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Our budget hole is massive and our crises are multiplying. Who should we send in to fix this disaster?

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Doglio is pro-fracking - even got paid to attend a fossil fuel convention a few years in a row. She claims she's for "green renewable energy" because she's for the latest bullshit marketing from oil companies. They call it "recycled natural gas" or "renewable natural gas." It's fracked gas and it only amounts for less than 1% of their output. Beth Doglio is a greenwashing fraud, and like Pramila Jayapal, we're probably stuck with her now because the liberals of Seattle don't know any better. Just look at the current mayor.


And here's the conference website (archived) in case anyone thinks I'm making it up


Republicans are a death cult who are actively trying to kill other Americans. Because being the authoritarian ,pro-rape, pro-treason, pro-white supremacy party just wasn't enough.


Now this is epic


How did you not even mention Jessi Murray in the 37th? She’s the reason Chopp is attempting to fake this race seriously and is collecting a large number of meaningful endorsements. She’s been fighting for the residents and their communities as long as she has lived here (10+ years?).


Congressional district 8 is half in King County. Currently we have a Democratic relative newcomer Kim Schrier. I personally don’t have a good grasp of her effectiveness and was looking forward to this paper’s input. The other half of the district is in Central WA which means keeping the seat democratic precarious; south King CO, is also not known as the most progressive part of Puget Sound. I want the dems to retain this seat.


Why no mention of Jessi Murray (running against Chopp in the 43rd)? She’s got endorsements from major orgs and sits on Seattle’s LGBTQ commission. Seems like a major oversight to not include her in your write up.


So many white people running and getting endorsements. :(


Jay Inslee? Ha! No.


Yes, business people always do such a good job with government.... When will we get over that particular myth?

I think the Republican Governor field is fascinating There's trump Republicans, pre2016 Republicans, Fifth Republicans. All variations on horrible people.....


Who is your candidate, TheMisanthrope dear?


Hey SECB, who exactly do you expect to enforce all those new gun laws you want to pass, since defunding police is "very important" to you all of a sudden?


Wow, the Stranger really screwed the pooch on not even mentioning Jessi Murray running for 43rd! She's the reason Chopp didn't get endorsed by the 43rd Dems, and is actually giving him a run for his money. Don't get me wrong, Sherae sands for a lot of great things, but by endorsing her just because "No way Chopp won't win" and then complete ignoring the candidate that, you know, COULD beat him is some serious oversight.


Wish The Stranger would extend their endorsements to other areas of the state such as Tacoma, Olympia and Spokane. Your site has significant readership in those outlying parts in most of which there is no powerful alternative paper to the conservative papers of record, and for you to weigh in on at least those outlying races which affect us all --i.e. endorsing in any of the WA Representative and Senate races throughout the whole state, where it makes sense-- could make a difference in turning Washington in a more progressive direction. I have donated during the pandemic, and will donate again presently. Thank you for your good work.


I've known most of these people for years, in fact served on non-profit boards with a few.

Overall, I agree with your endorsements, except I have not made up my mind on 36th Position 2 and 43rd Position 2, and will make up my mind when I vote later today and drop my ballot off at a drop box either today or Monday.

Yes, I know I seconded the choice you made for 43rd Position 2, but that is because in the 36th and 43rd, we usually have at least two good candidates, and it's good to have choices.

Thanks for doing the hard work on this, for the most part.

Oh, and Recall Durkan. Now.


@9 actually Jay Inslee and some of the others endorsed do have business experience. Too bad you don't read the voter's pamphlet.


Did you not interview William Burroughs for 37th LD # 1?


It is a big oversight to not even mention Jessi Murray running in the 43rd. You say there's no way that Chopp will lose his seat, but Jessi Murray has raised nearly as much money as Chopp and support for her was the reason he wasn't endorsed by the 43rd Dems for the first time since he took office. I understand your endorsement of Sherae, but Jessi Murray actually has a chance to unseat Chopp - you are doing the district a disservice by not even mentioning her.


It's peak misogyny to act like Jessi Murray and Shirley Sutton don't even exist in these endorsements. What a complete joke your endorsements are when viable candidates don't even get a mention? Where are your basic journalism standards? At least MENTION all candidates. I will be checking back, hoping you make an update correcting this mistake. Murray is nearly caught up to Chopp in fundraising. She's a serious candidate.


