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Is He a Democrat? A Socialist? "IT'S A NONPARTISAN RACE."

Ashiofu aims to lead with lived experience, and he's got plenty of it. Courtesy of Friends of Ashiofu



I can guarantee if no credit checks exist on rental applications the rates of those rentals will jump up to $4,000-$5,000 a month. That risk is too high for a landlord to not look at.


We don’t need another Sawant to take her place. Sorry Ashiofu. The Stranger paints you as a kshama replacement and that’s extremely bad for your reputation. I respect you and give you props for your progress though.


Hard pass. Ashiofu seems like Sawant.

We tried Sawant's/Ashiofu's policies and they failed--homelessness increased, affordable housing supply decreased; crime, shootings and murder hit new records.

We need positive change, not more of the same failed policies.


Wonderful. As if District 3 hasn’t already had enough of an incumbent who always puts ideology above fact: “I don't buy into the ideology that homelessness is caused by drugs and mental health issues. Homelessness is due to housing affordability, due to housing accessibility, and housing availability.”

“Ideology.” Seriously, has he actually ever walked past a homeless encampment in Seattle? Dirty needles and other drug works aren’t an “ideology,” they’re plain for all to see. In Seattle’s 2016 Homeless Needs Assessment, a majority of the homeless surveyed said they’d arrived in Seattle already homeless, a majority said they used alcohol or other drugs, and over two-thirds reported they hadn’t been able to afford rent in Seattle for about twenty years. That was not a local population, recently driven into the street by higher rents.

And, of course, the defund nonsense, without use of the word. How’s that work for Nikkita Oliver?

Nice to see the Stranger’s message discipline remains airtight. Specifically, the November 2021 elections simply never happened: “The 2023 city elections represent the first opportunity to change the balance of power on the council since the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020,” Yeah, electing Sara Nelson didn’t change a thing, as we can tell by the Stranger never running hit pieces on her. ;-)


I thought Dear Leader Sawant told us DSA were a bunch of corporate sell outs? Sorry Andrew.

As for "housing first" here's a great example of how that works out:

We put a bunch of unhoused people in this hotel and surprise they had drug and addiction problems and promptly trashed the place and then burned it. So now it sits uninhabitable while the taxpayers pick up the monthly $330K lease payment. Yes give me more of that please.


In many respects Mr. Ashiofu doesn't sound like a bad guy. He picked himself up out of a tough situation, and isn't afraid of hard work. Unfortunately his ideas stink. He would double down on our city's current failed policies.

Sorry, no thanks. We need some pragmatic problem-solvers who are willing to question the shibboleths of the current narrative. The Left has failed miserably. Let's try some open-minded moderates who can see the perspectives of both the Social Justice (tm) crowd and the business bunch (who pay most of the bills around here).


There is a hilarious double speak in Lefty lingo. To wit:

“I don't buy into the ideology that homelessness is caused by drugs and mental health issues. Homelessness is due to housing affordability, due to housing accessibility, and housing availability.”

Note the additions of the last two now. Lets translate this. It's not that most are useless tweakers on meth or fenty which makes them homeless, it that they aren;t given free (afforability) housing with no sobriety requirements or plan (accessiblity) permanently regardless of behavior (availability).

I stipulate that if you give a tweaker a free apartment with no requirements to ever do anything to sort themselves in perpetuity then yes, they will be housed. So, yay I guess?


“…when I asked if he was running as a Democrat, he reminded me that the council is technically nonpartisan.”

What a BS cop-out. Just because an elected office is listed as ‘non-partisan’ on the ballot, that doesn’t mean the candidates are.

Whenever a candidate says they are ‘non-partisan’ or demure on which party they best identify with, voters should remember how ‘non-partisan’ the Supreme Court is!


@7 beat me to calling out that galling quote.

The fentanyl crisis has to be addressed first. After all, the morgues are overflowing:

This is our lived experience Andrew.


Yes but is he "New in town?"


