News Jun 30, 2022 at 1:18 pm

Special Session of the Legislature Possibly on Horizon

Democrats might be forced to call a special session if the far-right freaks in GOP state legislatures keep up their bullshit. Yinyang | Getty



Why the bloody hell do we have a part-time legislature?

Last time I checked the calendar we are almost 1/4 of the way into the 21st Century. Enough with this frontier mentality bullshit.

Speaking of frontier mentalities even our Northern cousins in Libertarian Alaska have a full-time legislature.

I suppose we need to change the state Constitution but damn having them in session for only 90 days is absurd.


@1 Totally agree. Washington isn't Oregon, for gawdsake. It's the most urbanized, populous Western state outside of California. Here's hoping the urgency of this particular issue will create some momentum for the full-time legislature we have been needing for quite a while now. But in the meantime, absolutely, call a special session.


I don't know why there is a 4 alarm freakout about this other than political posturing. Everyone's favorite Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh said that if any State that tries any across State line shenanigans will get promptly bitchslapped by the court.


well crap if we cannot Trust
Kavanaughtius Maximus
Whom CAN we Trust?


@3: The quotes in the article you supplied do not go nearly as far as you claim. The Coathanger Crowd suffered 50+ years of constant defeats to get here, and now they want to inflict their bitter pain and howling rage upon everyone they possibly can. They will try to punish states which still allow abortion, they will use every legal tool at their disposal to punish makers and providers of abortion pills and contraceptives. They will criminalize every aspect of reproductive health care they possibly can. They will try everything to enable lawsuits. There is literally nothing they will not attempt to punish young women who dare to have sex. Washington's legislature must now prepare for a chronic legal cold war with Idaho, and with every other state run by the Back-Alley Butchery gangs.

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