30 dead from Hurricane Dorian: That number is expected to rise, with hundreds more people still missing. The hurricane, which has been downgraded to a Category 1, now batters the coasts of North Carolina after spinning off a couple tornadoes in South Carolina and leaving Charleston's streets flooded.

Jobs numbers are bad: According to the Washington Post, the country added 30,000 fewer jobs than expected. People are blaming the trade war. Confidential to all those miners and steelworkers who voted for Trump because he said he'd bring those jobs back: "The service sector remains strong with health care and business adding a lot of jobs in August. But industries such as mining and manufacturing that depend heavily on selling items overseas are struggling."

Howard Schultz drops out of a race he never entered: "Onward with gratitude," reads the subject line of Schultz's 1,000-WORD e-mail to supporters, informing them that the former bean-juice salesman will no longer continue his book tour to convince Americans he's an out-of-touch billionaire. In classic boomer fashion, the former CEO blamed everyone and everything but himself for his failed bid, claiming that the "exhausted majority" is just too tuned out and that people are just too scared of him throwing the election to Donald Trump. Moreover, election rules aren't doing him any favors, and his bad back would keep him off the road too much. The union-buster cursed no other candidate with his endorsement, but promised to spend big on "people, organizations, and ideas that promote honesty, civility, and results in our politics, and that move the country beyond two-party gridlock." Is he calling for… a fourth way? Or is that just a long way of saying Joe Biden?

Andrew Yang, please stop: "'I’m like Arcade Fire, circa 2006… before they became cool,' Yang told more than 100 supporters at Keene State College in New Hampshire, drawing laughs as he compared himself to the now-famous band. 'This is the indie show; I hope you feel it. You’ll be like, 'Oh, I saw him in Keene.'"

Robert Mugabe is dead: The dictator ruled Zimbabwe for 37 years after he and the Zimbabwe African National Union overthrew white minority rule. He also was the architect of a genocide that killed more than 20,000 people. It's a pity there isn't a hell for him to go to, etc. If he does not write his own Slog post, I will ask Charles Mudede for a quote later on in the day. Update: Charles wrote his obit of Mugabe in his piece on SDOT. He contained his thoughts within a parenthetical that is itself contained within an aside about a stoplight: "(may you never rest in peace, bastard)."

#JewsAgainstICE protest draws 'hundreds' in Massachusetts: A group called "Never Again Action: Jews Against ICE," marched from Boston to an Amazon office in Cambridge. There they chanted and sang, calling out the retail giant for contracting with ICE and for pitching the agency on its terrifying facial-recognition software. Cops arrested 12 protesters.

The NRA is a terrorist organization: According to San Francisco's city council, which passed a resolution on Wednesday declaring as much. Rolling Stone couldn't stop itself from starting its interview with a pun. "What was your aim with this resolution?" the magazine asked Catherine Stefani, the San Francisco supervisor who led the resolution. "I’ve always said that words matter. And I really wanted to call the NRA out for what I think they have become, which is a domestic terrorist organization that continues to block reform and all reasonable gun-violence prevention legislation," she replied. Thoughts?

Shop for Juul pods online, get a lobbyist in your inbox: A reporter at BuzzFeed bought some mango pods and learned that Juul shares its customer data with "a PR firm that specializes in grassroots political messaging for business clients" called Locust Street Group.

Alleged Capitol One hacker pleads not guilty: A former Amazon software engineer known as "erratic" on the internet says she didn't commit wire fraud and computer fraud, according to the Seattle Times. This plea comes a month after the AP reported that erratic, "made little attempt to hide her attack. In fact, she effectively publicized it."

Not all brunch hosts wear capes: But the one seating people at Glo's last Monday does. When right-wing burger baby Saul Spady tried to belly up for his "usual salmon eggs Benedict," the host turned him away. Why? "Because, as he told me, 'Your rhetoric against homeless people is dangerous for the community and you’re not welcome here.'" I gotta admit, turning away a trust-fund dummy for using his platform to spread inhumane "solutions" to the homelessness crisis is pretty extreme, but so is proposing to send homeless people to "farm jail." Seems like everything's all right now, though. According to Spady, Glo's owner Julie Reismann smoothed things over and "welcomed" the guy who wants to ship the homeless off to A FARM JAIL back to his favorite brunch spot.

Kids and parents protest uniform policy at new Bothell elementary school: The oppressors say uniforms will "help install a new sense of belonging at the new school." No wonder people are pissed—they want to make people dress like me: "The policy calls for a navy or khaki bottom and a navy or white top."

King County Sheriff's Office settles for $80K after deputy pulls gun on two black teens: Because he thought they were stealing a Jeep at a Chris Brown concert, according to the Seattle Times. They weren't. Rare to see the cops pay and have to personally apologize for traumatizing two black teenagers, but here is a notable example.

Alex Pedersen likes... Kamala Harris:

Egan Orion goes to the ID once:

I'm obsessed with a cooking show about 18th-century food: Since Nathalie will return to her Slog AM duties on Monday, I thought I'd close with a couple personal items as a sort of farewell. First, I've been addicted to watching Townsends on YouTube, a show run by a guy who dresses up like an 18th-century home cook and stirs 18th-century soups with a whisk made out of twigs. It's mesmerizing?

Second, lately I've been living for the awkward dancing on display at minute marker 6:44 in this Tiny Desk Concert featuring Lizzo:

Anyway, thank you and good morning! And oh yeah:

Your best Seattle entertainment options this weekend include: Cider Summit Seattle, the opening weekend of the sci-fi Afropunk revenge play Is God Is, and a chance to check out awesome hot air balloons in Enumclaw.