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The Stranger appears to deserve a lot of credit for the national $15 per hour minimum wage movement (which the US socialist movement is oddly indifferent about claiming, which is weird because it is achievable all over the place and super popular) and for the national pro-housing movement. I am glad this newspaper exists


The Stranger is the left wing equivalent of Breitbart and Fox News. This is propaganda aimed at twentysomethings that haven’t been in Seattle long enough to see what is going on and form their own opinions. Take their endorsements with a grain of salt, or even better, use them as a list of who not to vote for. Nikkita Oliver is corrupt (see $3 million dollar no bid contract funneled to her organization through dubious channels with no financial tracking). Thomas Kennedy is a Nihilist and Anarchist that should be disbarred for her tweets and vandalism, not elected to a position as the city’s lead attorney. Lorena Gonzales and Teresa Mosqueda are part of the giant homeless industrial complex grift. If you want change, you have to vote against the sitting City Council members that led the city off the rails with their failed leadership on homelessness. Where did the money go? What did we get for it? Why do we have more rough sleepers per capita than any other city in the country despite spending more?


@1 No.
@2 Yes

Whatever positive things The Stranger has contributed to Seattle over the last 25 years is dead and gone. It is a cancer on social discourse, trying to get clicks by being radical or whatever the fuck. TS and the delusional candidates they endorse have no basis in reality. Tim Keck. Go away. Charles. Go away. Baume. Go back to LA. Rich, put your anger up your ass and use your skills for good. Garbage. All garbage.


2 and 3 Namecalling and utter lies by YOU right wing bigots will not help the disasters you helped cause. Prisons, poverty and corruption to name several.

THANK YOU Stranger for standing up for the poor, women and people of color to name some you have stood up for. You are GREAT.

Vote for Kennedy and Oliver. Not perfect but better - vote for Gonzalez.


If you live in Virginia, vote for Youngkin. He's a good classic Republican.

McAuliffe is the worst of intrusive government - who said: “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”


@4 - I'm not, you are.


The "cancer on discourse" is the utterly reprehensible comment section that is increasingly dominated by trolls and axe grinding whiners who clearly only "hate read" the comment section and care nothing for the city. It's is bewildering why so many come to this outlet so often only to complain about the outlet. Something is deeply troubling in your lives that is where so many of you compulsively spend all your time "screaming into the void" as it were.


@7 -No. You are wrong.


@1 - Funny, there was a big exodus falderal back in the times of Paul Constant, et al who were stumping for the $15 and were either fired forced out or quit because the majority of TS advertsiers were service industry businesses that were against liveable wages. Educate yourself before you open your fool mouth.