@1 The skeleton key for unlocking Trumpian hermaneutics is simple: everything is always bullshit. How sure can we really be that anything out of the ordinary will happen at all? Maybe 2000 arrests is just another weekend for ICE - does any of us actually know? I sure don't.


"So, if you're an immigrant who might be targeted by ICE...."

Considering that readers of The Stranger "...are affluent urbanites in their 20s and 30s with impressive disposable incomes and an appetite for everything the city has to offer." in addition to "...the most active consumers in the fastest growing city in America."

Highly found at link below:


@6. Once again, the left doesn't know what the difference between LEGAL immigrant and an ILLEGAL immigrant is. Lol. Fascinating!


We're always reminded how the U.S. is a cishet, white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy. Why are we now upset that immigrants are now leaving this horrible place?


Gonna wrap myself in the Canadian flag, hide in the wine cellar and hope for the best!


Announcing the raids in advance is a perfectly good strategy. The idea is to scare the shit out of the immigrant communities (legal and illegal) and give the Republican base something to cheer about. Rinse and repeat.


@1 - You are correct but the reason they announce these raids in advance is mostly to please Trump's reptilian brained base, namely @4 and @7, with secondary goals of scaring and intimidating illegal immigrants. Well said @10.

Trump's botched immigration just like he botches everything he touches, so hopefully it won't take the democrats quite as long to fix that as it took to fix the economy the last time republicans destroyed it.


@12 as a progressive, this is one of the huge disappointments of the Democratic Party. There has been plenty of time to fix, or at least improve immigration laws, but no real lasting progress has been made in decades. That doesn't mean The President and his followers haven't mucked it up more, but it does mean this isn't just a conservative problem, and unfortunately means that just getting rid of a conservative racist president will not be a solution to the problem (though it's a good start and a worthy goal!).

And for people whoi like to emphasize about how this is just for illegal immigrants, you obviously have no idea how massively disfunctional our legal imegration system is, or you assume others don't and figure this is your one chance to be racist in public without getting immediately and directly called on it. Our system is such a disaster that MIT professors go to other countries because they aren't sure they can continue to live in the US with their families. That's not including post docs, grad students, undergrad students, or even retired professors who all have potentially even worse circumstances where they might get picked up the very next day after their work or student visa ends and thrown out. These aren't people taking our jobs (that job is already in Mexico, or close to being done by a robot), they are innovators creating American jobs and we thank them by persecuting their families and making them fear for their livelyhood and lives.

Let's also not pretend we think ICE doesn't operate in a blatantly racist manner or that they have substantive limits on their corruption. See, they aren't dealing with citizens mostly so they aren't held to the same standards of accountability as police and we all know those standards have been pretty well shown to be insufficient in a lot of the country anyway. And if you are shocked and appalled by this statement, then please, let us know in the comments so we can ask what it was like giving yourself a cranial rectal inversion.