Just popped in to see if the dicks that hang out in the comments here would be mad and am relieved to see that, yes, they are;-)


@11 I don't think they are mad....I think they are just realists.

This story is actually kind of funny. Hannah has yet to meet a far far lefty with proven bad ideas whose ass she won't kiss. She also won't ask actual journalist type questions of them. Ah youth.


@12 There you go! Adding a little "kids these days" to being mad online, all while giving clicks to someone you don't like. Love it, great work! Ok, I gotta back to ignoring this place for a few years.


@13....Ok old timer.....thanks for the atta-boy. See you again in a couple of years.


The main problem with the DSA is that it opposes military aid to Ukraine. That is not an antiwar position any more than America First isolationism was in 1940. (I say this as someone who has opposed every war the U.S. has directly fought since WW2.)


I'm going to pile on to the “I don't buy into the ideology that homelessness is caused by drugs and mental health issues" comment.

What a ridiculous statement. There are as many reasons for homelessness as there are homeless people. Anyone who is even a casual observe of the situation knows that some of them are mentally ill and/or addicted, some to a dangerous degree. There are also surely some who are homeless due to housing costs.

Blanket statements like his are stupid, and seem extremely disingenuous coming from someone who was homeless in the past.

It's up to the voters of District three, of course, but I wouldn't vote for him.


weird how they went to the library to apply for jobs instead of turning to meth or smack, ended up quite successful, and then blame homelessness on housing and not drugs.
like, clearly chronic homelessness isn't a housing issue and this person is living proof.


@17 - Bingo!


D3 resident here -- Nope!


@17 FTW! Note, the "Hannah" performance art collective is doing a riff on lefty "willful ignorance" on this point.

Remember, there is no personal responsibility. It's totally random how this guy didn't become a tweaker parasite on society. Utterly and completely random. Just sort of happened.


I'm sorry, but keeping addicts homeless does not help them stop using drugs. But often those who are homeless become addicts (or develop mental illness) after they lose housing because living that way is traumatic and desperate and people understandably want to disconnect and disassociate from their reality.

So to the extent homelessness and addiction and mental illness overlap, there's nothing about the likely chain of causality that supports denying housing to people. We need to house people, and then find ways to get them into treatment or services that will deal with their secondary problems.

I live out of the city now (I was priced out 25 years ago, and it's so much worse now) but I think Andrew Ashiofu has the right approach here. And he would know, because he's lived it firsthand.


I would like to know a bit more as to the degree of his being homeless; was weeks, months, years? And was he truly homeless, by that I mean actually living out on the streets, or in a tent somewhere for any length of time. I smell a little equivocation here.


Not an ounce of compassion from these bashers. Stunted emotional growth and they have to come on a progressive thread to show themselves to be truly ignorant. No shame.

21 Has a great comment which shows maturity. I was unhoused for some months years ago with a teenager. I was working. It is very unsafe. It is scary as hell and if you are female there are numerous predators which are housed not homeless but who love to take advantage of vulnerable people. One day is more than enough to be homeless. It was the most frightening event ever I went through. If I ever become homeless again I would go on drugs.

But not likely since I have my own home and have friends and support and never have to deal with that again.

People are the ones to make change politicians cannot be trusted. But since this candidate
has been homeless just maybe he is sincere.

Thank you for reading this and please speak up for the homeless.


17 and 18 Housing costs are the MAJOR reason poor and working people are homeless.

There are other reasons but cost is the main one. Little homelessness for many years until the 1980s when it started to creep up. Now we have massive financial institutions such as Black Rock that work to own all the housing and are big landlords. For many years credit histories and background checks were never used but now we have major financial institutions as landlords. Just maybe the little person doesn’t have a chance. A chance in hell.


3 What policies are you talking about?
The police budget has not been reduced and we do not have social housing. None of the BLM demands have been met about the jail, police brutality and prison industrial complex. Its still the school to prison pipeline.

Minimum wage increase and access for abortions has improved and Sawant was instrumental in that. You really have nada. Zero. Just babbling bs.

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