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Data from Chicago Supports Council Member's Opposition to ShotSpotter

Add a little ShotSpotter box to this collection and put them all over the South End. What could go wrong? Tudor Works | Getty



"... despite concerns from civil rights advocates that the system’s constantly-recording microphones would also pick up conversations from law-abiding citizens on the sidewalk."

hey if ya got
Nuthin' to Hide
or Nuthin' to SAY
well ya ain't got Nuthin'
to fawking Worry about. duh?

plus it'll make it
Easier to know
what Peeps're
Up To. go for
it mr Mayor

I wanna know
what they're sayin' Too
it might even be about Me.


Somebody please carry this to the city council about ShotSpotter
1. Fabricating gunshots for court proceedings:

ShotSpotter is effective at is manufacturing consent for increased policing,” says council member @JillianDURM
11% accuracy rate wastes police resources
Forged verification testing of tool

5. General thread demonstrating CEO is full of shit


Bruce probably had some round tables with ShotSpotter lobbyists, too.


well then
let me
give you
my keys and cards

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