@13: Well considered contribution. For anyone who is so extreme they have lost their way: Illegal immigration is a slap in the face to the many many people who legally immigrate to the United States. The legal immigration process can be both time consuming and/or expensive. It is messed up and needs to be corrected as 13 points out but it is indeed, legal even if unethical. To ignore that illegal immigration is unacceptable is simply unjust and shows blatant disregard for the legal process. I would be unsurprised if anyone supporting illegal immigration were also in favor of current inaction on repeat offenders decaying downtown Seattle. As a citizen it is neither in your best interest to circumvent the law nor that others do so as lawlessness degrades society as evidenced in the Emerald City. However, it is your responsibility to elect lawmakers that accurately reflect the laws you want in place to more appropriately convey what you believe to be the right direction for your community, your state, and your nation. If you think we should have porous borders and anyone should be able to enter the United States and live here, then you should lobby for laws that open the borders. If, however, you want regulated borders just not regulated with the friends you have come to know and love, well, then your position is steeped in bias and discrimination not too far off from this administration. It is mostly fact that the concept of legal immigration didn't occur until the early part of the 20th century as the arrivals became less and less like citizens in appearance, religion, culture, and language and more and more diverse. However, I highly doubt any citizen would like to see mass free flowing immigration into the U.S. of both skilled (unregulated inflow of skilled talent who will do your job for less initially) and unskilled labor (largely beneficial to all but the least sophisticated and most unskilled in our society ultimately depressing their wage potential), political and religious spies and terrorists, crime affiliated group members, and those who would rapidly and perhaps irreversibly change the fabric of society and even the concept of a democratic republic. If you would agree with this assertion, then please get off your high horse about ICE raids regarding illegal immigrants and focus your ire on the politicization of this toward both parties and the culture present within ICE which seems to be a pathological bitterness and the dehumanization of others rather than a rational and lawful enforcement of immigration law. There is no reason that a generation of Americans, culturally, live in limbo on their status here, and there is no reason to support continued mass illegal migration here. Our political figures should have fixed this decades ago. We should demand or find new leaders who will give us a real solution and we should be supporting a federal policy change that improves our neighbors in the Americas and makes the Monroe Doctrine proud by uplifting and supporting those nations that share our vast and connected land masses so that those government officials too can provide a stable, safe, and desirable place to live among family and friends without fear from the chaos desired by weapons manufacturers, exploitative corporate and business interests, political enemies, and the degradation of their natural environments due to these forces and general pollution.


ICE is looking to remove people who have been all the way through the legal system and have been ORDERED TO LEAVE. But they have not. What exactly do you suggest? We let people stay regardless of legal findings?


@16- yes. To do otherwise would be racist.


If neither party has a willingness to come to a compromising solution, nothing will continue to get done. If one side is willing to compromise but the other side isn't, nothing will get done, or something will get done but the side unwilling to compromise is going to be angry, like a child. Right now, all you Trump haters see is your hate or dislike for Trump. Tell us, what have the Liberals, Progressives, Socialists and Democrats attempted to REALLY compromise on? They sold out the DACA recipients because "NO BORDER WALL MONEY!!" Doesnt anyone in the Democrat party even KNOW how to negotiate with a grown child who ALWAYS gets what he wants? What if they had said to the Donald...."ok, ok, we'll give you 5 billion, but you have to let the DACA kids become citizens."??? We don't know, because they never even tried.... say all you want, but your beloved Democrats have let immigrants down by not knowing how to cut a deal with a deal making President. Get something, or get nothing.


How to prepare for an ICE raid:

1If you’re illegal then read #2.

2 Pack your bags because you’re going home.

3 Reenter the U.S.A. Legally.


It's good to remember that the US was never founded with an official language. Some have tried to make English official, but it's such a difficult fit. They always failed.

The country was founded with open borders. No immigration rules. No border patrol stopping people from coming and going. Who fights and dies in a revolution just to make a place that pens people in, or out? Do you dream of being penned in? Who would want that? Do you dream of being the guy who pens others in? Awful.

We had no immigration rules for a century. First limit on migrants was in 1875, a nasty piece of racist shit aimed at the Chinese. Then bit by bit, more racist immigration laws followed, targeting other Asian countries, Latinos. Non-whites. It's a bizarre, un-American spasm. Nothing in the basic foundation of the country justifies such nastiness.

We finally passed so many racist anti-immigrant laws that we needed a Border Patrol to swing clubs at people. Though we had no ICE at all until practically yesterday. We survived more than two centuries without ICE. Somehow.

It seems an awful lot like just letting people waltz across the border any time they pleased is what built this great nation. The constant court battles around immigration laws, and the incredibly painful, difficult, politically untenable process of "immigration reform" is more evidence that border control is a poor fit for the USA. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights don't really leave an obvious place to put in laws that say, "Oh, YOU can't live here. YOU aren't the right kind. YOU have to prove you're worthy." Nothing in "All men are created equal" really calls out for such rules.

None of these sad little creeps hiding under their beds in fear of Mexicans had to prove they deserve to be Americans. It was handed to them for nothing. That's how it should be. It was always made to work that way. Want to be an American? Boom! You're an American. Go be great. Then cowards took over and forgot who we are.

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