Mayor Durkan's Election Meddling

She refused to talk to The Stranger about her efforts to influence the November election.



So, how many people will Brooklyn-based Socialist Alternative send here to help re-elect CM Sawant?


I believe we all know who the mayor is. Shameful.


Lester, how is it “meddling” for a citizen of Seattle to opine about elections here? By that standard, doesn’t The Stranger constantly “meddle” in Seattle’s politics, weed, art, weed, beer, weed, culture, weed, etc.?


Totally agree. The Mayor has consistently refused to talk with me - even during her own campaign, the only one of 8 candidates who wouldn’t talk - about public education issues. (I write the most widely-read public education blog in the city - Seattle Schools Community Forum blog.)

To note, both the Mayor and the Seattle Schools’ superintendent, Denise Juneau, are poised to be in the catbird seat for their respective governance areas. Both will get a majority of the City Council/School Board as new people. And the learning curve for both City Council and School Board is huge so those people will have to be on their game from day one to avoid being outfoxed by Durkan and Juneau.


Everyone meddles in politics; don't try and say that you don't tell people how to vote "The Stranger" you are no innocent party.

In fact to such a degree most americans don't even read what they are voting; they let you vote for them. Pathetic huh?


She works for the suburbs.

Not for the citizens.