"Candidate Survivor" is stupid. If you need a Vaudeville act to get you interested in politics you are not interested politics. You are interested in Vaudeville. And the youth wonder why they are not taken seriously when it comes to issues? Perhaps it is because they expect to be entertained and given a gold star for paying attention. There I said it.


Candidate Survivor is great if we want to elect reality show folks to public office. Sawant should do great, since she is the Trump of the Left.


@3, that's a very Trumpist statement, which is ironic since you mention reality show candidates.


One thing to notice is that areas of the city dominated by renters preferred progressive candidates, while home-owner areas leaned toward more conservative, pro-big-business candidates.

If buying a home turns people into conservatives, its a good thing most Stranger readers can't afford one then - right? Reading this paper since its inception, its been pretty consistent in it's view that conservatives are a blot on humanity. Thus the high price of real estate keeps this area liberal. Affordable real estate = conservative/Republicans.


“Gender editor” isn’t any less threatening than “Stranger Election Control Board.” See, other alt papers get to come up with this cutesy stuff too.


Could be worse. Could be like Elections Canada which has declared all social media and news discussion of Climate Change to be anti-CPC donations, because snowflakes in Alberta and the Prairies can't handle the truth.

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