News Jan 25, 2023 at 2:26 pm

She Wants to Bring Her Perspective as a Black Queer Woman to City Hall

Hollingsworth wants to “rebuild trust” for the police department and find creative but “thoughtful” ways to increase density. Courtesy of the Campaign



The only priority needed for public service is serving your constituents. The citizens of Seattle. All equally and fairly. Black and LGBTQ+ (as well as everyone else) perspectives are automatically accommodated if you keep focused on your priority.

Enough with the woke already. And I say that being hooked to that tiresome alphabet train.


Oh @anthro, I didn't think you were the sophomoric type.


Gentrification: it’s just business


Good performance by Ms. Hollingsworth in a fairly hostile environment. (The Stranger will automatically condemn any replacement for CM Sawant as Not Good Enough.) Hollingsworth obviously knew the Stranger has a massive, raging, insatiable hate-on about bonuses for hiring cops, so she sidestepped that question nicely. She handled the inflammatory, guilt-by-association challenge on Uncle Ike’s well. She also did well with a bit of blatantly revisionist history, using the Stranger’s fake description of the recall to criticize all recalls. (No candidate with any sense will endorse her own possible future recall!)

As noted by commenters above, the Stranger will have a huge problem with such a well-qualified candidate, but hopefully District 3’s voters will finally have an actual representative on the Council.


We need social housing to combat poverty. Period.

Not more law enforcement stranglehold on our rights.


@13 - Oh Jesus, whatever. So many hot takes year after year...probably nice in this weather, but doesn't it get stifling in your apartment during summer?

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