It’s amusing the people who want to decriminalize drugs want to criminalize opioids that help millions of people every year manage pain.

Maybe the drugs aren’t the problem?


Somebody cut in line in front of me once at Fauntleroy. I think I honked to let him know. A while later he came back and apologized. We had an hour before the boat so in the grand scheme of things it didn't seem like that big a deal. When we finally boarded he slammed into another car on the boat. One of the only on boat fender benders I've seen. So, on sum, I probably should have had him kicked out of line.

Pro tip - Unless you're headed for an island it's almost always faster to drive around.



Or maybe greedy, callous, Capitalists who believe making swimming pools full of cash at the expense of other human beings, regardless of the negative consequences of the drugs they push (with multi-million dollar ad campaigns, free "samples" and promotional junkets to practitioners, among other enticements) are the problem.

Also, you DO realize the overwhelming majority of people addicted to opioids started out taking prescribed dosages for pain management, yes?



"A study of young, urban injection drug users interviewed found that 86 percent had used opioid pain relievers nonmedically prior to using heroin, and their initiation into nonmedical use was characterized by three main sources of opioids: family, friends, or personal prescriptions "

Again, in case you missed it:

"used opioid pain relievers NONMEDICALLY prior to using heroin"

So basically junkies looking for a high. Anyway they can. So yes, we need a war on drugs, that we can agree on.


@3 Let me guess, you want heroin legalized and distributed via prescription.


The VMAs were amazing! So many cool costumes, singers, acts, and music! You missed a great show.

Also, Taylor Swift should run for Congress.


Farmers in the Hateland voted for Tr666p because of his racism, sexism, and fascist xenophobia. The fact that they’re going down the shitter as a result of his insane trade war is irrelevant.

As with the Evilungelical ChrISIStians, they voted for him and the RepubliKKKan party to carry out an ongoing white trash terrorist attack against all of the women, immigrants, black, Latino, and LGBT people that they hate and are desperate to destroy. He’s delighted the Despicables on that front, and they’re whipped up into a Nuremberg frenzy demanding more cruelty, especially against children.

They’ll support Prezirapist AntiChrist again in 2020, and any testimonials to the contrary are just socially-acceptable lies that they think reporters on the Cletus Safari want to hear.


If LeBron James becomes a WNBA player we will watch women's basketball: There. we said it.



It's "LatinX", not "Latino". Don't be a bigot. Thanks! :)


@11: No, it's latino or latina. Use language correctly. Thanks.


Glad the University District church camp found a site! May all the Ave urchins follow!
Let's face it, crackheads screaming at traffic* and pregnant hookers are not terribly conducive to the university educational vibe.
* The most benign of their behaviors.


7 "Taylor Swift should run for Congress" Yes, she and Kid Rock. Add them together and you still won't find a GED.


The real heroes of the VMAs were the people who designed, built, and maintained that amazing booty balloon during Lizzo's performance. I salute your science.


You should at least give Bret Stephens credit for having the good sense to dump Twitter. As he said, it's a sewer.



Apparently you're too stupid to even read the things you cut-and-paste - or did were words "personal prescriptions" beyond your limited understanding?

And you know what? If Heroin was free - addicts wouldn't be inclined to commit petty theft in order to pay for it, now would they? So, if you're all about "law and order" one would think that would actually be a point in favor of legalization, especially given the fact that Heroin (a brand name coined by Bayer Pharmaceuticals) was essentially the Oxycontin of its day: prescribed by doctors, and a primary ingredient in all manner of consumer products - until someone figured out that it was highly addictive and its use was severely restricted. So, it's not like the current opioid crisis is something unique; just good, old-fashioned 'Murkin-style Capitalism conducting business as usual.



It's whatever Latinx people say it is - that's actually how language works; which is why the OED has to add new words every year, because language isn't a static, encased-in-amber construct.


'It's whatever Latinx people say it is"

And they all speak on in one voice. Because they are all the same. Because there's no individual variation in opinions or behavior. I learnt that in my sociologism class. Individuals do not exist, only "The People". Thank you Comrade and I'm apologize for wrong-think.


@19: So Latina/Latino then.


Actually, Phoebe, the X is the politically correct way not to acknowledge gender less you offend some oversensitive fragile crybaby, male, female or other.


"Homeless camp will be out of your hair soon, Green Lake"

Too bad people can't be bothered to learn the difference between Green Lake, Ravenna, and Roosevelt.


Wait, the VMAs were on?

Sorry, I was busy leveling up PunchOne on Mystrael ClassicWOW server, he has 20 in unarmed already, level 7


A good friend was in that landslide in Oso a few years back. Seriously fucked him up. He got about a million bucks in the settlement. Blew it on pain pills in about a year.



If a Latino/Latina person says it's that, then it is. If a Latinx person says it's THAT - then it is. YOU don't get to decide their preference - they do, get it now?

Fucking Dumbass Whipeepoz...


@13 I'm in the U District and the campus every day and I've neither seen crackheads screaming nor pregnant hookers, or ever had any problems from the homeless people at the church! Where do you hang?


And I actually walk around, shop and eat there, not just pass by in a car.


