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Pro-Cop, Anti-Worker, You Know the Drill

Stick with me on this one. Anthony Keo



I don't recall film commissions and resolutions in support of unionized workers falling within the scope of conservative ideology. What I am missing?


@1 Yeah I don’t get it either, another Stranger writer this week gushed over King County’s new office to promote film and music. I actually thought that was this outlets main thing, but ok.


@1, 2: I'd say I'm surprised by how dismissive Hannah is of CM Nelson seeking to bring more well-paid union jobs to Seattle, but...that seems to be the Stranger's whole shtick these days.

Pro-toothless resolutions designed to "signal support" for union jobs.

Anti-resolutions designed to create more union jobs.


If you got out of the metro areas of the major west coast cities, these three would be branded crazy liberal “demorats”, which says a lot about those areas and Seattle these days…


@1, @2, @3: The Stranger actually published not one but two articles noting how CM Nelson’s bill could do good things for local film productions, but the editors quickly buried them as heretical: ,

Notably, this headline post can do nothing but damn CM Nelson’s work with faint praise, whilst gushing over the performative grandstanding with which CM Sawant completely wasted everyone’s time. The Stranger continues conducting a clinic on the dangers of letting base emotions drive politics.


@5 the funny part is the article actually highlights how Nelson accomplished things she was elected to do. Seeing as she ran against anti police Oliver I’d say she had a mandate to fight for more resources for the SPD. In contrast the article further spells out what an ineffective, clown Sawant is as she can barely even get maamingless resolutions passed at this point.


The Stranger is a non-union shop, unlike pretty much every other newspaper in the region. So it makes sense that they'd label pro-union elected officials as conservative. The management doesn't want a union, and the writers fall in line. So when you read The Stranger acting as though they're pro-union, it's all performance rather than substance. Which also explains why they like Sawant so much.


Krieg is getting tedious.


Once again Hannah Krieg has failed in her attempt to categorize the council. This obviously stems from her irrational need to split everything in thirds. The nine member council has three groups of three! How convenient! That way, I can write about three, and only three, candidates each time. Great, except it is total bullshit.

Sawant belongs in a category all her own. She is a demagogue. She is not interested in accomplishing anything, and largely just takes symbolic votes. The fact that she annoys even people that agree with her is not surprising. She isn't interested in doing the real work of passing legislation.

Pedersen and Nelson are similar (and conservative). So you got that right. Pedersen is an old-school Seattle conservative. He doesn't want the city to change. He is opposed to zoning changes and wants to focus all transportation spending on cars. Nelson is similar to Pedersen on most issues. She is to the right of him when it comes to supporting landlords. I don't think she is quite as conservative on zoning or transportation though.

There is a dramatic difference them and Juarez. Juarez is more liberal when it comes to zoning, and has been focused on getting needed transit improvements in her district (which will help the city as a whole). She has been part of the Sound Transit board, and helped push up the construction of the station at 130th. She sits somewhere in the amorphous middle of the council, which explains why she is council president. (This is another example of why putting Juarez in the conservative box is silly. Council presidents are almost always in the middle politically.)

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