The Solidarity Budget coalition said they will fight for exactly what they want. If they don't get it? Current council members better hold on tight to their seats. Gabi Gonzalez-Yoxtheimer



If we shrink the police and the court system who will make up the difference in lost tax revenue when all the businesses close because of the increase in crime? We should be making it harder to be a criminal. And no…I’m not a Republican.


So, a bunch of losers have started making threats if they don’t get what they want. Hopefully, in the primaries they can purge a few ‘progressive’ incumbents for the crime of Not Being Pure Enough, and then the general elections can contain only candidates with known connections to an externally-verifiable reality.

Meantime, pass the popcorn! Thanks for the laughs, Solidarity Budget!


I hope the "Thrive" budget is passed by the BB as is. It will provide a test case.


MAGA of the left lunatics


How much did “the left” pay some conservative think tank for that stupid “defund the police” phrase? It’s a near-perfect conservative talking point.


I've just returned from the emergency room after falling on the floor due to paralyzing laughter and breaking my arm. Hannah Krieg has finally reached near-lethal levels of stupidity.


9 - you truly made me lol. So true.

I have nothing in common with the far left of this city. I feel the same towards them as I do the Jan 6 insurrectionists and MAGA's. They are horribly out of touch and incompetent. Luckily, they are actually in the vast minority.



there is no 'faux'
in Repressive
el friendo.

but to say, We're NOT
gonna Compromise before
we even Get to the negotiation Table

that appears to me to
be a Unique strategy
& an uncommon
Necessity sel-
dom seen
from the

Tactics? Well Played.

Dems've been 'negotiating'
from the middle and
Look where it's
Gotten us.


@12: You raise a good point. What on earth gave Solidarity Budget the idea they were heading to a “negotiating table”? Why would anyone ‘negotiate’ with them, and for what? What have they to offer in return? As noted above, many of their demands have already been thoroughly rejected by Seattle’s voters.


14 speaking of giant help-
ings of self-righteousness

how much
is Too much?

is a Symptom
of Billionaires'
having Too

sans Balance
we're pretty
much Fuck-


I am heartened to read community groups are working together to create lists of common-sense reforms. Seattle needs all of this kind of information that it can get, because the power deciders in this city have no clue what real life is like on minimum wage.
For all the of "lock criminals up" shrieking, the actual stats on that premise are dismal.
Let's change course and actually use the data to guide us.
I am all for reform-minded candidates. Give me a list of them, my pencil is sharpened and ready to vote!
Seattle deserves way better than we've gotten.


Oooooooooo if you don't give into their demands they will..... run against you...

Please. I think the majority of us have seen quite enough of what the policies that they are pushing lead to. We are totally fed up with catering to all the whims of a small group of addicts who were doing an exceptional job of making our streets nearly unlivable for several years. We're finally reclaiming our parks and sidewalks. Not willing to go back to that, thanks.

Oh... and if you really want Vision Zero - you need all of those "soft cops" because it's entirely clear that people do not give a diddly shit about any of the new speed limits or stop signs that they city has been trying.. Deaths have gone up because, surprise, with no enforcement the majority of people do whatever they want to.. the only time you see people obey the speed limit is in school zones, why, because they get a ticket if they don't.

No one who supports this foolishness will get my vote.


The only way to achieve “vision zero” is to get all new pedestrians and drivers, because both groups are the worst. It’s not even an aspirational goal at this point.


Backing a far-left unicorn in the primary against a progressive incumbent is how Seattle ended up with Ann Davison.


Park Place dear, I would likely never vote Republican (as Republicans are horrible people), but it sure would be nice to be tempted. One of those 70’s Republicans who would laugh if you asked them about Religion or guns, wouldn’t think twice about getting or paying for an abortion, was socially liberal and fiscally conservative, but who realized that we have to pay at least some taxes and that we can’t let people die in the streets.


but Catalina the
Dying in our Streets
is a Wake-up call to the
Lazy &/or morally Inferior:

you Better get
yet Another job.

@17 -- BINGO
Pragmatism Pays for Itself.

who knew?


Enough with the defund the police. It didn't work, it won't work and the resulting lawlessness is plain for all to see.

When the Mayor of San Francisco says "Its time to quit pretending social workers will solve these problems" .. you can take it as an article of faith, the far left approach of limited police, limited prosecution and throwing money, borrowed money, at these types of problems isn't working.


