News Mar 10, 2023 at 1:41 pm

A Bill to Relax Police Chase Restrictions Remains Unpopular in the House

Since 2013, thirty people in Washington have been killed in high-speed chases, nearly half bystanders or passengers. RS / ANTHONY KEO



So what exactly is the need for a cop in a deadly high-speed pursuit? What does the death of someone satisfy in a cop?

The only need is for society to apprehend a dangerous person quickly for public safety. A death is a tragedy but it doesn't satisfy anyone's need. The cop needs the internal investigation, desk job, public harassment, loss of income, tremendous paperwork, like a hole in the head.

It's totally plausible that a death in a high-speed chase will torment the lives of the cops involved forever. I mean, after all , where do cops from from, right? The working class. Democrats themselves. Most have a conscious. That's the prevailing human condition in all occupations.

Even Will wasn't this snarky.


How many police pursuits of stolen vehicles result in injury/death to innocent bystanders compared to letting the stolen vehicle flee? And then be used in a crime resulting in the injury/death to innocent bystanders?


@2: How many people die because the police can't do their job?


This bill is unfair to criminals.

In Washington State, criminals should be able to steal the things they need--cars, catalytic converters, guns, etc--to keep them from becoming unhoused. Afterall, we have a housing crisis. Police should not risk the safety of others by pursuing them.

If we had no police to arrest people, there would be no arrests. And, without police to record crime, the crime rate would drop. With no crime, people could live in peace and safety.

--Manka Dhingra, Kshama Sawant, Dow Constantine, Andrew Lewis, Tammy Morales, Teresa Mosqueda, and Dan Strauss.


Ashley......I actually think your article is less biased than anything the rest of the TS staff would have written on the subject. Don't let that swell your head because the rest are basically that isn't a very high bar. Please try to write like a journalist vs a wild eyed activist. Maybe TS can become a semi respectable news rag again. If so......when Richie is inevitably would be a shoe in for editor.

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