley "Just a Gigalo" and "I Ain't Got Nobody" (with arrangement by longtime Prima sideman Sam Butera) was totally copped -- note-for-note and phrase-for-phrase -- by David Lee Roth for his 1985 hit version.


@34, no, i'm a black lives matter type. you're a "can't answer a simple question" type.


@46 I’m not so sure black lives matter in Seattle. 3 black kids including a baby gunned down in parks in Seattle and not a single protest. Your silence speaks volumes.


@14 - Let's see that "objective science." Oh wait, you don't have any, because pretty much every climate scientist in the world agrees that the climate is changing due to our CO2 emissions. But let's not do anything that would upset the oil companies. Given this and your other recent posts, I'd suspect that you are trolling for Trump. Except that you can't be, because as much as I hate to admit it, you spell most of your words right.

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