Maybe the pandemic pounded some sense into Macri about it actually being a very, very bad thing to knowingly spread deadly disease.

Not to mention the incredulity and backlash that would be involved were the national news cycle catching wind of that bit.

One can hope.



I'm going to vote for Jayapal because she told me I'm the king on Twitter.

That was nice of her.



You really didn't mention Jessi Murray for the 43rd district? Are you sure y'all are payingattention???


I am baffled and disappointed that you didn't even mention Jessi Murray's run for the 43rd district. She has put together a strong campaign and is a dedicated progressive activist. There are only 3 candidates for that position, and I refuse to believe that you simply forgot to mention one of them. I would be more inclined to take your endorsements to heart if it seemed like you had a shred of journalistic integrity and ensured that you at least acknowledged all serious candidates in any given race.


“Nobody can beat Frank Chopp” says the newspaper with a ton of influence, despite being a misogynistic rag that routinely supports rapists, as they fail to mention the woman who has nearly out-fundraised him, cost him his LD’s endorsement, and received many serious endorsements. Do you secretly want Chopp to win?! Vote Jessie Murray.


The Stranger is endorsing Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos - after excoriating her just a year ago for her horrendous handling of sex ed legislation - just because her opponent doesn't measure up?

You do realize that there's no requirement for you to endorse in a race, don't you?

Did you even consider the option of issuing a 'we decline to endorse in this race' opinion, noting that neither the incumbent nor the challenger are worthy of a seat in the Legislature? Maybe Adding a hopeful plea that someone better will step forward - if not as a write-in candidate this year, then perhaps in 2022?

Between this and totally ignoring Jessi Murray in LD 43, you guys are something between inept and lazy.


The Socialist Workers Party's Henry Dennison? --


Mistral dear, show me a business person who was a good administrator, and I will kneel before you chastened and rebuked. Until then, I will stand here proudly in my control top pantyhose with nary a run.....


Ugh, the Hilary Franz lovefest really needs to end. She's slippery as a newly harvested geoduck, as successful politicians so often are. Hilary is first and foremost about Hilary. If you're looking for a concrete means of summing her up, look no further than the awful DNR clearcuts newly punched in near Gold Bar, visible from Hwy 2. Especially the one that completely trashed the viewshed toward Wallace Falls. Yes, I know, DNR is in the business of cutting trees, but doing so doesn't have to be this barbaric. And Franz's endless refrain of thinning forests to prevent fires is pure mythology. Want fewer fires? Then reduce the logging road network that invites every firebug and fire idiot from a hundred mile radius. Finally there's Franz's push for a slush fund from taxpayers that would allow her to fire up even more chainsaws. Vote Wallbrown, if only in futility.


As many others have pointed out, neglecting to mention a viable candidate like Jessi Murray is irresponsible “journalism”. I hope you will correct this.


I'm a 20-year resident of the 37th district. The only time I hear the name Sharon Tomiko Santos is election time. She is a phantom otherwise. Not a champion for anything, apparently besides the 500 paychecks collected in that time. I don't know Stafford and have not witnessed his demeanor. Sounds like a jerk. But according to his website he actually stands for everything I do. After 20 years of Sharon the Friendly Ghost, I feel like LOUD is exactly what we need.


It's hard to get excited about Lt Gov but Marko Liias is contentless shapeless formless talks a good game and does nothing useful while Denny Heck has an outstanding track record on the environment, working with tribes, and generally getting shit done. Additionally, Denny Heck was the farthest to the left of his house district of any of the WA reps according to so while people talk about him not being an out and out communist, he was pushing his district farther than anybody else WA sent to DC.


The Stranger would endorse Marx, Stalin and Mao given the chance.


So are you saying that cops cannot be hate crimed? (Your argument against Denny heck / lt gov). What exactly do you call someone walking up to a cop car and shooting the cop inside from behind? While cops are def. not without blame, your position is indefensible here.


@8 Because qualifications dumbass!


Serious questions: Where is the cheat sheet, and why aren't Dan Savage, Tim Keck, and Laurie Saito on the SECB?


@36- I agree , Franz really needs to get more pushback on her acceptance of business-as-usual within DNR.
I live adjacent to DNR lands and it is apparent that it is a classic case of 'regulatory capture' and the culture of timber harvesting runs the show. I wish the general public could see how so much prime W Washington lowland-forest habitat gets trashed, gets Seattle's shit sprayed on it, has all roads gated and blocked to recreation but open to loggers... it is infuriating.