@27 Then I insist you call me "Your Majesty" from now on. If you don't, it's an act of violence.


@27: Yeah, I get what you are saying, but only white people use "Latinx," so by using Latina/Latino and not butchering/appropriating another culture's language for your own weird racial guilt you are honoring their choice.

Get it now?


"If a Latino/Latina person says it's that, then it is. If a Latinx person says it's THAT - then it is"

What if I'm in a room with three and one insists on "Latino", one insists on "Latina" and one insists on "Latinx"? Should I make them wrestle for it or just use "Hispanics"?


28 - No thanks


Lizzo completely sucks. I thought it was some type of comedy routine initially.

With regard to Brazil. It’s none of our fucking business what another country does with its forests. We want more forest land then let’s invest, and plant more trees.

According to a Stranger piece about Koch, the Amazon is burning because of the rich. Apparently it’s burning because Brazil’s government don’t give two fucks.

Trump will get the farmer vote. The farmer didn’t vote for President Trump for anything more than a big fuck you to progressives. Makes sense.


I can't wait to see the Obama's $15 million dollar home overlooking the water. They certainly don't seemed concerned about having the house go underwater. And Prince Harry and Megan flying a private jet to their vacation in the south of France...not too worried about climate change either.

How's this, when the rich liberals start to live like climate change is a problem to be taken seriously then everyone else can take it seriously.


Yeah I get it 27, a person can believe whatever they want to believe. That doesn't mean I have to believe it; we haven't become quite that socialist yet.



I'd be more than happy too - just as soon as you show me your crown, orb, scepter, line of succession, and which nation-state recognizes your regal authority...


You refer to each of them by their stated preferred descriptor - assuming of course your head hasn't already exploded from the incredible pressure of having to remember precisely three separate nouns simultaneously. And I would definitely stay away from "Hispanic" on the off-chance any of the three happen to be, say, Brazilian, unless you actually intend to come off as a clueless "Cabrão".


Your belief or disbelief is irrelevant, because this is not about "belief", it's about identification. For example: if i believe you're a racist, red-neck piece of white trash, my belief is meaningless, unless of course you happen actually to be a racist, red-neck piece of white trash, in which case it's not a belief it's a simple statement of fact that identifies you as what you are.


"You refer to each of them by their stated preferred descriptor"

What if we're talking about Latin American film and they can't agree on a preferred adjective? Make them arm wrestle for it?

The only Portuguese I learned in Rio was how to order a caipirinha, the "little peasant girl" who gave me wicked hangovers.


Comte you are full of yourself today aren't you; time for a self evaluation don't you think?


"You refer to each of them by their stated preferred descriptor"

What if we're talking about "latinos" who entered the USA illegally and there's 50 people in the room and everyone wants a different descriptor? Put it to a vote? Make them wrestle for it?


“I'd be more than happy too - just as soon as you show me your crown, orb, scepter, line of succession, and which nation-state recognizes your regal authority...”

If I say I’m royalty, I’m royalty. You don’t get to challenge my identity by peaking up my skirt to see my scepter.


Read the article. Read the comments. The aliens can't arrive soon enough to harvest this crop of assholes off this planet.


" The aliens can't arrive soon enough to harvest this crop of assholes off this planet."

@45 No doubt. They always seek out the best specimens.

Comte, on the other hand, would just be thrown back so he can babble in bars about getting anally probed on a spaceship for the next 30 years.... not that there's anything wrong with that.


@41 - 44:

Speaking of being full of ones self - I think you just broke a personal best for most consecutive inane comments in a single thread.

And I wouldn't peak up whatever you're wearing on a bet - if for no other reason than I wouldn't want risk being exposed to the discharge from any of those syphilitic chancres up there.

But, if thinking you're royalty is what gets you hard, well, who am I to stop you from furtively rubbing one out while imagining you've got a three foot long metal staff shoved up your ass, since I imagine it's the only form of release you can manage nowadays.



You have a strange and frankly unnatural anal fixation, don't you? Not sure if you failed to successfully complete either the anal retention or anal expulsion stages of development, but a good Freudian therapist would definitely be of tremendous benefit to you.


So Comte, how do you identify yourself? Are you a social justice savior?


" while imagining you've got a three foot long metal staff shoved up your ass, since I imagine it's the only form of release you can manage nowadays"

@47 Nice, you're a homophobe and a transphobe.


@15 Why you gotta be so mean?


A damn Shame re: many of prez's properties
Infested with the BedBugs.

He musta caught 'em foreignly
or are they migratory?


"The moral of the story? —Don't cut in line.— / Don't draw your gun on people!"
No, the moral is— Don't CARRY a gun!
Anyone who would be willing to carry a gun should not be allowed to do so.


God, I f-cking wish liberal trash would stop using the phrase "throw shade" when talking about climate change, Trump's fascism, and other deadly phenomenon. Nothing reeks of white privilege like some white girl throwing shade at things that are literally killing us.


So how does one pronounce Latinx? Honestly I want to know. Is it Lateench (as I assume it would be pronounced in Spanish)? Latin Ex?



Actually, many Latinx in the U.S. particularly younger people, use the term, which is gaining in popularity.

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