One does not throw shot put. One puts the shot.

Remind me, what is it we do for Sweden?


@1 We produce Donald Duck cartoons for Sweden.


The Bigot in Chief who told an African American
Congresswoman to get out of our country, and who constantly encouraged his white supremacist cabal to target minorities, tweeting that Sweden is letting African American community down in the U.S., is like Hitler accusing Churchill of murdering Jews and Roma people! Trump is the biggest hypocrite in the world.


Chase, no one thought the head tax would be terrrrrible for big business; the argument was that those companies ultimately wouldn’t pay a penny because they’d just raise their prices and pass it off on consumers — in particular, high-revenue, low-margin businesses like grocery stores would raise prices, so it would basically be another regressive tax. I think the council’s biggest mistake was classifying businesses by revenue, not profits.


@4 the constant bleating about how corporations can't and won't pay taxes because it will hurt the little people is SUCH FUCKING BULLSHIT. Amazon lost their $3 Billion in tax breaks when the deal they wanted in Queens ended. Guess what. They're still going to NYC. They're moving into space in Manhattan, they aren't getting squat in tax breaks and life at Amazon will go on, especially under this administration as AWS makes bank helping ICE with their facial recognition software and cloud services. If every state in this country flat out refused to bend over and take it up the ass by corporations, the working poor in this country just might be able to live above survival levels without assistance and the government would have enough revenue to function properly and have do debt. Corporations constantly threatening to destroy the people they rely on to provide labor and to buy their products if they don't get their way is as old and tired as toxic corporate culture is. One would think that bullshit would have been put to bed long ago. ENOUGH.


*no debt


@4 the notion that business attempting to pass on cost to consumers makes a tax regressive is malarkey. According to such logic, all business taxes are regressive.


@7: It's malarkey only to the extent a business's willingness to absorb the cut into profits without passing along the increase to consumers.


@5 -- Thank you.

Also: "Election security is, apparently, partisan."

Or, in the mumbled words of McMitch KkKonnell,
"If'n it ain't Busted, why (on Earth) would we "fix" it?"

Or, in other words, If the Fix is In,
We're just gonna let the motherfucker Ride.

So Sorry, Democracy.


@8 that still doesn’t make the tax regressive


"Eyman’s theft charge will be dismissed if Eyman doesn’t commit any crimes and stays away from the store for nine months, according to a court filing Thursday."

Well then, let us hope no Tim Eyeman doubles start loitering around Lacey O.D., 'surreptitiously' eyeing the Wheeled Chairs Dept.

and hope too that Timmy can avoid any (more?) high crimes and/or Misdemeanors for such a long, long time.

Mind them cameras, Tim!


@10: Perhaps, but still a burden for lower incomes if that product or service is essential.


@8 Surely, your perceptive of the business world can't be as naive as you make it to be. Businesses already maximize profit and their ability to pass additional cost to consumers is limited. If you worked for Bezos and he found out that you were not charging what the market can bear for his product, he'd fire you.


@14 perspective


@10 The head tax was regressive because it charged the employer $500 per employee regardless of salary.

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