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First up, the most important news: Are you scared? I'm scared.

Now the real big news of the day: The global stock market crashes! Today was the second-worst drop of 2019, reports the New York Times. On Wall Street, the S&P 500 dropped 2.93%. Retail shares were down, as well as many technology companies, which the NYT analyzed as sensitivity toward oncoming trade wars. It appears the US/China trade war has been particularly hard on Germany, the largest economy in the eurozone. That country looks like it may be headed toward a recession. So...... when do we get to stop paying our student loans?

It's getting worse: The Dow ended up falling 800 points today. But it's all fine, apparently: "Even though we're discouraged by the yield curve's shape right now, we see few signs of danger ahead," said a chief investment strategist in a blog post.

"Steve King questions if there would be any population left if not for rape and incest": That's a real headline. Not The Onion. You elected him, Iowa! Come get your man!

The backlash has been swift: Also, please stop @'ing Steven King!

How much should corporations be able to spend to influence local elections?: $5,000? More than $5,000? Unlimited spending? Seattle City Council Member Lorena Gonzalez sent an ordinance to the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission that would limit the fundraising ability of PACS to $5,000 per person or corporation, reports The Stranger's Lester Black. It wouldn't kick in until 2020 at the earliest, but good move, Gonzalez!

Multiple police officers shot in Philadelphia: It appears around six police officers have been shot during an "active firefight." Police have asked news helicopters to stay away from the area. Little information was available as of this afternoon, but the situation remains "active and ongoing." CNN has live updates here.

Nancy Pelosi brings back the "Moscow Mitch" nickname: During a Democratic event in Illinois, Pelosi said, "We sent our [gun safety] legislation to the Senate. Moscow Mitch says that he is the ‘grim reaper.’ Imagine describing yourself as the ‘grim reaper,’ that he’s going to bury all this legislation.” McConnell(who is a Pisces) doesn't like the nickname and has called it "modern-day McCarthyism." Republicans love projecting.

Bobby Ferg, defender of justice: Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson is co-leading a new lawsuit against the federal government's new rule which targets poor legal immigrants and prevents access to green cards. Along with 12 other states, Ferguson and Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring announced the lawsuit this morning. It's the first to be filed by states after the rule was announced on Monday, reports the Seattle Times.

Amazon is opening up a new brick-and-mortar shop in Seattle: It's not a grocery store (though they're opening up those, too)! The "4-star" shop will stock "highly rated items and local favorites," reports GeekWire. The Seattle shop, which opens tomorrow morning, will be the fourth 4-star shop to open but the first to open in Seattle.

Who did your neighbors vote for in this past Seattle primary election?: Daniel Beekman at the Times broke it down. A big takeaway: Seattle Times-endorsed candidates are real popular on the waterfront! Stranger-endorsed candidates are popular in the city core! Where do you live? Write your address in the comments. (JK.)

Finally, some good orca news: Researchers have discovered that both of the babies in the southern resident killer whale pods are still alive, reports Seattle Times. Researchers were worried that they may be dead after three pods went missing earlier this month. Both of the babies were photographed and appear to be doing well. One the babies, J56, has been confirmed female.

Greta Thornberg isn't flying anymore: Because it's bad for the environment.

Take THAT, Greta!:

Speaking of young climate activists: Council Member Kshama Sawant is coming to the defense of a 13-year-old "middle school student and climate justice activist" who was arrested during a "peaceful demonstration" outside city hall last Friday. She'll be holding a rally for young climate activists outside Seattle City Hall Plaza this Friday at 1 p.m. Read Sawant's full letter to Seattle Police Chief Best and ML King County Prosecutor Satterberg here.

We'll end the night with some nightmare fodder: This was posted in one of our Slack channels today. It's a cursed image and now I must pass it on.

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