Rich, why didnt u ask Hoffman for his?


Because every time the Stranger prints Hoffman’s name, the candidate turns it into campaign cash.


Does this article have a point?


Excellent work, Rich. I hope this piece is widely circulated among voters. Herbold's answers about homelessness and taxes are a joy to read:


Thanks for publishing this Rich Smith. It was good to read the responses from the three candidates in District 6, my District.

I've supported Sergio Garcia from when I first heard he was running reading things like this reaffirm my commitment to seeing him elected to the Seattle City Council.

"I believe that we can dramatically improve the effectiveness of outreach and the services currently available by disallowing camping in public spaces such as parks, sidewalks and under bridges. This practice, which has been given the green light by our current Council represents a failure of leadership which has diminished the quality of life for all Seattle residents and placed the homeless community at even greater risk than they would otherwise be"

He made a lot of very good points and his responses show a thoughtful intelligent person who has the ability to look at complex issues dispassionately to craft a solution.

Vote Sergio Garcia for District 6!


Initially, I was all in for Garcia. Wills is putting actual hard work in and has realistic ideas. Sergio I think needs a little time. Heidi has got this.


"lack of leadership"

Like in LA. Sn Francisco, Portland, and other major West Coast cities where the cost of real estate skyrocketed? Such simplistic tripe wants us to believe that trampling people's human rights is demonstrating "leadership".


While Heidi would be a huge improvement over Mike O"Brien I fear she is too old school Seattle. The city mantra is "But we've always done it this way."
I think it is time for some new blood.

That being said if Sergio doesn't make it through the primaries and Heidi does she'd have my vote.

Kind of like the Democratic Primaries, I prefer Warren, but if Biden get's the nomination I'm all in for Biden.


In a contest between Heidi Wills and Sergio Garcia, I'll trust Sergio to say what he means. Heidi conveniently came out against completing the BGT when it's a done deal (thanks, Mike!). Her rather blase reaction to her visit to Hastings Street in Vancouver, strongly suggests that she'll be gung-ho for so-called "Safe Injection Sites" as soon as she's safely in office.

And, like Mike O'Brien, Heidi's a biggie in the local Sierra Club chapter. I wonder if she owns a plastic kayak.

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