News Nov 3, 2022 at 12:32 pm

Lawsuit Shows Seattle Police Department Poisoning Patrol Officers

Instead of giving one cop an outdoor parking space, a lawsuit showed that SPD allowed officers to bully him for years for demanding clean air. Pete Gamlen



I thought confusion was a prerequisite to be a Seattle cop.


I could've also gone with, "I can't breathe."


"In a statement, the department said it 'encourages all employees to be proactive in identifying safety concerns in the workplace.' At trial, however, senior officers within SPD struggled to follow the department’s advice."

well they've been
Defunded so badly
of Course they seem
like they're all sniffing
the Carbon Monoxides

it's All the
Liberals' Fault
obviously. case: Solved!

now Move along.


Where was SPOG in all of this? If a union cannot even protect the health of members in the workplace, then what purpose does it serve?


"Hah hah"
. Nelson Munz

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