"I am heartened to read community groups are working together to create lists of common-sense reforms. Seattle needs all of this kind of information that it can get, because the power deciders in this city have no clue what real life is like on minimum wage." --@17, beautifully

comes with
a post-bleed-
ing heart mindset."
--@28 the dewdrop

so fuck any silly Input
from the Citizenry the good
ole Status Quo's doin' just fine

we've been doing this Wrong
for so Fucking Long, why on
Earth Change Anything

so fucking Take
whatchya fucking Get
and just Quitchyur Pouting!

Had all
the stinkin'
Input we "need."


this is a great plan to see Seattle become Portland 2.0. let's try it!


It’s fascinating to see that the right’s contempt for democracy is equaled by the left’s. Thankfully only one of those groups controls one of the two major political parties.


Angélica Cházaro is a provocateur paid by the Republican National Committee, right?


Sorry but you right wing so called “centrists” Just hate any thing that would actually address the disaster that has hit a majority of the people in this country. Its called poverty and it kills. 50% around that number are poor.

We have more cops here than whole countries.

Human beings are dying on the streets.

The prisons are bulging. There is nothing radical to call for defunding the police for solving the root causes of poverty it is long overdue.

Time to consider the history of racism, classism and the damage done by those so indoctrinated with the status quo.


35 etc. The power deciders like the billionaires that run the economy and those that serve them. They have more wealth than whole countries.

The ones that hate unions and any movements that fight for the underdog.
The ones that hated abolitionists that fought against slavery. You are the same voices.


Bring on the hate. We expect it from you.


I love Seattle, we used to live in Wallingford and N Cap Hill. But we can't run an animal rescue there so we moved east county.

What Seattle needs the Luddites won't allow. Surveillance tech and lightweight autonomous vehicles are an answer. 70%+ of vehicle weight is due to safety regulations. It may take an autocratic regime somewhere in the world to solve this bad boy.


What is it about conservatives and poo? They always have to talk about it.

I blame their mothers. It's not natural for a woman to be a Republican.


@RR: "70%+
of vehicle weight
is due to safety regulations."

who Knew
them Tires Chassis
Motors and Transmissions
weighed so gott damn Little?

padded dashboard:
2 lbs.

Air Bags:
12 lbs

seat belts (for 6)
24 lbs.

comin' up
a little short

oh well
I never was all
that good at Mathematicals.

otoh: Yes they'll
incorporate surveillance
into ALL new vehicles eventually
(making them Semi-auto-mobiles)
tho running into Left Wing Protesters

may prove less a Quandry for
far Reich wing killing machines.


"It’s imperative
that the Democrats don’t
allow the far left crazies like
Solidarity Budget to do likewise."

translation: we Must keep
the Conversation CENTERED
on the status fucking quo bitches.

also: Great Comments
Ivy R. thank you!


Threaten all you want. I won't be voting for pinheads who refuse to stop criminals, and expect citizens to do their own police work, with all the nightmares that entails. Yeah, you're gonna push out sociology PhD city council members for super radical ivory tower theorists? Ok, whatevs.


You want support for addiction programs, then increase funding for police investigating WHO is bringing all the fentanyl into this area. It's made in China, it comes through Mexico and our ports, and yes, some rich connected white people must be making some of the money. However, only the whites can be criticized, because mentioning the other ethnicities makes you a Trumper (yes, I hate those christian psychotics). Of course, this topic will never be fully investigated because it's America the drug and gun superstore. Meanwhile, all the funding for treatment will go to overpaid professionals who won't do much, because it's mission impossible, and all the money will be wasted. Fentanyl addicts are not like other users, their minds are toast in 2-3 years of steady use. Might as well spruce up the jungle and pay cops to keep it under a semblance of control, because modern addicts can not be housed. So anyone who doesn't want to address problems practically can buzz away. And yes, unregulated landlords and ridiculous private ownership of property in Seattle is insanely unfair and unjust, but there are also single old people paying 50% of their social security in property taxes which have no relief in this state or city because there is no income tax on rich people. Seattle is a problem not worth solving. You're not going to foment the revolution it takes, because people are too into blunts and playing dress up to attract men who will never be interested in them to do what it takes. Maybe get the vote together and get the state an income tax, good luck with that one, because America. You want justice, emigrate.


Well, well... its the end of the leftist world as we know it.

The "feel good agenda" of free everything, hate capitalism and no responsibility for one's actions is coming to an end. yes, yes, I know very it hard to take, but its over.

These all work very well until you run out of other people's money.

Time to go back to work, pay rent, pay taxes and contribute to society..... oh yes how horrifying.

Ah yes, the election.... a new slate of leaders who embrace the people's agenda, not yours Hannah, but the everyday person who works, it will be a era of law enforcement, responsibility and of course no free rides.

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