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New Council Districts Probably Won’t Usher in Antifa Takeover in 2023

Though Seattle's political boundaries are slightly different, the political outcomes will likely remain the same. Courtesy of Redistricting Justice Seattle



Yes, which makes all the handwringing over this so silly


I'm so glad the "marginalized" people of Fremont were able to be kept together (eye roll) because we all know highly paid renters are somehow better than highly paid homeowners (double eye roll). Regardless look forward to continuing the path of taking back Seattle from the idealogues next November (looking at you Herbold, Sawant, Strauss and Lewis). Unfortunately Morales is probably untouchable.


So, in an analysis of redistricting Council seats, the data points selected were exclusively executive-branch positions, from an election in which all ballots were for city-wide positions.

Worse yet, the 2021 general election results show how much of on outlier it was: “…only 64% of the new D7 would have voted for pro-business Mayor Bruce Harrell rather than 67% of voters in the old D7.”

Read that again: “….only 64% of the new D7 would have voted for … Mayor Bruce Harrell…”

“Only” a crushing citywide landslide victory, instead of a full two-thirds of the vote?!? Results that hopelessly one-sided completely lack value for this analysis.

As the old map dates from ten years ago, we could instead look at data from district elections since, which were closer. I’m going to speculate that was not done because that would show election results changing as the map changes, thus supporting the charge of blatant gerrymandering with the current map.


@2 Priority needs to be on Herbold and Morales.

Lewis and Strauss will fall in line with whichever faction is in the majority.

Sawant is useless, she's good at yelling and attracting crowds of yellers but she is so toxic not even Mosqueda or Morales will stick their neck out to support her. She has marginalized herself.

There are a lot of of minority and immigrant business owners in District 2 who have been harmed tremendously by the city council's policies. I think a small business owner from the community can put up a challenge to Morales.


@2 Why is Morales untouchable? I suspect you are correct but wonder about the reasons. I think she, along with Herbold, Sawant, and eventually Mosqueda need to o go, along with district representation. Let's ditch district representation. It has been a disaster.


@4/5 would love to see it but I think Morales is pretty safe because she plays a good game. She doesn’t alienate people like Sawant and delivered on some transit projects. D2 is prob the most progressive district after 3 so I don’t see a moderate winning the seat. Maybe someone from the ID could take her on but I think it’s a high bar.


@6 " Maybe someone from the ID could take her on but I think it’s a high bar."

Think of a first or second generation immigrant who arrived in this country with next to nothing, who through hard work overcame discrimination and bigotry to create a successful business. Then over the last four years their business suffers as campers block their doorway, shoplifters steal their product, and Tammy Morales and the Seattle City Council defend the criminals while dismissing the businesses concerns as NIMBY/MAGA.

Yea I think there's more than one candidate in the 2nd who can hand Tammy Morales her ass.

Whether they will run....


@3 when I looked at the proposed maps and compared them against the voting patterns for the past few years, it did look like obvious gerrymandering. Gerrymandering from any side needs to be pointed out and condemned.


@2 Fremont is actually a mix of incomes and rent/own as well as ethnic backgrounds. And even national origin. Which you'd know if you'd ever explored it.

Magnolia is more highly segregated.

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