The Sinking Ship parking lot is nothing to be celebrated. Rather, it represents the worst impulses of mid-century urban renewal when the iconic Seattle Hotel - built in the 1890s - was razed leading to the creation of the Pioneer Square Historic District.


Hey Chase.

In regards to the head tax.

I wonder if you can explain the difference between Revenue and Profit?


I respect the fact that you millennial's have your enthusiasms, but...
the sinking ship parking garage is really not that cool.
Design-wise, aesthetic-wise, modern functionality-wise... it is, always has been, and will ever continue to be, a profoundly stupid building.


"Planned Parenthood was forced to withdraw from Title X program"

Never fear, there are multitudes of religious faux-womens wellness clinics that, unlike PP, offer abstinence advice, no condoms, no iuds, no STI screening, and obviously, no abortion referrals. I'm cynical enough to believe this was a move by #45 to move funding to these clinics.

Please donate to Planned Parenthood NOW!


Good grief, Charlie Brown! Like I need any more reasons to avoid driving through Seattle. My heartfelt condolences to everyone injured / property loss / damage in the dump truck crash.

FUCK YOU, Trump, Pence, Kavanaugh, Roberts, Thomas, fellow neo-fascist pro-birthers ad nauseum! I hope your dicks shrivel into pink, wart covered pickles and you all die slowly and nastily of every painful terminal illness known to humanity. Women are NOT FARM ANIMALS FORCED TO GIVE BIRTH! Planned Parenthood will always stay open, whether you shitwipes get laid or not.

Go, Senator Elizabeth Warren, GO!! Kick serious RepubliKKKan ASS, stick forks in them, and call them DONE!!


I must say, that middle para is one of your best auntie.


@6: I say the damnedest things when my back is up, but I'm mad as hell, sugarlips. This current shithole administration should face the guillotine, a firing squad (hey--they just looooooove their guns, right?) burning at the stake, and, if still breathing, life imprisonment at GOP expense.


Re: "The richest people in the world conclude that they maybe have to care about poor people:"

From today's NYT's "Shareholder Value Is No Longer Everything, Top C.E.O.s Say"

"Chief executives from the Business Roundtable, including the leaders of Apple and JPMorgan Chase, argued that companies must also invest in employees and deliver value to customers."

A couple comments on the article (their
comments section is typically most Illuminating):

"Dear 80% of people who aren’t multi-millionaires,
Do you believe anything any of these executives say?
Me neither. They’ve been making billions of dollars for decades. Even after they sank the global economy in 2008 and got their trillion dollar bailout they pocketed the profits while they let everyone else drown.

They’re just saying this because they think they have to say it. The words are hollow."

--Austin Ouellette, Denver, CO Aug. 19

"Rather late for the cannibal capitalists who have corrupted America's politics, economy and culture to pretend to a sense of noblesse oblige.

America has devolved into a corporate feudal state owned by a handful of filthy rich predators lording themselves over hundreds of millions of serfs.

Capitalism has failed democracy in America. The destruction is so near complete that it cannot be repaired."

-- Been There, U.S. Courts Aug. 19

@6 - Yes.
Good one, Auntie Gee.


@4 Agreed and seconded. I plan to donate to my local chapter of Planned Parenthood ASAP.


@7: As you say, agreed and seconded!
Scary times for women.


@8 kristofarian and @10 raindrop: Thank you both. Luckily I'm menopausal, exiting my reproductive years (Griz is throwing a wild party---WA-HOOOOOO!), and nobody is pressuring me to have a baby, anymore. But I am just sick about the futures of women and adolescent girls in their reproductive years--(for my nieces, especially--both millennials)--and little girls who have yet to reach puberty and cannot vote.


Next on the agenda: the voting age is 18+ years and 0-<9 months, and all the fetuses can be assumed to vote GOP


Don't bury the lede on Omar's speech about Israel, where she said that Israel is not really a US ally and that we should cut off all aid.

USS Liberty
The Lavon Affair
The Apollo Affair

Allies do not attack you, kill your people, bomb your installations, try to goad you into wars for their benefit with false flags, spy on you, nor do they steal nuclear secrets from you and lie about all of it every single day.

Stop funding genocide, stop funding endless war, stop funding Israel.


@1 and @3, you're of course right, but I'll admit having developed a bit of a grudging admiration for the thing. It's kind of comforting to have such a weird and totally useless building taking up such a prime chunk of real estate in Seattle these days. As much as I would have liked to have seen the Seattle Hotel, I'd also be pretty sad if they tore the sinking ship down and built whatever glass walled high rise they'd build there now.


@12: Choke on it, you flaccid MAGA tool.


You know you live in liberal Seattle when folks celebrate a f-cking parking lot while there are thousands of homeless people living on the streets.

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