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Tips, Tricks, and Critical Medical and Legal Advice

Advocates say we don't need the Supreme Court's permission to get abortions HK



Great article Hannah.

"bleeding and cramping" - things men are obvious to


Northwest Abortion Access Fund has surpassed Médecins Sans Frontières as my priority donation.


I signed up with NWAAF the other day as yo hablo espanol and am a medical professional with free time who can drive and we have a spare room and toilet but sadly no private entrance. I am grateful to you for sharing this information as there are many ways to help even if you are totally fucking useless otherwise (who know who I am talking to you sad fuck, your jokes are even pathetic. WHO FUCKING CARES ABOUT WHAT MEN ARE OBLIVIOUS TO). Also Sir Toby the copy editor forgot to correct your obvious typo, surely because he only corrects the errors of queer black people and not likely white losers like you.


To be clear, the FDA removed the physician-only limitation for mifepristone in 2016 and ARNPs and PAs can prescribe medication abortion (including by mail) in almost half of all states. We need to stop ignoring the work of the APCs who are the backbone of medication abortion practice in the US.


Ooooh, someone's triggered. More popcorn please.



I guess since I don’t agree with you on 100% of the issues, the 60% to 80% of issues we most likely agree on are meaningless?

Way to build a coalition!


thumbs up emoji, hk.


Today I learned that right wing losers think aspiring to a B- while accepting an F means we are brethren.

Sorry guys, I only accept A’s.


Frankly, I find shooby's quest for respectability on Slog terribly boring.

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