Declawing is not "basically amputation"; it is literally amputation of the last joint of each digit of a cat's equivalent to human fingers. And the cat must spend the rest of its life painfully walking on the remaining stumps.

Good for New York but it's also sickening that it's 2019 and this is the first statewide ban.


How did this one slip by you?

"Amanda Knox asks for help paying for her 'out of this world' wedding."

Donate to a murderess whose family used a PR team to kangaroo her out of Italian jail!


whoops, should have just copy-pasted, that was "basically like amputation"


$120 to park and ride? I'd pay almost that much parking at work...



I would chalk up her acquittal far more to the general incompetence and mendacity of the investigators and prosecutors in Perugia, where she and her former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito were originally tried. Plus, you know, that pesky complete and utter lack of physical evidence connecting either of them to the murder. But, if that's what you consider "kangaroo(ing) her out of Italian jail", well, I guess the highest court in Italy would beg to differ.


@3: you either think that's funny, or you're a fucking idiot. either way, a pretty reprehensible post.


@7 Eat a turd, churchy.


@8:; Why would you want someone to eat you?


How was a drone camera just casually flying above a freeway when lo and behold a truck flips right in front of it? Coincidence?


@8: you had 2 options; you picked the latter. che sorpresa.


12 - Sorry! I meant - eat a BAG of turds.
10 - ∟


Poor, poor Zapotec - pwned so hard he can only resort to third-grade level recess taunts.

Poor, poor, poor Zapotec...


Take money from poor, rinse it through a bunch of bureaucrats, give what’s left back to the poor in the form of patronizing lectures about the joys of kale.

Net effect on dietary habits of the poor?



Also, fuck durkan for stealing from education funds.



Are you really so pro-gun that you are willing to defend indefensible behavior?
Even Wayne LaPierre would say you're a lunatic.


Not to worry -- Shit we White folk like to do
-- we're gonna feed the Poors*
(after trumpfy gets "re-elected")
Soylent Greene.

And they can fucking Like
it or they can fucking Leave it.

*those "so-called" Human Beings
who are 'just barely' worth their Up-keep.


You flipped it over -- Well done, Lads!

Just a note to the 'First' Responder, who fully blocked the lane with his pickup (well done!) -- if you turn your wheels a little to the right, a rear-ender is unlikely to push your truck into the chaos.



"Turns out being able to carry a handgun spikes up crime in states: By the tenth year of these laws, violent crime was up between 13 and 15 percent."
"Shall-issue laws permitting the carrying of concealed firearms (CCW) (where law enforcement has no discretion in issuing a permit or license) do not appear to reduce crime, and no credible statistical evidence exists that such permissive CCW laws reduce crime.

In fact, the best available evidence suggests that permissive CCW laws may correlate with statistically meaningful increases in violent crime. An extensive statistical analysis by Stanford researcher John Donohue found that permissive shall issue CCW laws were linked to significant increases in rates of aggravated assault."
The claim that gun ownership stops crime is common in the U.S., and that belief drives laws that make it easy to own and keep firearms.
But about 30 careful studies show more guns are linked to more crimes: murders, rapes, and others. Far less research shows that guns help.
Interviews with people in heavily gun-owning towns show they are not as wedded to the crime defense idea as the gun lobby claims."

Maybe you should try reading news sources that weren't founded by conservative cult leaders like Moon.






Exactly. The "facts" that you have presented have no merit.
The facts do not support your point.



For the gun lovers, the widespread availability of guns leading to more crime is a feature, not a bug. They need lots of gun crime to justify their own misconceptions. A snake eating its tail.


Why in the FUCK is it "justifiable" that people are upset about paying for park and rides? Get to the fucking transit hub the same way I do - by walking half a mile to the nearest bus line! I'm not paying for massive parking structures at the North and South ends of the city that lead to all the suburbians crowding my train to the point I can't get on in commute hours. STOP SUBSIDIZING CARS!


Cause and Effect, Jackass.
Increasing crime rates motivate more law abiding citizens to want to CC.
You could figure it out yourself if your rectal spincters weren't cutting off the blood supply to your pea sized brain.

Get help. And a clue.



So, you admit - the increase in CCW's is NOT causing a reduction in crime, it is a reaction to a perceived (in complete opposition to all objective, empirical evidence) INCREASE in crime.


I suppose it depends on which park and ride you look at. A fair amount of development went into the one at Northgate so maybe some fee is justifiable. I use a park and ride that doubles as a church on weekend's so a fee doesn't seem quite as fair unless there's some upgrades. Regardless, it's yet another regressive tax to add to the pile.


@28 - Driving those 1-2 miles to the park and ride is critical when you have to pick up children from school immediately after work. Your point has merit for individuals with no child care responsibilities (man, those were the easy days), but it's completely un-reasonable for families with two working parents who have to commute.


@35 the increase in CCW data is over several years. The decline of gun murders is the year after the most gun murders in 50 years occurred. It's down a single digit percentage after a bad year prior. If you track the data along the same time frame other than 2018 gun deaths were rising along with CCW permits.

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