I hear youre the land of Bernie Bros.
"I hear you're the land of Bernie Bros." DREW ANGERER / GETTY IMAGES

Get under that table: The U.S. Geological Survey is giving $10.4 million to the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network (PNSN) for the next two years. This will allow PNSN to add 105 more seismic stations and greatly increase funding for the ShakeAlert system, which is still being developed. The system provides people with a warning seconds before an earthquake hits, allowing them to get under strong structures, jump out that elevator they're riding, and pray they get into heaven.

We're still expanding brick-and-mortar retail stores, apparently: Good luck!!!

America's "coolest parking garage" celebrates its award today with…: Tragedy. As Nathalie said in Slog AM, Seattle's "Sinking Ship" parking garage won the award of "coolest" parking structure in America. The structure celebrated being "cool" by playing a part in this dramatic scene today:

Five people were injured in the crash: Four of them were taken to Harborview Medical Center, with one of the people in serious condition. The Seattle Times is reporting that an "out-of-control dump truck" hit a pedestrian and other vehicles before finally smashing into a Subway. The pictures are wild. The dump truck was a part of Barrett Services Inc. and the driver only suffered minor injuries.

Side-tangent about this "Sinking Ship" parking garage: I walked past this "Sinking Ship" parking garage the other day with some friends and emphatically yelled "THAT'S OUR AWARD-WINNING PARKING GARAGE" and they couldn't care less. I was sort of irritated because it is cool looking, but then I was ashamed because the only reason I care about this goddamn parking garage is because it keeps winning stupid awards.

Planned Parenthood was forced to withdraw from Title X program: That means it just got harder to get birth control in America. As the New York Times's Editorial Board wrote this morning: "The nearly 50-year-old Title X program is an unsung hero of American public health. In 2017, Title X clinics served more than four million women, 42 percent of them uninsured." It's a bleak day for reproductive health and rights.

Billie Eilish has kicked Lil Nas X off the charts: The rein of "Old Town Road" (that's a horse pun because Old Town Road is about horses—DEFINITELY NOT BUTT SEX!!!) is officially over. Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy" has risen to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. "Old Town Road" stayed in the No. 1 spot for an unprecedented 19 weeks in a row.

Will Inslee make it to the next round of debates?: Our governor needs to break through in at least four more polls at 2% or more in order to make it on stage. He hasn't done that yet.

The richest people in the world conclude that they maybe have to care about poor people: The "Business Roundtable," which sounds cute but is a group of the chief executives from America's largest corporations, issued a statement on "the purpose of a corporation" today. The statement declares that Business Roundtable is "modernizing its principles on the role of a corporation" by committing to deal "fairly and ethically with our suppliers," "support the communities in which we work," and, lastly and perhaps most importantly, generate "long-term value for shareholders." It includes signatures from Jeff Bezos and Tim Cook. Maybe Bezos can start by rewinding time and supporting the head tax.

RIP decapitated baby goat: Crosscut's new Central Washington reporter, Emily McCarty, published her first story today on the site and it's wild. "Welcome to Wapato, the town of 5,000 facing a citizen revolt" is the headline. It features an indignant mayor who won't resign, a decapitated baby goat, a mysterious credit card charges, a fired police chief, furious citizens, and fake Facebook accounts. Central Washington needs more reporting—it's great to see Crosscut investing in the region.

Listen to the radio tonight: El Sonido is gonna be great.

ISIS is back: Well, it never went away, unless you believe Donald Trump. He declared a total defeat of the Islamic State earlier this year. That wasn't true then and it's not true now. The New York Times reports that ISIS is increasingly growing in Iraq and Syria, with guerrilla attacks occurring throughout the region. The Islamic State is reportedly sitting on a $400 million war chest and invested in businesses, fish farms, and cannabis. “However weakened ISIS may now be, they are still a truly global movement, and we are globally vulnerable," said a former head of Britain’s Joint Terrorism Analysis Center earlier this month.

NYPD officer who killed Eric Garner has been fired: Daniel Pantaleo, the police officer accused of fatally choking Eric Garner, has been fired. A judge had previously recommended that Pantaleo be fired, but the decision ultimately came down to NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill. While Pantaleo's firing has been long demanded by activists and everyone who isn't a racist, O’Neill reminded everyone that this day remains somber: There are "absolutely no victors here today," he said. "Make no mistake about it, this is a tragedy for the Garner family."

Rep. Ilhan Omar says Trump treats Muslim and Jewish Americans as "the boogeyman": Which is another way of saying: He's a racist. Rep. Omar and Rashida Tlaib held a press conference today to discuss their banning from Israel. Tlaib compared the denial of congress members from Israel to apartheid South Africa. She then went on to say: “I watched as my mother had to go through dehumanizing checkpoints even though she was a United States citizen and proud American.” She then momentarily broke down in tears. “All of us Americans should be deeply disturbed," she continued.

Elizabeth Warren is leaving Iowa to visit: US! Well, not us, as in The Stranger, but she's coming to Seattle this weekend. (Warren, if you'd like to visit our office and hop on Savage Lovecast or Blabbermouth or just have lunch with me in Cal Anderson Park, consider the offer extended. We promise we'll vacuum and maybe wash our dishes if you come.)

The Great Fried Chicken Battle of 2019: There's a flame war happening between Popeyes and Chick-fil-A on Twitter right now. Popeyes released their first chicken sandwich last week, putting them in direct competition with Chick-fil-A. Then, Chick-fil-A released mac-n-cheese. The feud has probably been good for both businesses. Meanwhile, in Seattle you have to drive to West Seattle for a Popeyes and to the city's north and south borders to get Chick-fil-A.