News Jul 27, 2022 at 9:30 am

What It Is, How to Stop It, Where to Get Vaccines, and the ~Discourse~ on Preventing Stigma

For those, you'll have to go to a more civilized country for now. Jeenah Moon / GETTY



It's the same vaccine as for smallpox? I was vaccinated for smallpox years ago. Does that mean I'm protected with regard to monekypox?


Look under “a quick update to this section” per Matt, 3 years


I have a friend documenting his bout with Monkeypox and while he hasn't mentioned some of the more personal areas in this article, he did post a picture of a sore on his throat and one on his eyeball!


Lesions not just ON your asshole but IN your asshole. In your rectum. Making taking a dump agony.

@3 Check your stereotypes. Shigellosis was rampant in the lesbian community at one point in time I recall. Ground zero was in Michigan imsm.


The article says that you must wait two weeks between shots with the two-dose vaccine. This is an error--you must wait at least 28 days between shots.

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