15th poll in a row shows Sanders trouncing Trump in 2020.

It's called scientific polling for good reasons, folks. Conservative Democrats will have to find some other talking point than electability to deny that Sanders can win this thing by a wide margin.


That poor last Boobie, late for the party. Was probably checking their phone and missed the signal.


“If you’re surprised Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide, imagine how surprised he was.”


Yeah, sure. Epstein “committed suicide” in a monitored jail cell, after double-knotting his own hands behind his back and then hoisting himself high enough to hang, no doubt.

The worst part is that we’ll never know if he’s really dead. All of the people involved are well-documented compulsive liars, so we know that whatever pathetic cover story comes out will be the opposite of the truth. I mean, Bill Barr’s father hired Epstein originally decades ago, and now he’s somehow offed himself in a federal prison overseen by (checks notes) Bill Barr! Uh huh.

And riiiiiiight before a flood of evidence that’s about to mysteriously vanish that would’ve directly implicated many of the most powerful men in our society in an international child sex trafficking ring.

Time to check the conga line at the Bu$h family compound in Paraguay to see if Epstein’s partying with Ken Lay and Osama bin Laden.


That sure is a lot of wet boobies.


"Simone Biles keeps getting better"

She is showing the way to parity as her skills are equivalent to the best male gymnasts'. It's just a matter of time before misogynists have no ground left to keep dismissing female athletic performance.


22 is 95 in gymnast years.


thx for that Simone Biles hit - incredible.
She gets my vote as the premier athlete in the world right now.


One of my past jobs many years ago, I worked in a jail. Epstein's death is probably exactly what it looks like. In a perfect world, something like that couldn't happen, but in the real world, absolutely. Think about the people who work there. They're pay is low, the overnight shift is the worst shift to be on, so the lowest man on the totem pole gets stuck with the job.The prisoners are all asleep and locked in their cells. The likelihood of anything happening is almost zero. It's boring as fuck. Trying to stay alert is nearly impossible. Half the time, the guards are nodding off at their desk when they're supposed to be watching monitors.

Under those conditions, it would be very easy for a determined prisoner to commit suicide. Yes, Epstein was on a suicide watch a couple weeks ago, but those usually only last a few days. It is very labor intensive (read: expensive) to maintain that kind of vigilance long term 24/7. Usually a psychologist meets with them a few times and releases them off suicide watch within 3 days.

I know that his death is prime fodder for conspiracy theories, but really he was just a wealthy privileged (alleged) child rapist that faced very public disgrace and the remainder of his life in prison. It should be little surprise he was suicidal. Given the reality in American prisons, it should be little surprise that he succeeded.


@ 11,

Tr666p is fingering the Clintons, so he’s obviously involved, since every Twitted accusation is always something he himself is actually guilty of, right outta the Nazi playbook.

And you’re assuming Epstein’s actually dead, and it’s not a decoy body.

Why would we know that he’s dead? Because we read it online?

They better produce a corpse and a DNA analysis or GTFO.

Lemme guess, autopsy performed by a naval doctor, followed by a quickie cremation. Yep, nothing suspicious at all.


Great comments, Original.

From the article: "The jail is blaming a breach in the protocol that involved checking on Epstein every 30 minutes as a result of short-staffing problems."

So, under whose Watch did (excruciatingly-lightly) convicted* Child Trafficer/Rapist Jeffery Epstein expire?

Why, that'd be under the short-staffer United States Attorney General Willaim Barr's "watch."
So, "who Profits"? As per usual, Follow the fucking Money, honey.

The Investment Funds Epstein was running were greatly enhanced by Epstein's most likely possession of incriminating video of the One Percenters Klub having their way with underage girls. Heckova Business Plan, Jeffery. All's you needed was an Exit Plan.

Looks like the Billionaires had one for you, all their own...

*trumpfy hired the 'prosecutor' who gave Epstein the tap on the wrist (instead of a Lifetime in the Slammer); was this trumpfy's quid pro quo, for a job poorly done? Likely.

Will we ever know?

Not with short-staffer United States Attorney / trumpfy
Personal Attorney General Willaim Barr in charge.
Thanks, Republicans! MORE Tax Cuts?!!!!


@12 You really, really need to get off of Twitter.


@ 15,

I’ve never used Twitter. Never had a FB account either and never will. Unfortunately, all of the news orgs are addicted to it and post all of the Twits, so even refusing to use that shit can’t protect you from the hatred and psychological warfare that social media enables.


But never fear: Pussolini’s DOJ & FBI—better known as the Department of Helping Rich White Men Get Away With It—are on the case.

I’m praying to the FSM that Epstein had a dead man’s switch that would leak all of his decades of sleazy blackmail material online in the event of his untimely death. It’s the only way we’ll ever learn the truth.


Remember: a summer cold is a different animal.


Data point: There has NOT been a successful suicide attempt at the MCC for 21 years.

What an amazing coincidence the the first successful "suicide" just happened to be somebody who threatened the livelihoods of a couple dozen billionaires and powerful men including the president up for re-election. I mean, what an amazing coincidence.


