How serendipitous! Tell young minds not to do something and they'll be more likely to do it - or more curious and actually make decisions for themselves. Go Ari!


“Losing steam” ? Based on what? The 2nd highest contributions for D2? He seems pretty good at creating more media attention for himself every time the Stranger tries to dance on his grave. Ooh a pun.


"Losing by 60 points in the general election?" Damn, that's a stretch. However, Ari would probably lose 60-40 in that district to Morales.


Hoffman deserves this distinction, his policies aren't just clueless they are barbaric, especially around homelessness, and every time he has been asked a question regarding how, if elected, he would handle racism and equity he centers himself every time and talks about how picked on he is.

Everytime someone criticizes him on his policy positions or personal statements, he calls them "anti Semitic" and claims he's being bullied. He just isn't fit for office.


@5 Oh lookie, a professional twitter activist and part of the problem.


@Brett Hamil's Funny bone, what are you talking about?


Good, they must feel threatened if they felt the need to do this. Maybe some internal polling shows strong numbers for Hoffman.

I don't particularly like most of Hoffman's platform but at least he won't actively make things worse. None of the other 8 councilmembers are going to join him on any conservative or pro-gun points, so his stances on those won't make a bit of difference; however, he, like Bruce Harrell who currently represents D2, could be the swing vote against a lot of terrible legislation that only narrowly failed last year, such as legalizing camping in parks, weakening the Nav Team, banning RV tows, etc.


@AceCH the fact he has no endorsements should tell you something.


@AlyciaRamirez: You're responding to a troll and his sock puppets


@9 what @10 said. Don't feed the trolls. The comment section here has been gamed/garbage for years now.


@11 Thanks for piling more garbage on the heap.


So Alicya, I'm sure you know about the story with Ari's Jewish cemeteries being overrun with vagrants and junkies who literally crap on grave sites and leave their needles and filth everywhere, engage in sex acts with prostitutes, vandalize cemetary grounds, and assault the employees. Ari begged the city for months to do something about it, and naturally, they've allowed it to continue. Getting fed up with this, by the way, is what prompted Ari to run for office.

So what would you suggest Ari do to deal with these problems at his cemetaries?


Having met Ari Hoffman, I found him very charming. However, I do not think he will win in District 2. I think it will either be Tammy Morales or Phyllis Porter. I just don't think his views are aligned in that district. He might do fine in District 7.



If he's looking to rally the Jewish vote around the cemetery issue, then districts 2, 3, or 4 are better choices than districts 6 or 7, and religion probably drives more votes in 2 than in 3 or 4. I don't think it's a particularly promising strategy, mind you, but I can at least see some sort of logic to it.

Plus, there's that residency requirement, and the guy lives in Seward Park, so good on him for running where he lives instead of district-shopping, I guess?




From what I can tell, # 5 is one of the only comments here that's a troll.

Almost all of the rest read exactly like what they accuse 5 of being- or at best, are in line with what Charles Mudede wrote on the topic last week.


You can shit, fuck and cook meth on my grave when I'm gone. I don't give a fuck.

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