I'm actually really disappointed in your endorsements this time around. With the state of the world, and the fact that this is the primary, we need to be way more bold and progressive than this.


I'm actually really disappointed in your endorsements this time around. With the state of the world, and the fact that this is the primary, we need to be way more bold and progressive than this. Like instead of just complaining about two terrible candidates for district 37 position 1, why not suggest the new guy who actually has some good ideas?


wait, why can't we delete or edit comments....


I'm so happy to see Marko suggested as top pick for Lt Gov! I wasn't in his state district so I haven't followed his politics much until now, but we went to school together and I just want to say that he is the real deal! Smartest, funniest, genuinely nicest, hardest working kid, that I think came from a lot of economic adversity, or at least saw how folks navigate that life even if it wasn't his own. We went to school in an industrial area near Everett Boeing plant where the majority of kids had free lunch, a lot of the older folks had freakishly high rates of cancer and diabetes. A neighborhood with no parks or public infrastructure, where whenever my family called 911 for help the cops would say, "Yeah right, we're not going out there," then laugh and hang up. Marko was great at sticking up for himself and other disadvantaged kids in this slightly strange landscape. Like every time a trolling substitute teacher asked a Chinese-American classmate "Where are you from?" then not ask any of the other kids in class where they are also from, Marko would quip something back like, "She's from down the road," knowing damn well what they meant or where they were heading with their questions. Another fun thing he'd do when jerky substitute teachers were around is when they called his name during roll call, he'd stand up super tall, give them like a jaunty little soldier's salute, then shout, "Present, and accounted for!" If Marko was on fire like this when we were in elementary school then I can't even imagine what he's like now working in state government, helping people wade through adversity and also flipping it back to all the haters. I swear I'm not working on his campaign, I just want him to be keep on being "present and accountable" to all of us because he is rad.


Your handling of endorsements this cycle is beyond appalling. Your complete ignorance of female candidates in competitive races reeks of minimal effort at best and misogyny at worst. Errors include:

No mention of Kim Schrier's re-election campaign in the 8th CD. I understand the 10th CD is an open seat, but I can't understand why you'd endorse in a race that falls outside your distribution area and ignore a race in your own county?

No mention of Ingrid Anderson's State Senate run against conservative Democratic incumbent Mark Mullet in the 5th LD. You found time to endorse an older white man Pat Sullivan in the 47th LD (Pos. 2), but you couldn't even acknowledge the existence of an important race that includes a female frontline worker.

The most egregious error of all, as mentioned by many commenters above: endorsing in the 43rd LD (Pos. 2) and not mentioning Jessi Murray. As much as I'd like to think otherwise, I don't think there's any way Murray's absence was a simple oversight; it was an intentional decision on your end to not so much as point out she's running. Why could you manage to mention all viable candidates in other races, and leave out Murray in what would perhaps be the most competitive State House race this year? Waving the white flag in your first sentence by claiming Chopp will win no matter what does a disservice to the district. Can you imagine how much an alt-weekly in New York would've been mocked by claiming that Joe Crowley or Elliot Engle couldn't lose, then watching them fall? Chopp is uniquely vulnerable this year because he's no longer speaker. If he tells you he's free to "dream big" now that he's not in a leadership position, why couldn't you question him on why he only managed to prime sponsor THREE bills last session? While I disagree with your endorsement of Lascelles (running to end SESTA-FOSTA indicates a lack of knowledge of the role, among other things), but I know the unforgivable error is declining to even mention a candidate who's more than viable. Murray landed an egg on Chopp's face by earning enough support to deny him the 43rd Dems endorsement for the first time in his career, and her efforts were clearly for naught in your book. Murray's absence in your summary of the race is a big enough error to warrant a correction and formal apology.

I wish we in Seattle had a progressive paper that didn't try so hard to prove its liberal bona fides that it neglects basic journalistic integrity in the process. As much as I might like to think otherwise, I know there are people who vote a straight ticket with your endorsements, and they deserve better analysis, intellectual rigor, and human decency from the SECB.


@9 - Maybe you have a point. That so-called President with all that business experience is working out so well.


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