Ill find out tonight.
I'll find out tonight. Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Corpse flower watch: It doesn't look like it's bloomed yet! Amazon's corpse flower, “Bellatrix," is expected to bloom this evening. Stranger's Nathalie Graham and I have made reservations to go check it out and see if it really smells like dead people. Corpse flowers, which are supposed to be very rare, are becoming trendy and popping up all over the country. They're blooming here and here and here and here and here and here...

Meet your new mail person: Meet Amazon "Prime Air." Today, the company unveiled its new Prime drone. It can fly up to 15 miles and deliver packages under five pounds in under 30 minutes, Gizmodo reports. In a press release, the company claimed the drones could start delivering in a few months. (I live in an apartment building, can I just leave a window open for Amazon?) Watch the drone in action below. As the video's watermark yells: ACTUAL AUTONOMOUS FLIGHT FOOTAGE | NOT SIMULATED!

Reiterating what Stranger philosopher-in-residence Charles Mudede said earlier today: "Amazon is not into drones for the sake of technological advancement, but because these robots promise to reduce the impact that eating, emotional, and hyper-political humans have on the profits recorded in its books."

In case you're interested: The master has released his Rocketman review.

What's 30% above a low "F"?: Still an "F"?

NO DEAL: US and Mexico have failed to make a deal on tariffs and immigration, reports CNBC. Talks will continue tomorrow. Trump tweeted from the U.K. that if no deal is made then the 5% tariffs, which will be on all Mexico imports, will kick in on Monday. Mexican Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard told reporters that tariffs weren't even discussed during today's negotiations. Instead, they focused exclusively on migration. Trump says the tariffs will kick up to 25% by October if Mexico doesn't stem the migration occurring at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Who's running for the Seattle School Board? The Seattle Times has the T. There are 12 people fighting for four open seats. They include a ghost writer, Ph.D. student, naval architect, education advocate, and more. You can get to know them here.

A Jeffrey Tambor-less Transparent finale has a trailer: The finale will be a musical featuring Judith Light at its center. Like most homosexuals, I love Judith Light. (Stranger's Christopher Frizzelle does NOT like Judith Light—and DID like Bohemian Rhapsody—but I guess we are allowed a diversity of opinions on this blog.) This is very weird but I think I will like it:

British monarchy attempts to convince petulant American president that science is real: He wasn't convinced. Prince Charles spent over an hour nobly attempting to make Donald Trump realize climate change was real. Trump was, predictably, not sold on it. He thinks it's just a "change in weather," reports the Guardian.

“Wow-wow-wow. So gorg! Yas, queen. Love”: That's a direct quote from Queer Eye's grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness who married two people at Seattle's Elysian Brewing last night. It looks like it was a very nice wedding, but Stranger's beer guy Lester Black told me to tell you that "Elysian Brewing is not a local brewery, it's one little pawn in Anheuser-Busch InBev's $232 billion empire of assets. DON'T BE A TOOL OF THE STOCK MARKET, DRINK LOCAL BEER." YEAH! (The caps were added by me.)

New policies and plans from the Democratic presidential candidates: Kirsten Gillibrand announced a plan for national marijuana legalization that would use recreational marijuana taxes to fund drug war reparations, Cory Booker released a housing proposal with a tax credit aimed at making renting more affordable, Beto says he would sign a new voting rights act, and Jay Inslee released a climate change plan that focuses on foreign policy. Which policies from Democratic presidential candidates are you most excited about?

Jay won't get his climate debate: 🎵 Let it burn, let it burn, we don't need homes anymo-o-ore 🎵

It's a good time to go hunt for shit at the beach: Extremely low tides are coming to the West Coast starting next week, reports the SeattlePI. There are three "minus tide periods" expected this summer.

A new poster for the upcoming Wonder Woman film: Wonder Woman 1984 is expected to come out in 2020.

Four climbers are stuck on Mount Rainier: They've been stuck for a few days. The climbers are stranded about 13,500 feet, below Liberty Cap, reports KIRO. On Monday, the communications center on Mt. Rainier received a report that the climbers were stranded after high winds blew away their climbing gear and equipment. A rescue wasn't possible because of high winds. Three more attempts to rescue the climbers on Tuesday were also thwarted because of the winds. Rangers are now attempting rescues through both air and ground operations.

Everyone can agree on something: Chernobyl is fucking incredible. (THE SHOW! NOT THE DISASTER!) Variety is reporting that Chernobyl is now the top-rated show on IMDb, the Internet Movie Database site owned by Amazon. The show has surpassed AMC's Breaking Bad, which held the top-rated title until today.

Enjoy your commute:

UPDATE: We made it into the Spheres. The flower did not smell like rotting flesh, more like wet socks. Now I smell wet socks everywhere. The people who work at the Spheres are delightful and gave complimentary stickers.

Even though Bellatrix looks like she hasn't bloomed, I was told by staff that she is at the end of her blooming phase. The whole experience made me wish we had a good downtown park.

Here's one that really showed off.