News Aug 12, 2022 at 9:45 am

And How Darya Farivar Plans to Win Again in November

Running a campaign on a budget? Knock doors, don't waste money on mean mailers, and get The Stranger's endorsement. HK



you people
oughtta soon
be running this
Gov't. Godspeed!


I know this sounds silly, but Biden is beginning to remind me of Gandalf the wizard.


and small wonder
Biden took a sabbatical
from politics when Peter Jackson
called him up late on a thursday nite
to see if he might wanna play Gandalf

they say it's NOt Biden
but they're so Good
with makeup and
CGI it's almost
to spot

ya Know
Where to Look

they say too
he got to keep
the magical staff
and uses it to lite
his fireplaces. maybe


I read that somewhere
on the innernet. oh!
right Here!


@2 The Trumpies chanted "Let's Go Brandon" too many times, and opened a portal. Now we have Dark Brandon kicking Republican butt.

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