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The Order Sets Up Doomsday Scenario Not Seen Since Civil War

Kind of a boss move, imo. Lester Black



@1: Seriously? That's your take. MF, this is life or death shit and it involves more than cops being told not to honor what can be described as a modern day fugitive salve act.


It's damn near Underground Railroad time again. This is fine.


@1 Yes cops that enforce the law without bias are ok. It’s not that hard.


Law enforcement all over the country are having a terrible time trying to recruit people to serve in our domestic hostile occupation army—gosh, I wonder why—so that’s a major strike against Team AmeriKKKa: Uterus Police.


History tells us that plenty of cops looked the other way and either did not enforce, or enforced laxly, laws that prohibited sale and manufacture of alcoholic beverages during the Prohibition Era.

And remember, Prohibition was a Constitutional amendment! It got a 2/3 majority in the House and a 2/3 majority in the Senate, and was ratified by 3/4 of state legislatures. In other words, it had quantum levels more popular support than the overthrow of Roe v. Wade has.

And still, it was a monumental failure. It brought on the greatest outbreak of mass civil disobedience and active mass sabotage of law enforcement in the nation's peacetime history. And Prohibition failed. It failed totally. Enforcement became unsustainable. The people who pushed it were marginalized and became objects of ridicule.

The battle for reproductive rights will make Prohibition look like the Teddy Bears' Picnic. Jury nullification will skyrocket. Hackers will ruin law enforcement databases. Cops and prosecutors will be bribed by both sides. The cost of the surveillance state necessary to enforce abortion bans will grow to the point that it butts up against an even more deep-seated American ethos than the "sanctity of unborn life" -- tax avoidance.

We're going to take some serious lumps. Women will die of ectopic pregnancies. Those who try to aid them will go to prison. But we're going to beat them, because we must. It's us or them now.


@2, Fugitive salve. Will it assuage my sins?


@2: Sorry Lissa - You have to acknowledge that the prevailing ACAB disposition of the The Stranger and its staff is glaringly obvious. @1's point is well taken and an important reminder of the hypocrisy.


@8: How would you feel if you were forcibly castrated against your will because men's health became "criminalized", and when you sought health protection elsewhere your state set troopers and opportunistic bounty hunters after YOU, armed, dangerous, and ready to shoot to kill any doctor coming to your aid?
Oh, listen, everybody.......CRICKETS!
Shut the fuck UP, Elmer, before you fall in already.


@2 Rock ON, Lissa!

The rest of you male chauvinist misogynist pigs can sit down, get a clue, and shut the fuck up.
We have a constitutional right to have control of our own bodies! And they're not for sale to corporate RepubliKKKans!


Bless you, Governor Jay Inslee, although I'm just sick over upholding abortion rights having to come to this level of extremity.


If you don't like me standing up for cops, that's your problem griz.


@12: You're the problem, Elmer. You can't have it both ways. Your hypocrisy is revolting.
Cop to it, fer christsake!


@13 - So what's the either/or? Or are you just babbling?


@14: You're the one senselessly babbling as usual, Elmer. Try not to fall in when you flush.


It's a race to the bottom with the far left and far right begging for a civil war. Do us all a favor and keep your rhetoric to yourself Mr. Casey.

And I echo the sentiments expressed above that as long as cops do what the far left thinks is okay, ACAB is void and null.


@15: I asked you elaborate, but you chose to not to.

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