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Council Prioritizes Cannabis Equity, Abortion Protections, Police Alternatives, and Film Incentives Ahead of Budget Negotiations

Policy discussions end when budget season begins here, and budget season is right around the corner. Lester Black




"As the Seattle Times reported last summer, up to half of calls to the Seattle Police Department do not require a response from a gun-carrying, badge-wearing cop, so some council members see opportunities to use police resources more efficiently. "


The city’s newly-created Seattle Community Safety and Communications Center Department (CSCC) now handles incoming 911 calls. To help meet the demands of police abolitionists, the Seattle City Council removed the police from handling emergency calls. It was meant to cut the SPD’s budget, while setting the city up for the long-term goal of using social workers to respond to 911 calls.

The transition has been a disaster.

The CSCC lacks enough staff to answer calls, with only 86 of the 125 positions staffed. It’s left residents unable to report non-emergency crimes, with the city sending victims into a maze of non-sensical steps that lead many to give up on reporting the crime. It also will lead to dramatically misleading crime stats.


@1 hahahahaahahah you're complaining about spin and then link to a rantz piece. Well done sir. I doff my hat.


@2: The reporter's name does not negate the facts that are reported. Please call out what you take an issue with, otherwise you're just blowing hot air. (You probably didn't read it, so now's your chance to save face.)


@3 I did read the article and the name Jason Rantz aside, I'm not going to take seriously someone who gets his information from, and I quote, "one reddit user."


@4 But you will take seriously someone who refers to selling stolen goods as “flipping merchandise?”

One thing both Jason Rantz and Hannah Krieg have in common is a complete disregard for journalistic ethics.


Cannabis Equity? You still trying to push this bullshit?

Hey HanHan: when are you gonna engage in facts equity? Or reporting equity? Or journalistic equity? Where’s you or journalistic equity tool kit? You know, when you ain’t a hack?


@5: Rantz has some silly interpretations on things but his ethics are fine.


@6. While Hannah runs roughshod at times bear in mind a couple things: She works as a low paid writer at free alt weekly, and especially when she is covering city hall she does a pretty fine job of it. She is also quite young and hence new at her profession and growing in that capacity, and you are likely middle aged and not a trained journalist. E.G. you are an old entitled amateur screaming at a kid who considering their resources does a fine job much of the time, even if they do have extreme bias (remember, she writes for a free alt weekly so her job is basically to report some stuff and to try to trigger assholes like you into click click clicking away so she is winning).

Also, what the fuck is wrong with cannabis equity? You only want rich old white guys to make money off weed now that you can’t throw poor young black men in jail for selling it to you?

Be a decent human, I know that’s asking a lot from a conservatroll but even you just have some capacity for empathy and kindness.

@dewey: poor baby doesn’t have a manager to speak to about the bums at the park. Boo hoo. Jason Rantz is a hot bag of trash along with Brandi Cruse or however you spell her name. They have as much integrity as a wet paper bag, they are basically Tom Likas impersonators. I bet you loved that fucking douche.


@9: Yes, it's up to the comment section to correct the errors of a snarky rookie staff writer.

That's the only nugget of clarity I could find in your babble, beside "be a decent human". Go look in the mirror now and report back if you see decency.


Shoopoop dear, your trigger-happy rage and obsession with practically every comment I write is quite indicative of your neurotic character disorders.

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