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So Far, She's One of Only Two Incumbents Who Wants to Keep Her Job

She's running. LESTER BLACK



It’s a very disruptive time to be in leadership. I’m happy to see some Councilmembers persevere in spite of the challenges. Holding our elected officials accountable via subsequent elections is how the whole system is designed to work.


Actually it would be nice to see these last two city council members bow out. Their days of doing social experiments on the citizens of the city is over. In the old days, we'd let them go some where out of sight and quietly lick their wounds in private. But these two are unrepentant... or far worse they think they have done something great.

Their policies promoted and have resulted in an unmitigated disaster... homelessness figures are up...way up after decades...and worse yet... they have no viable solutions, drug use is every where, both violent and property crime has sky rocketed ... and many, many businesses have fled the city.

Why on earth should they stay in office?

No its really, really time for both of them to go. If they won't leave of their own accord, vote them out.


@2, yeah, just look at all she’s done to (for???) the ID…


@2 thus far the candidates that have declared for those open seats are pretty much in the same mold. You got socialists, urbanists and activists. No one with any experience in government or an understanding of how a city runs just more blah blah blah equity, redistributive justice, tax the rich, acab yada yada. You better hope there are some qualified candidates pretty to announce in the next couple of months. It's pretty dismal right now.


@3 Well we could focus on the couple of good works in a specific area... like the ID and ignore the entire city's condition while she was on deck. Yes, i suppose we could do that. There is an old saying... even a broken clock is right twice a day. But a broken clock doesn't destroy a city... to do that you need Ms Morales.

By the by, are you pointing to the ID as a good example of her policies... because I think the folks who live down there might disagree with you completely. The crime and depravity down there is pretty appalling. was there something specific like the RV camps you wanted to point to as a triumph of her policies.

@4 God lets hope we get a center party democratic candidate to fill these "vacant chairs".


Tammy has done an incredible job at representing the priorities of SE Seattle District 2 while facing many obstacles to true and equitable progress. THANK YOU for your work and I will do what I can to support your campaign for another term! Wonderful news!

Christopher Peguero, former District 2 City Council Candidate who ran alongside Tammy Morales


@4 right? Lots of complainy pants in here that don’t want to be bothered to have to vote incumbents out, nevermind that the possibility of being held accountable might make elected officials more responsive. Seattle has become ungovernable, which begets leadership churn, which is not a good outcome for taxpayers or residents. Let’s see some more walking the talk, run for office or at least go beyond talking points like “the incumbents all suck,” identify some good candidates.


Tammy has been a disaster on every measure:

Homelessness: increased
Human Trafficking: increased
Property Crime: increased
Murders: all time record
Shootings: increased
Filthy streets and parks: increased
Drug Dealing: increased
Drug Overdoses: all time record
Rents: increased
Affordable Housing: decreased
Mental Health services: decreased
Soda Taxes: increased
Seattle City Light cost: increased
Seattle Utilities cost: increased
Businesses Leaving Seattle: all time record (and to Bellevue--that's desperation
RVs dumping toxins into storm drains: increased.
Traffic death: increased (She couldn't even improve things on her own pet issue)

Tammy is a rich, limousine socialist who is completely out-of-touch and ineffective.

We need positive change, not more of the same failed politicians


@5 - i am in agreement with you and was being snarky towards her “achievements”. Didn’t make myself very clear.


As someone who recently lived in D2, please don't. You improved nothing.


She didn’t steal from the city and spread lies like sawant, or tell people to kill themselves like mosquida, or move to her second home when things got rough in Seattle like herbold, so I can’t say anything bad about Morales.


I disagreed with most of her policy choices and don’t think she was effective as a council member, and she bent over for sawants bullying though.


Has anything improved during her term?


@11 well there it is. She didn't lie, steal or move to a 2nd home. That's a very solid platform for re-election!

We can just skip past the part or her participation in the worst policies ever enacted which have laid waste to the city.

Between you and #6, I can't fathom who is most deluded on this matter.


@14 the bar is pretty low for politicians nowadays. I truly hope we have more center party democratic candidates running and we reverse some of these damaging policies that morales approved or where she looked the other way.


Homelessness and drug overdoses have gone up nationwide and in particular in places with moderate climates and dense populations (eg places it easier to be a bum and score without freezing to death in the winter). It would be nice if we could figure out how to get the rich to pay their fair share to make the city more livable for most of us (you know lower to upper middle class worker types whose worst crime is being a selfish asshole with their driving habits and but otherwise don’t bother anyone) but whatever ideology most of the loser conservative trolls on here would like installed will only make the things they complain about worse for everyone but the rich assholes they simp for.

Hey whiny SLOG commenter bitches who know better, why don’t you run for office? Oh wait you have nothing to offer anyone and are not even slightly charismatic and are more lazy then a the bums Strsnger journalists you love to hate and and and and.


@17: “Homelessness and drug overdoses have gone up nationwide…”

Homelessness nationwide really hasn’t increased: “That [national number of homeless persons] is up 0.3% from last year [2021],”


Deaths of homeless persons from drug overdoses, on the other hand, have risen sharply: “Homeless deaths spiked during pandemic, not from COVID. From drugs.”


“… get the rich to pay their fair share to make the city more livable for most of us …”

(None of that defined, of course.) Since then-Mayor Murray declared a homelessness crisis, Seattle alone has spent over half a billion dollars trying, and failing, to house a homeless population measured in the thousands. How would throwing (yet) more local tax money at the problem help?

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