News Jan 27, 2023 at 8:00 am

She Hopes to Replace Outgoing Member Jeanne Kohl-Welles in District 4

She's in. Courtesy of the Campaign



"she strongly supports more density and "missing middle" housing in unincorporated King County"

This sounds like Reyneveld plans to do her best to burden White Center with low-income housing, to avoid NIMBY backlash from her constituents. She should come out here for a few days and get a better sense of the resources available. Riding the 131 for a few days and shopping at the Saar's might help her understand this region is already struggling to support the existing community.


Sarah is going to pretend she didn't falsely accuse her opponent in the State House race of associating with a domestic terrorist? The tiff is briefly alluded to in the article; I'm surprised more of her early endorsers didn't think that behavior disqualifies her from holding elected office, because it sure does in my book.


"...she plans to foreground people with lived experience to help solve those problems, and also to look at it all through a racial equity lens." Gag me. And how about an English translation for "to foreground people?"

Interesting no mention by Reyneveld of real affordable housing for working people, wage earners, middle-income folk - all the politicians have done in recent years is provide higher density giveaways for higher returns to higher-end developers and spend a lot of money but show little return on homelessness efforts. When does the rubber meet the road for these progressive-talking, money-walking "Democrats?"


Kohl-Welles, the incumbent, has said she will retire rather than run for reelection to another term.

Which is why I am surprised she introduced a bill this reelection-year silly season to prohibit non-cash-only businesses in the unincorporated county.

(Kohl-Welles's KC District 4 has no unincorporated voters.)

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