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His Suggestions of Bias Lack Evidence

Smearing a civil rights investigator isn't going to help the fire department retain its staff, Jason. John Moore | Getty



Jason is on KTTH, not KIRO.


There is a certain level of ironic humor in having Will write an article taking someone to task over demonizing a public employee when they haven’t done anything wrong.


On a related topic of our city and their reported behaviors and biases, please read the attached lawsuit that was filed a couple weeks ago against the city that I read about elsewhere and linked to this PDF of it:

Now it is entirely possible that the many allegations and events are entirely made up, but what if they are true? Maybe Will might care to comment.


The last paragraph is particularly disgusting. Will takes two incidents and extrapolates them to insinuate that SFD is racist and misogynistic.


Far be it for The Stranger to go off on a rant without support!

Perhaps the Stranger Staff could give Jason Rantz some pointers on how to do this more effectively.

The bottom line he points out that there may be some leanings which are bias... hard to believe in far right, liberal Seattle, where homeless have more rights than taxpayers that there just might be some bias going on....

A city where the latest craze is to develop new "social bias, a constant torrent of assumed inequity.... or new crop of insecurities....

Instead of hunger we now have "food insecurity"... what the hell is that.... you feel insecure about food with free meals, food banks and now you can just steal food and say you are hungry or steal other stuff and say you wanted to sell it for food.

The best one was "heat disparity"... not enough tree in the south part of the city.

So for a blog that finds bias, disparity, inequity under every rock whether it exists or not... I find this laughable.


Will Casey: the next Alex jones in the making if he’s not careful by mixing conspiracy theories with far fetched insinuations. I’d lay off the pot Willy... Why do the stranger editors have the habit of bashing other people publicly who think differently than they do? Seems pretty petty…


Instead of writing a bunch of stuff that doesn't really matter, just get to the point with Rantz: he's trying to trash SFD any way he can because he's mad that they required their employees to get the COVID vaccine. And when a bunch of people wouldn't do that, they got let go. Rantz was pissed about it when it happened and he's still pissed about it. That's what this is really about. So one should not assume that anything he says is trustworthy because he isn't being straightforward about his agenda. The end.

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