@ 19,

It’s like in Russia when someone who has detailed knowledge of the Putin regime’s crimes suddenly decides to throw themselves off the top of a building, or becomes incapacitated due to previously undiagnosed “allergies,” or hops into a leather S&M suit, zips themselves up in a human-sized duffle bag, then proceeds to sex themselves to death.

Yep, totally coincidences. The Tr666p regime was in no way involved with the deaths that are about to occur next week.


@11 There's really no talking people out of their conspiracy fantasies but I agree. I cannot prove he committed suicide but it is by far the simplest answer, considering who he was and the future he faced.

@19 I can't explain why others have not succeed in taking their lives in this Federal holding cell, perhaps the nature of the charges that puts men there vs their local counterparts (we would have to know the number of suicide attempts to get to the bottom of that), but suicide is the leading cause of death in jails, which have an dramatically higher suicide rate than prisons.
If you're curious:



It was way past time to end the farce of 'separate but (un)equal' in sports;
to abolish the female ghettoes.
Do away with gender specific teams and let everyone compete together.
Women soccer players should get to showcase their talent in the premier leagues across the globe.'
WNBA players should get bro play on and draw the salary of NBA teams.
Are you with us?


@12: He's dead. There was an autopsy. But yeah, carry on - it delightfully embellishes the conspiracy theory for silly minds to ponder on.


@16 You really, really need to add a social media blocklist to your adblocker.


“The program takes inspiration by one run in San Francisco...”

Where there is poop on the streets. Human feces can be found on so many sidewalks in San Francisco there’s an app to navigate around it. Poop in the alley. Poop in the tenderloin. Poop on Mission St. Poop between parked cars. Poop in the escalator. Gavin Newsom did a poopy job. Seattle needs a better role model than San Francisco


@OrignialAndrew: A séance might be more efficient (@17). Count me in!


@OriginalAndrew: I concur with your essential skepticism about a) reports of what actually happened and b) whether a genuinely honest, thorough investigation will occur. Who will be brave enough, un-bought enough to follow all the leads through the murky bogs and hazy corruptions? Who will thoroughly investigate, say, Epstein's purported Trump, Clinton, mob, and Mossad connections or how he resumed his criminal behavior not long after his arrest and conviction? A New York Times reporter today published an article about how Epstein recently told him he had serious dirt on many powerful people. Okay: who were they? Can the FBI be trusted to pursue this line of inquiry? Can anyone be? If so, give that insanely brave, principled investigator(s) a Nobel Prize for Courage. Until then, know that many of us mistrust unverified reports about Epstein, and that we long to trust a thorough investigation. Will such an investigation happen? I hope so--and let it be no holds barred.


@26 I'm guessing they're talking about the ones I used to see in Union Square, which is relatively poop free which isn't really hard to accomplish. As for the rest of the city, you are correct that we suffer from the same issues as Seattle regarding both affordability and political climate.


"Ballard Commons Park sweeps homeless, adds concierge service: The homeless camping in the park were removed this weekend. Now that their belongings have been trashed... "

Oh, goody. Poeple with slightly less than nothing deserve to have their clothing, food, keep-sakes, meds ad infinitium stripped away and taken to The Dump. Why not do this at nite, and maybe you can scoop them up, too?


Pocket nukes, Ken?
No fuss
no muss
no mas.


"police clearing unauthorized encampments
made liberal use of the sjambok"

Wouldn't that be neoliberal use?



I'm a big proponent of rousting the camps at night when the derelicts are asleep. It would give police a chance to confirm their identities and run them for outstanding warrants. Also, since camping in the park is illegal, it would allow searches which would reveal contraband in the form of illegal drugs and stolen property.

No need to offer shelter when the "campers" are thieves and dealers and you just arrest them and haul their asses to jail.

Extradite the bail jumpers, deadbeat dads, and criminal suspects? Arrest the local dealers and thieves?

Win win!


@34 Confirm their identities against what, exactly? The PD's comprehensive photo archive of known lizard-men?

Look, the problem with the reptilians is their camouflage that makes them appear human to the weak-minded. The only way around this for now is to neuter, spay, and chip them before release.

Of course, a culling program will be more effective, once the general public has been trained to see through their natural disguises and recognize reptilians for what they are, but that will require a massive educational effort.

Do your part: let your neighbors know, expose the reptilians today!


@30: If you read carefully, you’ll see the claim about trashing the campers’ belongings originated here at The Stranger, with zero evidence to support it.

@35: “Confirm their identities against what, exactly?”

Against any “outstanding warrants,” just as @34 clearly wrote. (Do you have a problem with police arresting persons who have warrants for said arrests?)


@36 -- "If you read carefully, you’ll see the claim about trashing the campers’ belongings originated here at The Stranger, with zero evidence to support it."

You mean, if I read the article referenced, even hapazardly, I might have:

"City crews cleared away their belongings Sunday morning after giving homeless campers advanced notice. The Seattle police navigation team tries to help campers find a better place to live."

Let's hope they got adequate notice, given their 'living' conditions.

Sadly, I relied on The Stranger for Accurate Journalism.
My bad.

Thanks for the head's up.

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