Hahahhahah, this election cycle is hell.
Hahahhahah, this election cycle is hell. King County Elections

According to today's snapshot of ballot returns in King County, 66,666 Seattleites have already voted in the 2019 primary elections.

That hell number represents only 14% of the city's voting population. In 2015, the last time we had this many seats up for grabs on the city council, only 25% of registered voters actually cast a ballot. Depressing, but understandable in some cases.

In King County, over 164,600 have voted so far. That’s 12.5% of registered, active voters. At this point in the 2015 primaries, 130,150 people had already voted, which represented 11% of registered voters. So it looks like people are a little more engaged this time around.

I hadn't seen this before this year, but King County Elections now has a cool little ballot box counter that shows the "highest performing boxes." Lol. Right now, the Ballard Branch Library has the hottest box in town with 1,400 returns, which accounts for 4.6% of returns via boxes. (Presumably the other half are just being mailed in.)

Don't let Ballard have the most say, other neighborhoods!!! If you haven't already, read the SECB's endorsements or review the cheat sheet, vote the way we tell you to, and stuff your nearest box!!!! Tuesday is the last day!!!! If you're not yet registered, Nathalie's got you covered.